FURminator vs ShedMonster

Having a dog that sheds can be a challenge because their coat will get stuck everywhere in the house and it is increasing our duty to clean and vacuum them. If you also have a dog that sheds a lot, FURminator vs ShedMonster can be a great help to reduce the shedding and to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Both of them are equally reliable but also a little bit different so go check what they can offer below before going to shop.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do your dog shed a lot
  • What are FURminator and ShedMonster
  • What FURminator and ShedMonster Look Like
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  • What are the Disadvantages of FURminator and ShedMonster
  • FURminator vs ShedMonster

How to Handle Dog’s Shedding

When having a dog, we also have to be prepared for dealing with their shedding because depending on the breed, most of them will shed their fur and it can be an issue especially for the owner who are not very fond of doing house cleaning every day. Some of us may go by with few days without vacuum cleaning but when having a dog that sheds much, it can be increased to once a day so make sure to stock some tools or remedies for them.

If you don’t plan to vacuum the whole floors or furniture due to dog’s fur, we can get cordless handheld vacuum that can be used anytime, conveniently as long as they can clean the mess properly. To make the cleaning activity faster and more effective, we may try using fabric softener on sheets and similar items so the fur won’t get stuck easily and making the cleaning process hassle free. This is because fabric softener will leave behind a coating that repels future pet fur or dust.

You are what you eat and this is also true for dogs because we can try to reduce the shed with proper diet or those dog foods made specifically to handle excessive shedding. If you don’t use special food, we can add a tablespoon of olive oil in their foods since it contains omega-3 fatty acids to condition their skin and coat, making your good boy/girl beautiful and happy. Some people also add molasses to their dog’s food because it can reduce shedding and tastier for our furry friend.

Not all dogs love bath and we know the struggle to even bring them to the bathroom but, it is necessary to keep them clean and loosen those dead furs so we can clean them easily later. But, make sure to use proper dog or pet shampoo and not those made for human or if can ask your vet for which brand that suit the dog breed and coat. The last but not least is brushing them regularly to help remove those dead furs.

Dogs also groom themselves but, there is a limit of what those tongue can do and they will still need the help from us. Brushing their coat every few days or once a week will pull the dead furs properly and better so we can reduce the shedding and what’s good is we don’t have to see those furs getting stuck on furniture again for we can directly dispose it. Brushing is not only good for their coats but is a fun activity to bond with your dog.

About FURminator

If you are also thinking about making sure the house is free from dog’s fur as possible even though you have for example a husky or Alaskan malamute, getting a reliable dog deshedder or brush is a very good decision. Some users prefer slicker brush while the other love deshedder but, at the end of the day we like those that proven to work and comfortable for our dogs since not all of them are willing to sit long enough while we do the job.

When looking at dog deshedder, the one brand which probably comes to almost every dog owners mind will be FURminator because it is the most popular tool in the market thanks to its good reviews from many customers who find the tool to be effective to remove dead fur as well as reduce shedding. However, it is also among the most if not the most expensive so some owners may find it a bit challenging to get the tool since there are those with same design and purpose but is cheaper.

If you are looking for a deshedder that won’t ask too much from the pocket, check our FURminator vs FurGoPet. As for this shedding tool, it is claimed to reduce shedding up to 90% with regular use and is working very effectively for those dogs with undercoat due to its proper design. It also has various size options from extra small to giant dog as well as type of coat from short to long hair so we can get the one that fits our dog the best.

FURminator Design

Just like the common deshedder we found in the market, FURminator is coming in a rake-like design with a teeth made from stainless steel to enhance its reliability and longevity. When you see the teeth closely, we can see the model type such as the short hair version in our sample picture above. We also love the fact that this handle is made from rubber and thick enough with texture on its surface for a better grip. In addition, they also have cat deshedder which is in general smaller.

FURminator Benefit

When it comes to performance, FURminator is working amazingly well because in just one swipe, we can clearly see the amount of furs being taken from the dog’s coat. Many owners also see a drastic change on their dog’s coat before and after using the deshedder on their whole body which most often making them look smaller or slimmer but have a very soft to touch coat. Additionally, we also love its ejector so cleaning the teeth is not a hassle anymore with one simple push.

FURminator Disadvantages

On the downside, besides being expensive FURminator also seems to not compatible with all dogs because some of them are not patient enough when brushed despite being well accustomed to the activity. The teeth can get too long and reaching their skin so in case your dogs have sensitive skin, the deshedder will probably hurt their skin if not used carefully. 

About ShedMonster

If you are attracted to FURminator but the price is too expensive for a piece of deshedder, we can see what the other manufacturers are offering out there since there should be one that fits your budget better or even work as effective as the expensive brand. For those who want to spend less, ShedMonster is one of the most reliable brands to go and will help with your dog shedding season. It promises that we don’t need to carry our dog to the groomer anymore.

The promise is sure attractive and we are hyped to see how the tool works but first, we have to choose the one that suits our dog’s coat first. Currently, this brand offers two sizes for short haired dogs and the latter for medium to long coats so make sure to purchase the one that match your dog’s needs.

ShedMonster Design

Checking the deshedder closely, we can see that it is not coming with a sharp teeth since the tips of the brushing points are bent a bit to make it look like a hook without the sharp pointy ends. It has a thick metal teeth and not as tight as what we get to see in another popular deshedder but due to this design, we can see why it is claimed to not hurting dog’s or cat’s skin. It has a similar ergonomic handle made of plastic.

ShedMonster Benefit

The best thing about any deshedder is the effectiveness and this is why we love ShedMonster since it is actually working in removing dead furs and comb their hair, making it look smoother and pleasing to touch. It can take a good amount of fur in one go but, what’s interesting is dogs seems to be very comfortable with the tool even those who are not very fond of being brushed or used with the activity. The handle is also wide enough to help the work done faster.

ShedMonster Disadvantages

While ShedMonster is cheaper and work effectively, we also have complaint especially on the ease of use and effectiveness against different dogs. The deshedder seems to work best when aligned straight so when our wrist bend a bit and the position is not straight enough, the deshedder won’t work as good. Some users also find the tool only effective for back furs and not the sides.


Now, let’s compare FURminator with ShedMonster. As you may already know, both of these deshedders are a very good choice to reduce shedding and to keep the house from stuck furs here and there but, in terms of effectivity FURminator seems to work better yet, if you have dogs that are not used to brushing ShedMonster may be more tolerable. In addition we also love the FURejector in FURminator for more convenience.

FURminator vs ShedMonster

- Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat
- FURejector button releases hair with ease
- Ergonomic handle for comfort and easy use
- Remove loose hair without damaging the coat or cutting the skin when used as directed
- Dog grooming tool reduces shedding by up to 90%
- Helps break up tangles and remove loose fur
- Smooth edges protect skin from irritation
- Designed for use with medium-to-long-coated breeds


All in all, not all of us will have the same preferences and the same type of dogs so the one we should pick is the one that works best and comfortable for them. However, FURminator may have pointy ends but is works amazing to remove dead furs as long as we use it gently.