Garmin Astro 320 vs Alpha 100

As a responsible owner, we have to keep our pet save and monitored but, it doesn’t mean limiting their natural instinct to explore and play out there. For worried owners out there, you may want to use GPS tracker like Garmin Astro 320 vs Alpha 100 to make sure we know where our dogs at. If you are having an adventurer who loves to play outside, check what these devices can offer so then we can pick better to match with each users’ needs.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a GPS tracker for your dog
  • What are Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100
  • What Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100 Look Like
  • How Far we can Track with Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100
  • Can we use Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100 as Trainer
  • What else Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100 can offer
  • Garmin Astro 320 vs Alpha 100

GPS Dog Tracker

Dog is well-known for its adventurous side which is why we bring them while hunting or in a serious activity like in SAR team. In such condition or in the wild, we never know when they will found lead and where they are chasing the prey that can make owner anxious when letting go of the leash. However, with the advanced in technology, we now have GPS system that lets almost everyone with proper device to show map, track, route, and similar function.

For dog owners who often bring their pet outside whether just for some leisure time or to fulfill a duty, we can utilize this technology to monitor our companion all the time. In an open area, dogs can sniff and will runs up to the prey or target but, in such a condition we won’t be able to keep up with their speed which is why we need tracker to locate them or even give command to search for and coming back to us.

Losing our companion is one of hunter’s and pet owner’s fears especially those who often work in a field since many of them can’t be found. Even while jogging or running, dogs tend to run or trying to catch anything that caught their attention, it is indeed irritating to try and run following them but we are all afraid when losing them from our sight. Using GPS in their collar will do us much help and let us rest at ease. Read also: FURminator vs FurGoPet here.

Just like any technologically advanced device, GPS dog tracker is not an easy tool to utilize especially for beginners since we will have to deal with some menu and adjustment to fully expand its capabilities but, all of them came with the same purpose of making sure the pet is in our monitoring range. We can decide how many dogs a device can handle or monitor at one as well as the range for we want to be always in control and prevent the dog to run too far.

Different dog sizes may need different collar as well so make sure to get the one that match your pet size before shopping. They are working with battery so pay attention to its power source so we don’t end up running out of juice in the middle of tracking. Depend on the tracker, not all of them will work with just any collar so it is better to read the specifications carefully or buy in a set to remove the chance of getting incompatible collar.

About Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100

When you already making up the mind and want to start using GPS tracker on your dog, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer for there are so many of them. While they may come with rich features that not all of us can utilize, their goal will be the same but, it is also true when people say each user has their own unique needs whether it is from the type of activity, the pet, and the amount of pet to track.

When talking about GPS tracker for pets, our mind is instantly comes to Garmin because they are among the best in the market and we are sure almost all users have heard their name before especially for those who also love fitness app and wearable. As for tracking your pet, they have many options in the catalogue that we can choose based on the activity’s requirement or the pet themselves. Among all of them, the Astro 320 and Alpha 100 are two of the best picks.

Both of them are high-rated tracker which is very capable in terms of providing you information on where the pet or dog is currently at and not only for one dog, we can use them for up to 10 and 20 dogs at once with one tracker. However, not all of them have the collar on package or sold in a set so make sure to get a suitable pair like TT 5 and T5 mini collar for Astro and TT 15 for Alpha.

All of them are using U.S system and are only authorized to be used inside the country so users who are planning to use it in a different place may want to look at another model. In addition, the prominent difference between them beside collar compatibility is on the preload map since Astro have preloaded basemap while the other is TOPO. But, since these are free, we can just download them later or use BirdsEye Satellite for a more detailed map.

Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100 Design

Checking the tracker, they are quite similar to each other with a simple handheld design and are very convenient to use but, if you pay attention closely, we can see that Alpha 100 doesn’t have many buttons only 3 on the top face while the Garmin Astro 320 have small buttons all over the lower part below their screen. This is because Alpha is touch-sensitive which is very convenient for ease of use but is not versatile when users are wearing gloves.

Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100 Collar and Distance

Coming into the features part, their main function is to track your dogs while outside and let users know where their pets are including while hunting in a duty with SAR or when just walking around the neighborhood. As it has been mentioned above, Astro 320 is only capable of being used with up 10 dogs up to 9 miles while the Alpha 100 is more powerful for up to 20 dogs, but still at 9 miles limit when paired with T5, DC or TT15 collar respectively.

Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100 Remote Training

However, there is another feature that makes Alpha 100 a more reliable and rich in terms of capabilities because besides acting as tracker, this handheld GPS tracker is also functioning as a remote trainer. Just like the name, a trainer is used to reinforce behaviors we want from the dog such as to prevent them from moving further and getting too far or to call them back to where the owner is. We can also correct chasing, digging or barking that will bring unwanted result.

Like many other trainers, Alpha 100 will send stimulation to their collars when commanded by the user so the dog will understand the command. What’s amazing is that we can communicate with each dog separately for example while hunting and two of your companions are running to catch some unwanted game. Inside the remote, we have 18 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation as well as an audible tone or vibe command. For safety, we have a lockout setting to prevent accidental stimulation or tone.

This stimulation, however, is only working when Alpha 100 is paired with the TT 15 collar so if you are in a competition or don’t plan to use the stimulation feature on the device, we can use the collar from Astro 320 which is T 5 or T 5 mini. In addition, mini collar will also reduce the distance from 9 miles to only 4 miles for both trackers.

Garmin Astro 320 and Alpha 100 Features

On the additional features, we have Covey Counter function which is native to Garmin and can be used in both devices. This special function is very convenient to tell the user the exact location, time of day and elevation where we found the prey, as well as the number of bird we took from the location by simply navigating and entering the numbers. To let us conveniently plan the next trip, both of Astro 320 and Alpha 100 are equipped with BaseCamp.

This is a software we can get on both of their handheld tracker and its main function is to let users view and organize maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks as well as creating Garmin Adventures that we can share with friends, family or other explorers. The software is going to display map data in either 2-D or 3-D on the computer screen with contour lines and elevation profiles information.


Now, let’s compare Garmin Astro 320 with Alpha 100. As you may already know, both of them are a reliable tracker for your dog while in an adventure and also different because Alpha is an overall richer product or model with an ability to track 20 dogs or points at once as well as functioning as a trainer when you need to correct your dog’s behavior. Besides these two plus sides, they have pretty much similar capabilities.

Garmin Astro 320 vs Alpha 100

- 2.6" 65K color TFT display.
- Built-in vibration motor to support silent alerts.
- Worldwide basemap with shaded relief.
- Able to track up to 10 dogs simultaneously.
- High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS. Display size is 1.53 wide x 2.55 high in inches and 3 inch diagonal
- Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100k maps.LED beacon lights and Rescue mode as well as Stimulation levels-Tone and Vibration
- Battery life 20-40 hrs. Display type : transflective, 65-K color TFT touchscreen
- Setup virtual boundaries on your map and receive an alert, automatically sends signal to recall


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same needs so it is  best to get the one that will fit your kind of activity the most or the amount of companion to monitor at once. For those with many dogs Alpha 100 is an ideal option while those who don’t need trainer and have less dogs to monitor better save some with Astro 320.