FURminator vs groom ninja

Having a pet like a dog in the house will require extra effort to make sure they are healthy and happy. Besides picking a safe and nutritious foods/treats, we also have to keep a good hygiene by bathing, brushing their teeth and fur especially if you have breed like Retriever. If your dogs have a long fur, using brush like FURminator vs Groom Ninja are going to be very helpful to clean their coat but, before shopping, make sure to check our article below. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why we should brush our dogs
  • What are FURminator and Groom Ninja
  • What FURminator and Groom Ninja Look Like
  • What FURminator and Groom Ninja can offer to you
  • What are the disadvantages of FURminator and Groom Ninja
  • FURminator vs Groom Ninja

Pet Grooming Brush

Pet with thicker coat like dogs and cats may need extra attention to keep neat and clean because there is a limit on what they can do on their own. Cats groom themselves pretty often and they still need brushing every now and then especially for breeds like Ragdoll with fairly long furs. While dog seems like not a diligent type about hygiene, they do grooms like cat and will clean their fur after being outside as well as paw and genitals are after voiding.

However, dog also still need assistance from their owners because while they do lick the fur, it is not as effective as when us with hand and fingers are doing it for them. More importantly for dog with longer coat, licking won’t reach the deeper area so the one that appear to be clean are the surface only. This is why we have to brush them routinely depend on your dog’s needs or how long their fur is differentiated into long, short, and short, wiry dogs.

Dogs with long coats are Collies and Tibetan Terriers, short like Labrador Retrievers and Greyhounds, while wiry haired dogs are Dachshunds and most Terriers. For long coated dogs, we have to brush them at least once a week and sometimes can be more often because they tend to tangle more and if left for long they may matted and painful when brushed later. Medium dogs don’t need very frequent care so once in a few weeks should be enough to keep the fur neat and clean.

For wiry hair breeds, they need more brushing or once a week due to their tendency to become messy and tangled to each other while the comb we have to used are those with slicker brush combined with metal comb after. Brushing dogs hair main benefit is to keep them away from painful mats which can happen when not properly cared and then requires shaving to undo the issue. When dog hair is matted, it is very painful for them when we try brushing it away.

We are not in full control of everything including our pets so we never know when there is an issue that is causing them trouble. Brushing time is good to bond with your dogs but also good to allow owner spot anything unusual with their pet such as some bumps or spot that may need some treatment. While most of the time they are harmless, there is always a small chance of life threatening issue.

About FURminator

If your dogs have fur that can become matted over time, keeping a brush at home is necessary especially those made for dogs since some of us may brush their pets with regular human brush. While they are still helpful to a certain point, human brushes are not as effective as those made for our pets. When it comes to dog brush, one brand that took everyone’s attention will be FURminator and we are sure you also familiar with this name as well or already have one in the house.

This brand is very popular since they do work amazing to keep your dog clean and free from matted fur. We can use the brush from time to time to prevent over-shedding yet, while it is useful, there is no way to make our pet suddenly stop shedding since it is a natural process just like how our hair fall and grow again later. This grooming tool is claimed to reduce shedding and remove excess hair from double coated dogs like Shiba Inu or Husky.

FURminator Design

This hair dog brush is looks nothing like any human hair brush since it has a handle that resembles a huge electric razor blade handle rather than our hair comb. It has a high-quality stainless steel teeth in a rake-like design that we used to comb our dogs. What we love the most is its handle since it allows our hand hold the brush ergonomically especially those with double coated furs. In addition, there are several size options to match your dog’s size; extra small, small, medium, and large.

FURminator Benefit

As it has been mentioned above, the reason why people love FURminator is because it is working effectively to dramatically reduce shedding in most dogs even those that sheds a lot. Compared to many pet brushed out there, we can see a significant amount of fur reduced by this brush with one or two uses which is good to remove dead hair from your pet quickly. When used routinely, we don’t have to worry about furs getting stuck on our clothes or hand when petting them.

If needed, the owner may use the brush everyday to prevent build up and to keep them clean while playing but, when shedding season is arriving, it is better to do it once in a few days to remove build up while in the lowest shedding time once a week will be sufficient. However, it is still important to match the brushing activity with your dogs need for better result. To ease the application we have FURejector which dispose the fur automatically.

FURminator Disadvantage

While FURminator is very reliable to prevent over shedding and keep your dog’s fur beautiful as well as clean and neat, it also comes with some disadvantages besides the high price. Some users have said that the brush is making their dogs uncomfortable or hurting so they can be impatient and fussy. Additionally, if your dog has allergies or skin irritation, make sure to use a gentle motion to prevent hurting them. 

About Groom Ninja

Pet owners need some tools to help their dogs stay clean and healthy so there are so many good products out there to try and it is wise to also compare some so then we can choose the one that fits our good boy/girl the most. If they are shedding often and need assistance to clean up the mess, Groom Ninja is also one of the best pet brushes we can get today especially if you don’t want to spend too much getting the market’s most popular item.

What’s unique is while pet brush often mentioned for specific animal to use like dogs or cats, this one is versatile enough to be used on dogs and cats; whichever we have in the house or used interchangeably when you have two of them. For those with horse or other animal with fur, we can use the brush for them as well. It first arrive in 2016, still fairly new and made in the USA with patent on its design.

Groom Ninja Design

Like any pet grooming brush, Groom Ninja blade is made of steel which is a bit disappointing since many users would prefer something like stainless steel to enhance the longevity. It has few sizes available to adjust with your pet size; small groom with 3-inch blade, medium groom with 5.25-inch, and large groom with 8-inch blade. The largest is a very suitable size in case you plan to use it for large animal like a horse while medium sized is for dogs, cats, or donkeys.

Groom Ninja Benefit

If you ever wash something with hand and fabric brush, the feeling of handling Groom Ninja is very similar with its contoured handle which is made to fit comfortably in your hand. It actually looks like something we can just rip from any log with miter saw and install a steel brush on it. While we have no interest in doing it ourselves, it sure can be very helpful when you are on a very tight budget. This brush however, works very good for both cats and dogs.

It is not hurting and cats love it till it ask for more brushing and expose their belly. On the other hand, dogs feel much comfortable when brushed without any fussy sign and actually patient enough to let us finish the job.

Groom Ninja Disadvantages

Of course pets have their own personality so it may be hard with some while the other will be very willing to sit and let us do the work. However, for a double coated dogs, Groom Ninja is not very effective since it seems the one that get brushed are only the top coat without reaching deeper to properly remove dead hair.


Now, let’s compare FURminator with Groom Ninja. As you may already know, both of them are effectively working to brush and clean your pet fur especially dogs when they are shedding but, FURminator have a better performance against double coated dogs who need a longer teeth to reach their deeper fur while Groom Ninja can only reach the top layer yet, is also more comfortable for many dogs and cats if they often fussy about being brushed.

FURminator vs groom ninja

- Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat
- FURejector button releases hair with ease
- Ergonomic handle for comfort and easy use
- Remove loose hair without damaging the coat or cutting the skin when used as directed


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same taste and preference as well as pets so it is best to get the one that fits your dogs the most. However, comparing the two, we do prefer FURminator even though it is expensive since this tool do the job very well and transform our dogs prominently after being brushed.