Fluval 405 vs Eheim 2217

As the responsible owner of pet whether it is a dog, cat or even fish, we have to care for them properly, especially for delicate animals like fish. To keep them properly in a fish tank, make sure to use filter like Fluval 405 vs Eheim 2217 which we can install outside their tank to filter the water and keep them clean. If you are also considering these models, see what they can offer below to pick the one that fits your application the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • Fluval 405 vs Eheim 2217

Fish Tank Filter

Having a pet is nice a hobby so we can relieve some stress and spend our leisure time to take care of something which is very fun and can be a great pleasure for many of us. While dogs to cats are dominating house pets today, there are many other types of animals we can keep at home as pets including fish. Compared to the most common pets, fish is more high-maintenance and they are very easy to die when we make some mistakes but, with proper care they can strive as well.

Building fish tank can take so much budget and it is necessary to get something we can rely on to since it will affect our fish pretty badly which we are sure happened sometimes in the past. Due to this experience we can try and learn to design and apply the proper maintenance for not all fish require the same care especially on pH level so it will depend on our ability to provide them. Overall, besides budget we also need to be patient.

One of the most crucial equipment when keeping fish as pets is water filter since it is like the life support of your tank ecosystem including the living fish inside. Fish like humans produce pollution from breathing and defecating so if not removed or cleaned routinely, those pollution can kill fish since they are not designed to live and survive in their own waste. In their natural habitat, fish waste are continuously swept away downstream.

They also have a sheer amount of water to clean the mess but, in an aquarium the water is limited and we can’t change water every time which is why we have to provide some help to do what nature can give to them. When it comes to water filter, we have several options; the internal type and the external type or the power filter and air-powered filters. Just like their name, internal filter is placed inside the fish tank while the latter is placed outside. 

Internal power filters is the most suitable model for beginners, working with the water pump sits on top of a small canister filled with sponge while the water is drawn through the sponge to traps debris and break down waste. The latter is a traditional water filter and work with sealed canister connected to an aquarium by an inlet pipe and outlet pipe. It is overall more powerful and great for bigger fish tanks. Read also: FURminator vs Zoom Groom here.

About Fluval 405

If you are in the market for a new fish tank filter, now is a good time to see what the manufacturers are offering because there are so many out there and depending on your budget or needs, our choice may varied widely but, it is always good to go for a reliable manufacturers since they have a trusted performance as well as quality. When talking about water filter for fish tank, our mind instantly remember Fluval due to their popularity and reliability.

This brand is also the go-to of many hobbyist since they are proven to work as well as comes with a huge range of options, making it easier to get the one that fits your tanks and fish the most. For those who are looking for a filter that can work for a larger aquaria and is powerful enough to do the job, Fluval 405 is one of the most ideal models to go. Together with the 406 brother, they are equally a worry-free unit that will clean your fish tank in no time.

One of the bright sides of the filter is it can hold about 40% more water than other canister with the same size which is why people who like it said that the unit is very efficient in space as well as working effectively.

Fluval 405 Design

When the package came, your Fluval 405 will comes with everything it needs to run and in the box we have some filtration media, ribbed tubing, intake tube, output nozzle, intake strainer, aqua-stop valve as well as manual. Like any fish tank filter, the main housing is made from plastic, but it is thick and durable plastic so the parts are sturdy and not feel flimsy at all. However, the ribbed tubing seems cheap and when it is clogged, we need to change it with better quality replacement.

Fluval 405 Features

When looking for fish tank filter, one of the most important parts to check first is the capacity and for this model, we can use it up to 100 gallons in size so even when you have several fish tanks in the house, the filter can still handle the capacity. Its flow rate is over 340 gallons of water per hour and as it has been mentioned above it will also hold more at 40% water than similar canister.

It has aqua-stop air valve in order to ensure that it is both water and air tight which mean we can disconnect the hose without stopping the suction, removing the need to prime it again. For more convenience, the filter comes with an instant prime mechanism so then we don’t have to manually prime this filter every time we start it up. In addition, Fluval 405 is featured with customizable filtration system with removable basket so then we can add our own filter media. 

Fluval 405 Cons

While the filter sounds like a perfect option, we also have some complaints about the unit especially on the sound since it is somehow loud moreover when compared to the higher model 406. The impellers are also not going to last long so prepare to change them after being used for quite some time.

About Eheim 2217

Since there are so many good options out there, you may want to see what the other manufacturers are offering so then we can compare and see which the better option is or even more affordable with the same capabilities. For those who are looking for a filter to be used with a big aquaria or several tanks, Eheim is also a good brand to use and while it is not as popular as Fluval, they are also reliable in terms of performance.

The model we are talking about is Eheim 2217 or also called the Classic 600 which is the big brother of 2213 we often used for small or medium sized aquarium. This model is loved due to being effective and low-profile without too much noise and spend little power only at 20W.

Eheim 2217 Design

Seeing the unit, this filter is looking like any models out there and still have the same overall sizes around 15.8-inches tall so we can fit is easily under aquarium or even packed with another filter together. It is coming in black and green color scheme which is somehow looks more nature-friendly while the plastic body itself feels sturdy and easily goes some years without any issue. Since it is coming in classic single chamber, we don’t have many filter media here.

Eheim 2217 Features

Coming into capabilities, just like what you can expect on filter that can work for larger aquarium, Eheim 2217 is working with either freshwater or saltwater up to 160 gallons while the flow rate itself is lower than what we get from Fluval at 264 gallons per hour. It is not bad at all and still reliable since the quality design is what it shines the most to give exceptional filtration despite the average output.

Unlike many modern filter with several baskets to hold filter media, this model only has one chamber which probably not that popular anymore but we find it as good since it allows much more flex when adding filter media which it can take up to 1.6 gallons. In addition, instead of being placed at the top, this filter intake tube is at the bottom while the output is at the top to leaves very little room for water bypass.

Eheim 2217 Cons

While many people are satisfied with their Eheim 2217, some are not and the issue we often hears are leaks which happens from the output connector and there is user who also found water pouring from their motor. Another issue is about power since users don’t find the filter work as fast as they hoped for.


Now, let’s compare Fluval 405 with Eheim 2217. As you may already know, both of them are a reliable filter for those with big tanks or people with several to handle at once for they are working effectively but comparing them, the power Fluval is working faster to clean your aquarium since it has higher flow rate but is also noisier compared to Eheim. In addition Fluval functional volume is lower at 100 compared to 160 gallons from Eheim.

Fluval 405 vs Eheim 2217

- Multi-stage filtration for healthy fresh & saltwater aquariums
- Suitable for aquariums up to 100 gallons. Flow Rate: 1450 LPH (383 US GPH)
- Equipped with a clog-proof intake strainer and a dual layer foam screen. To prevent water from dripping onto the receptacle or plug,a “drip loop” should be arranged by the user in the cord connecting appliance to a receptacle
- Classic series canister filters have the longest most reliable track record in the trade.
- A pump/motor unit that seems to run forever with a minimum of service. Proven technology, balanced performance, and high efficiency mark classic series filters as the bellweather in aquarium filtration.
- One chamber design allows for the greatest flex in setting up for mechanical, biological, chemical


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and budget to spend for tank filter as well as the amount of work to handle. Comparing the two however, if you have a smaller capacity and need to work fast, we will recommend people to get Fluval 405, moreover, it is also more affordable.