FURminator vs Zoom Groom

One method to help owner reduce furs when our dog shed excessively is by brushing them routinely so there will be less furs get stuck on our furniture. Brushing is also good for their coat and skin but, we need to use a reliable tool or deshedder like FURminator vs Zoom Groom. Both of them are highly rated and loved by many owners yet are also different so check what they can offer below before shopping so we can pick one with a more promising result.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do your dog shed a lot
  • What are FURminator and Zoom Groom
  • What FURminator and Zoom Groom Look Like
  • How are the Performance of FURminator and Zoom Groom
  • What are the disadvantages of FURminator and Zoom Groom
  • FURminator vs Zoom Groom

Shedding Dog

Having a pet at home need us to be a responsible owner and it is not by only feeding nutritious foods or providing a comfortable bed to sleep since our duty is expanded to all the things they do. Every pet owner will need more time from their free schedule to clean up their pet mess and taking care of them whether it is just a quick brush, bathing or clipping their nails and brushing their teeth. Especially for a high-maintenance pet like dog, we have to be prepared to do more.

When looking for dog, most likely people will also see which breed that need more exercise, delicate food, or more grooming due to their natural characteristics, so it is always best to consider what we can afford to provide first before committing. Among those cares we have to do when having a dog in the house, grooming is one of the most important because dogs that shed a lot will need more grooming or brushing once in a few days so their fur won’t get stuck on our furniture.

Breed that will need more attention about shedding are Husky, Malamute, Retriever, Akita, Chow Chow, Saint Bernard and some more breeds. If you have any of them, be prepared to vacuum more often and brush more often thanks to their natural treat of extreme shedding compared to other breeds. To reduce extreme shedding we can brush them with quality brush or deshedder made for their type of coat and size to get the best benefit thus, loose hair is more controllable.

A quick brush everyday will also remove the hassle of vacuuming your furniture since we have chances of getting rid of them before getting stuck on various surfaces. We also have to pay attention to skin health like allergies or fleas because they will increase excessive shedding combined when our dog try to scratch them. We can check their skin while brushing as well so we are always sure and fast to give remedies when seeing any symptoms of skin problems.

Some dogs may hate bath especially if they are not used to since puppy but, bathing them once a week or as needed with oatmeal shampoo will help the coat and skin healthy, giving them strong, shiny furs as well as reducing excessive shedding. This is due to shed is a method to remove dry, damaged and dead hair from their skin.

About  FURminator

If you also want to keep the house clean from pet fur and make sure your good boy/girl is getting the proper care, now is the time to see what tools we can use to brush our pet since there are so many of them out there. Pet grooming tools are generally the same and have similar functions but, depending on your preference or dog breeds, the tool we choose may be not the same with what our neighbor is using.

When looking for a pet brush or deshedder, one brand which comes first in our mind is the FURminator. This brand is probably the most well-known or popular deshedder we have today due to those huge amount of positive reviews from customers but, many of us are a bit more calculating since it is also more expensive. The brand promise users to help reduce up to 99% shedding fur from various surface in our house and car as well as keeping the skin clean and healthy. 

For their deshedder, this brand have various sizes and models including for cats which is great so we can find the best match for our pet but, in general they will be different on the teeth length and well as the width while the whole features stay the same. It currently offer small dogs deshedder from short hair to giant dog with long hair. Read also: FURminator vs ShedMonster here.

FURminator Design

FURminator is looking like the most deshedder we find in the market since it comes in a rake-like design with teeth and a handle unlike the slicker brush we may use to brush the dog in the past. This tool is featured with stainless steel which is why it is more expensive than those with the same design for most of them used steel. We also like the handgrip that is made from rubber and have textures on the sides to support better grip.

FURminator Performance

On performance level, this deshedder is among the best because many customers find it is satisfying and effective in terms of removing dead furs from their dog. We can start to notice a dramatic change from our dog’s coat after only one or two uses and the shedding is noticeably reduced after brushing. The amount of furs getting stuck on the teeth is even from various sides like back or neck compared to similar other tools with the same pointy teeth and we love the coat smooth finish.

While we may see a huge difference in shedding that get stuck on surfaces, FURminator is performing best when used in regular basis such as more often when in shedding season then two of four times a month for typical dog during lowest shedding time.

FURminator Disadvantages

What you may want to keep in mind is the brush have a fairly sharp teeth which can be quite hurting for some dogs or makes them impatient while being brushed so make sure to pick based on their coat length and body size as well as brushed gently. We also not very fond of the price range since it seems too expensive for a dog grooming tool but, it can be a good investment since the item last very long.

About Zoom Groom

Since we have so many options, let’s take our time to see what the other manufacturers are offering because we never know when spotting a good product that also worth the money and for shedding dog owner, another reliable brush to have around the house is Zoom Groom by KONG. This is more like a brush rather than a deshedder and it is also unique because made of plastic which attract some dogs to chew or play with them but, we are not recommending it as toy since the plastic may hurt your pet’s mouth.

Zoom Groom Design

This brush is made of plastic and look like a fabric brush we used to wash something but is very firm and quite sturdy even when got bitten by our dog. Zoom Groom by KONG has a pointy ends teeth on one of the sides and a dog-shaped handle on the other side. These teeth are not close to each other since there are gaps between them but, we like the fact that its pointy teeth is not sharp. There are also various color options like blue and pink.

Zoom Groom Performance

Zoom Groom have mixed reviews but we found this brush is working quite good to remove dead fur on dogs with not very thick coat and very well accepted as their brushing tool thanks to the thick teeth. Some dogs may feel uncomfortable with metal teeth and made from plastic, this brush is far more comfortable, making us don’t have to be extra careful when brushing. Other pets like cats are also in love with the brush and are purring happily while exposing their tummy.

Since it is made of plastic, taking care of the brush become easier for we can just wash and air dried it when dirty. Taking the stuck fur is no problem due to the wide gap between its teeth and even when accidentally got chewed, the brush is still safe.

Zoom Groom Disadvantages

While Zoom Groom looks like a very promising tool, we also have complaint against its effectivity because dogs with thicker coats or longer hair may not very well cleaned when brushed with the tool so in some areas like under neck with more furs we have to work extra to get them properly. In addition, dogs love to chew them which is not safe so it may need extra attention to not leave it unattended. 


Now let’s compare FURminator with Zoom Groom. Both of them are an effective brush to remove your dog’s dead fur and to make sure they shed less which means cleaner house as well. In terms of effectivity, FURminator is better since it can handle almost any type of furs and length while Zoom Groom is the one we find more comfortable for dogs or cats.

FURminator vs Zoom Groom

- Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat
- FURejector button releases hair with ease
- Ergonomic handle for comfort and easy use
- Remove loose hair without damaging the coat or cutting the skin when used as directed
- Removes loose hair like a magnet, stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats.
- Zoom-groom brushes are effective for all dogs and coat types.
- "Groomassage" your dog with the Zoomgroom. Regular grooming with Zoom-groom effectively reduces shedding.
- Best grooming and shampooing brush available Removes loose hair like a magnet Stimulates capillaries and natural oil production Effective for all dogs and coat types Made in the USA with Natural Rubber


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us have the same dog or have the same preferences so it is best to pick the one that suits your pet the most but, since FURminator is more effective, we like this deshedder better.