Fluval FX6 vs Eheim 2260

Most people choose dogs or cats as their house pet but some of us prefer fish to be kept at an aquarium. We can have several pets at home and it is all about preference but being responsible is the most important. If you are keeping fish in a huge tank, filter like Fluval FX6 vs Eheim 2260 is one of the most crucial tools to install to support your fish environment. For those who are looking for these models, go see what they can offer first before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Filter Suit your Aquarium
  • What are Fluval FX6 and Eheim 2260
  • What Fluval FX6 and Eheim 2260 Look Like
  • What Fluval FX6 and Eheim 2260 can offer to you
  • Fluval FX6 vs Eheim 2260

Fish Tank External Filter

Keeping a pet that are sensitive to the environment will need more effort to take care of and many of them are high-maintenance enough to let us spend much money on their equipment to support the living environment. Among those many pets we used to keep at home, fish is probably the most high-maintenance and need a constant monitoring because they are easy to die even in a slight change depending on the type of fish we are keeping inside.

If you are also prefer to have a pet fish inside the house, one of the most important tool or equipment to have is a filter since it is like the trees and water in our earth that helps remove impurities and providing the living being a more ideal place to live. Just like the name, filter is essential for removing wastes from water produced by our fish and without one, the water will become polluted and poisoning the living animals inside, killing them or contracting some diseases.

As you can expect or imagine, filter is working mostly mechanically by trapping solid wastes so we can manually remove them later but there are also those that clean biologically so then the special friendly bacteria will make toxins, helping the waste into a less harmful nitrates which can be removed by users during water changing. The most common type of filter sold out there will be internal filter like a small pump on top of a narrow box with sponge inside we often see sit within the aquarium.

However, this type can only deal with your small aquarium and not for a bigger tank since they are not strong or capable enough as well as fast to handle all of the water that needs to be cleansed. For those with smaller, common house aquarium, internal filter is already sufficient and for this type, the filter will be seated on the rear corner of the tank with outlet just below the water surface. The filter works by sucking water from the bottom and drawn through coarse sponge.

This sponge contained with bacteria to convert waste to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate. On the other hand, external filters is placed outside the tank or in the cabinet below depend on your setup. It works a little bit similar by drawing water out of the tank to enter the filter in which there are media inside to trap impurities and then send the water back into your tank. Due to its size, we only need to clean filter occasionally.

About Fluval FX6

The best filter is the one that fits your application the most and depend on the capacity or how huge your aquarium is, we can decide whether to get the internal or external type. If you are here, chances you will need something that can help cleaning a big aquaria and this is why we are getting an external filter. Due to the huge demand, supplies are also available widely and this can be a problem when selecting one for our use.

However, if you don’t have much time to check those models available, we can go with a popular name or those trusted by their customers like Fluval. They are the one that comes to our mind every time people mention fish tank filter and for those who are owning aquariums with capacity up to 400 gallons or 1500 L, their FX6 is one of the best choices. This model is highly raved and we can still see the hype even today due to its capability and powerful performance.

With its high capacity, we can understand why hobbyists are looking for this model but not only shining on capacity, it also has extendable intake tube to allow the unit being adjusted by users to fit most tank shapes and sizes. If you don’t need this much capacity, check our Fluval 405 vs Eheim 2217 here.

Fluval FX6 Design

As you can see, we are sure everyone already aware when seeing Fluval FX6 to call it as an external filter but, what attract our attention the most is its design which is winning in terms of aesthetic compared to many similar filters out there as well as the thick and durable material used to build the unit. It has 3 media basket inside, works with 43 watts and has everything you need inside from the canister, nozzle, valve hose, suction cups, clips, fasteners and many more.

Fluval FX6 Capacity

The first reason why people are picking this filter is because of its huge capacity at 400 gallons which suit a serious hobbyist more who need a reliable and fast acting process but it actually only circulate the water once in every 45 minutes with filter circulation at 2.130 liters per hour or 563 gallons. Its high performance pump is also working effectively and it will automatically clears air bubbles to maintain a vacuum to boost the filtration efficiency. Next, there is AquaStop valves to adjust the water flow.

Fluval FX6 Features

This valve can be turned 90 degrees to stop the flow through intake and outflow tubing so then we can purge the filter and disconnect the tubing safely. This valve can be adjusted at lesser angle as well to adjust the flow rate below its maximum speed. For water maintaining we have a utility valve at the bottom when you need to dispose and refill the tank with new water as they will flow through filtration system.

About Eheim 2260

As the manufacturers offering more options for their customers, we are free to choose any model that fits our application the most and Fluval FX6 is not the only model which comes with a huge capacity to handle your aquariums because another popular filter Eheim is also providing the options. The model we are talking today is one of their biggest capacity filters variant; the 2260 which also goes by 1500XL mirroring the real capacity for anyone who needs a powerful machine to do the job properly.

It may not be as popular as Fluval but, this German based brand is also one of the best in terms of performance and quality with a competitive price point and often boast a bigger capacity as well as lower power consumption compared with those similar models in its price range.  

Eheim 2260 Design

When you see Eheim 2260 , it is looking like any filter model that has been released decades ago due to the classic design and it is actually very durable made with a good quality materials despite the rather unattractive appearance. It is quite heavy as well so you may not want to move the unit often. Unlike many other similar filters, this model is going classic with a single filtration system as opposed to multi stage filtration such as what we see in Fluval.

Eheim 2260 Capacity

When it comes to the perfect filter, our first options should be those that fit the kind of application or capacity because the performance rely on the capacity for it mirror the ability to cleanse your water and this Eheim 2260 is boasting 1500 L capacity or 400 gallons which is ideal for bigger tanks who need a quick and reliable pump. We also like the fact that it can pump water for about 2400 L or 634 gallons per hour so the result can be seen quickly compared to those with lower rate.

Eheim 2260 Features

Another thing you may want to know about this filter is it has no media trays which some people find inconvenient because it can get messy when cleaning but, it is also a plus side since one of the common problems with media trays is the water tends to find the path of least resistance and bypass the filtration altogether when the media trays get dirty that defeats the purpose of having filtration itself. 

All of Eheim Classic line including this 2260 model is working in a simple mechanism with intake at the bottom while exhaust is at the top which means our water will always pass through the filtration media even when not being cleaned for months.


Now, let’s compare Fluval FX6 with Eheim 2260. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other because of the similar capacity and they are ideal for bigger tanks or those who need a powerful filter. Despite the same capacity, Eheim is faster and has a powerful pump as well as made with better material quality but, in terms of convenience, it can’t beat FX6 with some useful features like AquaStop valve.

Fluval FX6 vs Eheim 2260

- Multi-Stage Filter that produces healthy aquarium water, freshwater or marine aquariums
- Features Smart Pump Technology for optimal filter performance, efficiency and management
- Self-starting filter-just add water and plug in. Head height (maximum): 3.3 m (10.8 feet)
- Elemi Large Canister Filter Model 2260
- Manufactured by Elemi
- Made in Germany


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same opinion and it is best to get the model which fits your kind of preferences the most. If you are looking for a powerful pump, the 2260 from Eheim Classic line is the one to go but, if convenient is at the top consideration, we will recommend users to get Fluval FX6.