Fluval FX6 vs 406

Fish is one of the highest maintenance pets to have at home which require owner pay much attention especially to their fish tank and the food options depend on the nature of each type of fish. For those with a bigger tank, Fluval FX6 vs 406 are two great filter to make sure the water is always cleansed from waste that can affect our fishes health. Before shopping, go see how they are separated to each other below so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why do you need a Filter
  • What are Fluval FX6 and 406
  • What Fluval FX6 and 406 Look Like
  • Who Fluval FX6 and 406 are made for
  • What Features come with Fluval FX6 and 406
  • Fluval FX6 vs 406

Fish Tank or Aquarium Filter

Being a responsible owner sometimes require more than just providing animals with food and clean water to drink as well as a shelter to sleep and live in but also to make sure about their health and overall well being because animals like humans are prone to uncomfortable conditions which may lead to some health problems later. While most people choose dogs or cats as their companion, some of us prefer to have small animals like fish to be kept at home which require professional level of care.

Fish can be hard to be kept as a pet because a small mistake can kill them and we are sure some of us ever experienced this in the past. When keeping them in aquarium or fish tank, one of the necessary equipment we have to install inside or outside is their filter because this tool will help with purifying or at least cleansing the water where our fish live and it is necessary to support the water quality so they live inside.

A healthy aquarium requires clean water and this tool will do the job without much assistance while we are working and resting but, once in a while we still have to clean the internal filtering parts as well to keep the good performance. However, there are several types of filter and what we are talking about earlier is predominantly about mechanical filter. Beside mechanical filter there are biological and chemical filtration. Biological is referring to the process of using beneficial bacteria to break down ammonia and nitrite into a safe or less toxic nitrate.

In addition, to let those bacteria thrive we should have oxygen-rich water as well as rocks or sand for the bacteria to attach to. On the other hand, chemical filtration is a method in which chemical additives used to remove or dissolved waste from water and the most common media used is with activated charcoal. While biological and chemical filtering is indeed useful, they are often used in combination with mechanical filter to give the best result. Mechanical filter is also separated to two types; internal and external. 

As a simple guide they are used depending on the amount of water being dealt with since internal filter is more ideal for smaller aquariums or those with 20 gallons (76 L) in capacity while bigger fish tank may want to use the latter due to their more powerful pump and enough power to help filtering a huge amount of water. With the increase in power, external filter is also more expensive and require some knowledge when installing the intake and output spout.

About Fluval FX6 and 406

If you have a bigger fish tank or aquarium, it is great to go with an external filter because it is the most ideal option for your needs and when talking about filter, our minds instantly remember the seems to be everyone’s favorite Fluval. If you have been in the market for filter and have aquarium at home, we are sure this brand will be familiar for you as well since it is offering a wide options for their customers, available in competitive price, and often provide some interesting features.

Their collection is filled with reliable filters and before we pick any of those models, it is better to base the option on your capacity because the higher, the more expensive they become and as users we always want to get better product at as low cost as possible so it is nice to balance things out. Among those collections, Fluval FX6 and 406 are two of the best models liked by so many users due to their reliable performance and quick operation.

Both of them are also not going to ask so much from your pocket but as it has been mentioned above, the more capable they are the more expensive they become and comparing these models, as some readers may already know, the first is a higher model, making is suitable for those with bigger tanks or plan to use them with several tanks at once since this version can be used up to 400 gallons as opposed to the latter which can only take up to the quarter or 100 gallons.

Fluval FX6 and 406 Design

Lining them side by side, Fluval filters are standing out among others because of their attractive design which is quite eye catching to attract any new potential customers but, as you can see the latter is simpler and also smaller due to its smaller capacity but the overall material made to build the canister seems to be the same durable and thick plastic including their connectors between the canister and hose. The benefit of plastic is that they are more resistance against rust but not as sturdy as metal.

Different to Fluval 406 that comes in rather boxy form, the FX6 is rounder and looking like water basin but, the internal are quite similar to each other. They are also coming with everything we need inside the package such as media, AquaStop valve, hosing, connectors, nozzle, strainer, and many more. Read also: Fluval FX6 and Eheim 2260 here.

Fluval FX6 and 406 Capacity and Priming Feature

At the core, Fluval FX6 and 406 are working similarly but the first model will have more powerful pump because this one is made for aquariums up to 400 US gallons and is taking water from your tank at about 538 US gallons per hour while the pump out is rated more at 925 gallons which makes it not surprising to hear people waking up with a cleaner water just in several hours. As for the 406 filter, this model is capable of filtering up to 380 gallons of water per hour.

As with any canisters, we need to prime our filter first before using and this is what’s so special about both of these filters. This is because they have an instant-start priming to get the unit work just in minutes so we don’t have to do the hassle; overall we need about a minute to pump and about 2 minutes to drive out the air from its system. This convenience feature actually also available in many other 06 series from the brand including 106, 206, and 306.

Fluval FX6 and 406 Special Valve

The next feature we love from these filters is their AquaStop valve which is available to help your Fluval filter be more convenient because this valve can be turned 90 degrees to stop the flow of water through their intake and outflow tubing so then we can purge the filter and disconnect safely, with less mess. Additionally, we can adjust this valve below 90 degrees to decide how strong the flow is from zero up to 538 and 380 respectively.

The AquaStop valve is combined with locking clamps which is very convenient, easy to use, and secure enough to make sure the connected tubing won’t break apart even under pressure. This clamp is tightened down easily and will stay in place to prevent losing them when left unattended. 

Fluval FX6 and 406 Water Flow Maintenance

The next feature is only available in Fluval FX6 and it is quite advanced since there is electronic parts incorporated with the canister which continuously monitors the impeller speed and force output. In which there is air detected building up in the system, the filter will automatically pause once every 12 hours to allow these traps air to escape and maintain the flow rate of your filter so we can get a stable as well as efficient process all the times.

Fluval FX6 and 406 Strainer and Purging Valve

As for the strainer coming with your Fluval FX6 and 406, this strainer may looks like regular tray strainer we see in every filter but they are actually designed to be clogs proof so they put a fine beveled mesh screen to prevent solids from building up and inhibiting the flow going inside of the canister. On the bottom we have purge valve which we can open after the AquaStop assemblies are closed and this is used for removing any water from the system for maintenance but, this feature only available in FX6 model.


Now, let’s compare Fluval FX6 with 406. As you may already know, the FX6 is like an improved version of the 406 which is already reliable along with its other brother in the 06 family but, in comparison it will also smaller and not as high in capacity for it can only be used up to 100 gallons in which the other is at 400 gallons. The FX6 is also equipped with more powerful pump and have richer features on board but is also more expensive.

Fluval FX6 vs 406

- Multi-Stage Filter that produces healthy aquarium water, freshwater or marine aquariums
- Features Smart Pump Technology for optimal filter performance, efficiency and management
- Self-starting filter-just add water and plug in. Head height (maximum): 3.3 m (10.8 feet)
- Multi-stage filtration for healthy fresh & saltwater aquariums
- Suitable for aquariums up to 100 gallons. Flow Rate: 1450 LPH (383 US GPH)
- Equipped with a clog-proof intake strainer and a dual layer foam screen. To prevent water from dripping onto the receptacle or plug,a “drip loop” should be arranged by the user in the cord connecting appliance to a receptacle


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us have the same needs and when looking for filter, its capacity is the most important so choose the one that will be more ideal for your fish tank. The takeout here is those with 100 gallons or smaller aquarium will be better with 406 filter while people with bigger tanks should go with more powerful filter like Fluval FX6 as well.