FURminator vs FurGoPet

It is well known that dogs have a shedding season and in these times they will shed their coat very much so it is best to assist them by brushing them frequently to remove those dead furs properly. If you also have dogs that shed a lot, FURminator vs FurGoPet are two reliable tools to have in the house that can help with the brushing. Before making any decision, go see what they can offer below so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do your dog shed often
  • What are FURminator and FurGoPet
  • What FURminator and FurGoPet Look Like
  • What FURminator and FurGoPet can offer to you
  • What are the disadvantages of FURminator and FurGoPet
  • FURminator vs FurGoPet

Dog Brush/Deshedder

Having a pet means we have to be a responsible owner and it is not only limited to giving them food, water and shelter to sleep but also make sure they grow healthy and happily. For many of us pet owner/parent, we also need to give attention and make sure they are getting all the things required to live long and happily including grooming their fur/coat. While this may sound not so important, our pets like dogs or cats need proper grooming to keep healthy fur and skin.

Grooming is an essential part to prevent tangles and matt from their furs while also help spreading natural oils into their coat, making them look and feel better. Cats also need grooming but depend on the breed, they are very diligent and most short hair can do the job properly with just their own tongue but, dogs will still need the help from their human. Of course this also depends on the breed but even so, short hair breed will still need some combing every now and then.

The key to a success grooming is to choose the perfect tool for the breed of dog we have depend on their coat type. For example, those with short and smooth coat will benefit from bristle brush or a hound glove once a week, suitable for pugs, basenjis or Doberman Pinschers. Those with Labrador Retrievers or Rottweiler may want to choose to groom with a metal comb or metal brush with slick design twice a week or more frequently during summer.

If you have Terriers, Schnauzers, Airedales or dogs with wiry coats, we can use medium-tooth comb or slicker brush twice a week to keep the coat clean and neat as well as make sure they are not tangled with each other. While our vets can recommend the kind of brush or comb for our dogs, there are so many good tools out there that can handle most dog breeds we often have as a pet and as long as it works effectively without hurting their skin, we can pick anything that does the job.

Adopting an adult dog that is not used to being groom can be an issue since they may not going to sit patiently while we brush their coat so, if you have a puppy, it is better to start introducing the activity since early age so then they can tolerate us while brushing and detangling their coats later.

About FURminator

If you are ready to comb your dogs and make sure their coat is always neat and shiny, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there. Dog grooming tools may have different design and price but, the one that fits our dogs the most should be the best option and price are not always mirroring the benefit of each item. However, when talking about dog deshedder, one name that always popping up in our head will be FURminator.

We are sure pet owner especially dogs already heard about this brand since everybody seem to always talking about them and how they work effectively for their dogs. FURminator is a brand of dog grooming product and the most popular with be their deShedding tool which is a metal brush to comb their coat and remove the dead hair from the surface. The first thing we love from this brush is how many options we can choose depend on each dog’s coat type; not just for the size.

The brush is available in several sizes from extra small to giant when dealing with large dog depends on the hair type but most of us choose the long hair, medium size brush. For example, the one we used as a sample picture above is the medium size for short hair dogs. Read also: FURminator and Groom Ninja here.

FURminator Design

Coming into the design, it is kind of understandable why this brand is expensive since it is mirrored on the item quality. It is made with stainless steel for the teeth or brush which is looking like a rake while the handle is made of rubber to elevate the comfort when owners have to spend much time to brush their dogs one by one. It is also contoured so they can sit better on our palms and the model name is carved on the teeth to allow users instantly recognize the product model.

FURminator Benefit

On the benefit side, FURminator is reviewed by so many pet owners as an effective pet brush because it is working very well at removing dead furs and reduce shedding in most dogs after using the brush. The result is also seen instantly after brushing because coat seems to be a lot thinner and smaller as well as neat and very pleasant to touch even after one or the second time combing. Overall, the furs that used to stick on furniture or coach is no longer as much.

However, it is good to use your shedding brush regularly twice a week to remove build up of dead hairs while in the lowest shedding time we may do them once every two weeks or few times in a month. Another thing we love from the brush is its FURejector which remove furs from the brush with a simple press of its switch at the top.

FURminator Disadvantages

However, it is by no mean we don’t have a complaint about FURminator since it is still leave something to wish for. First is the price for it is quite expensive if not the most expensive shedding brush with the same purpose compared to many other brands and second, it is prone to hurt your dog’s skin when not used correctly or when we don’t get the one that match their coat type. Some dogs also find the brush hurting and it is hard to make them stay as we perform the brushing.

About FurGoPet

Since there are so many good pet grooming tools out there, we may want to see what the other brands are offering so then we can choose the one that fit our dogs the most. If you are not willing to spend that much money on a pet brush, FurGoPet is a good option to go with a very similar design, good reviews from its users, and affordable price that won’t ask too much from our pocket. This deshedder is also one of the best due to its affectivity in many types of coats.

Since our dogs may not have the same build, they also offer the brush in two sizes, one for smaller dogs and the other for large dogs which is the one we used as a sample picture above in yellow while the smaller size is blue. They also have smaller size for cat owners with the same design but this model comes in purple color.

FurGoPet Design

Just like FURminator, this deshedder have the same design both on the handle and the teeth which overall looking like a rake we used to clean dried leaf in the backyard but, FurGoPet is made of steel and plastic for the handle instead from stainless steel. The handle is very comfortable with some texture to enhance grip but it is quite small in our palm so rather than holding it with our palms, we choose to hold it like when using an electric razor.

FurGoPet Benefits

The first thing we love from this deshedder is how dog stay still when getting brushed which mean they are comfortable and the teeth doesn’t hurt their skin or pulling the hair too aggressively. It is also working impressively because in one movement, we can already see so much hair getting pulled from their coat but, since it has no additional feature we have to remove the hair manually. It doesn’t make your dog looks too different from before but their coat seems nicer and soft to touch. 

FurGoPet Disadvantages

What we are not very fond of FurGoPet is the comb don’t keep fur tightly after stuck on their teeth and when we try cleaning the furs, it gets everywhere so beware when there is a slight wind since it can get messy. It is also not suitable for sensitive dogs who are not used to a metal brush for it will feel too uncomfortable for them.


Now, let’s compare FURminator with FurGoPet. As you may already know, they are very similar to each other and almost equally efficient when working with dogs with fur that shed much but, it is also understandable why people love FurGoPet since it has better material quality and feels firmer in our grip with additional FURejector so we don’t have to clean the stuck furs manually so they are clean in one go.

FURminator vs FurGoPet

- Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat
- FURejector button releases hair with ease
- Ergonomic handle for comfort and easy use
- Dimensions: 5.25W x 2.5D x 7.75H in.
- Made of metal, plastic
- Choose from available colors


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preference as well as budget so it is best to get the one that fits your pocket and dogs the most but, between the two we do like FURminator better due to its huge size and model options as well as FURejector and handle.