SportDOG Tek 2.0 vs Garmin Alpha

Taking our dogs outside to walk or hunt and exploring nature is increasing the chance of losing them which as owner we never want to. If you are often taking them outside, SportDOG Tek 2.0 vs Garmin Alpha can be a good device to purchase so we can monitor their location even while hunting or in a more important mission. For those who are also considering these options, see what they can offer below so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why do you need a GPS Tracker
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  • SportDOG Tek 2.0 vs Garmin Alpha

Dog GPS Tracker

Being a responsible owner for our pet sometimes can be challenging because depend on the animals, not all of them will need or require the same care including what they can and cannot eat to in what environment they should grow up. While most of us keep them inside the house for most of the time, animals may need sometimes outside especially dogs for exercising and spend their energy. One issue we are afraid to experience when taking them outside is fear of them getting lost. 

Contrary to popular belief, lost dogs are not always happened when the owner is taking them outside in a journey or for hunting in an environment they are not very familiar with but, in fact there are many owners who are losing their dogs at home when they are playing at the yard and not in constant monitor of their owner. This issue can be caused by some conditions and we have to pay attention to prevent them from leaving their area.

Besides when they are in unfamiliar places, dog or bitch have a strong instinct to reproduce and this is one of the most common causes on why they are flying from your house to find a mate out there. For those with male dog may not be a very big issue since we often don’t know their pair or puppies but for bitch, it can be a problem for the owner as well when our dog show up, already pregnant for litter of puppies will require money and effort to take care of.

The next cause on why a dog is running from its home is because of fear since not all dogs are brave or adventurous so when experiencing some uncomfortable in which they take as a threatening event, such as the sound of fireworks, they may run of fear due to their sensitive hearing. If you are keeping a breed with a strong instinct of hunting, they will also try to run after a prey whether it is just a small squirrel in the backyard or another animals when taken to hunt.

If you are considering the dogs are prone to get lost due to the activity we do while taking them or just want to be sure we can always informed of their position, getting a GPS tracker is a very good decision. Not only useful to know their precise locations, depending on the model, a GPS collar may also have a built in training feature to command your dog or to discipline them from doing those that we want to avoid.

About SportDOG Tek 2.0

Similar like when shopping for any devices, we have to pay attention to their features or capabilities which is affecting how we used them later and if possible, list down what you want from the unit so then we can pick based on those criteria. If besides keeping track of your dog, owner also need some training features, one of the best options out there is SportDOG Tek 2.0 which is designed for those dogs we bring together while hunting in the wild.

This device is claimed to be developed by US hunting –dog gear specialist which is SportDOG itself. It is boasting many useful features and reliable tracking ability to keep your good boys and girls in a monitoring range. As the name suggests, this new version is an upgrade model of its older, original device that also coming with an additional tracking plus training features or supplementary training for people who need to discipline and command their dogs to follow the owner.

SportDOG Tek 2.0 Design

Just like any GPS tracker, most of them are made from a thick plastic including this model that is small enough to fit in adults grip thanks to its sleek design measured about 5.45-inch by 2.50-inch by 1.50-inch. It comes in matte black aesthetic together with a bright red collar on the package. This model is made for dogs with a minimum weight of 8 pounds or larger with neck size between 10.75-inch to 23-inch and it is important to readjust them to avoid hurting the skin.

SportDOG Tek 2.0 Features 

When looking for a GPS dog tracker, the number of collars it can detect is important and we do love to see that SportDOG Tek 2.0 is capable of tracking 21 dogs with collars which mean we can bring and use it for our partners out there and this also works with the training system just the same. This communication range is effective inside a certain distance and when in a very supporting area, it can go up to 10 miles but if the terrain is more extreme, hope to see a shorter distance.

As for the tracking accuracy, SportDOG Tek 2.0 is coming with a combination of HopTek, GPS, and GLONASS which are all commonly used for tracking collars and is already loaded with 1:100000 colored topographic maps. The brand themselves claimed that their tracker is accurate within 15 yards while the real time tracking is coming once every 3 seconds or less frequent for example at 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, or even 2 minutes depending on your needs. In addition, it has floating compass for an easier routing.

There is another feature we like from SportDOG Tek 2.0 and it is the audio updates via the Bluetooth-enabled earpiece that we can purchase separately. This is a very convenient ability so then hunter don’t have to see or hold their tracker all the time for we can hear the updates from our earpiece. As for the training side, this model is providing 99 levels continuous, momentary, and rising stimulation levels to cue your dogs.

About Garmin Alpha

Because we have so many good options out there, you may want to see what the other manufacturers are offering for we can compare and see which will be the better options or at least available in the range of budget you prefer better. If you are looking for a GPS collar and tracker that can also act as a trainer to command your dogs, the other ideal option will be Garmin Alpha or Alpha 100 which is coming in a similar price range as the Tek 2.0 from SportDOG.

This tracker is among the most popular GPS collar and tracker set from the company along with another well-known trackers like Astro. In case you don’t find a use for the training feature, you can use Garmin Astro 320 vs 430 with their T 5 collars. This model however, is offering all of those models capabilities in general with some plus which one is touch screen for better convenient even though there are also those who like the physical buttons better.

Garmin Alpha Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, this tracker is coming in a solid plastic casing which is already coming in IPX7 rated cover to sustain being used even when splashed with water or fall into a water as deep as 1 meter for half an hour. The screen is touch-sensitive but may be too narrow for our fingers to navigate comfortably especially when users are wearing gloves. You can purchase the tracker and collar TT 15 separately or in a set like in our sample picture above.

Garmin Alpha Features 

If you ever use Astro 430, Garmin Alpha or Alpha 100 is very similar to this model because it will allow you to track 20 dogs at once with the bundled TT 15 for adult dogs or if you have a puppy, there is also TT 15 Mini which is only supporting a far lesser distance of 4 miles as opposed to 9 miles from the regular collar. It is coming with Garmin GPS dog tracking with Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology that is not only easy to use but also reliable.

This tracker is sending updates about your dog once every 2.5 seconds but can be adjusted to be longer as well when needed and to give the precise location, it is already loaded with TOPO U.S. 100K maps too know where your dogs are currently at. Additionally, if you are willing to spend more, we can subscribe to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for those who want to get a real life view of terrain, including the roads, water, woods, and similar conditions.

Like many other Garmin trackers, this model is featured with BaseCamp software inside which is a very useful app to let users organize maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks. It will also allow you to create Adventures which then can be shared to your fellow explorers or family and friends. On the training feature that only suitable with TT 15 collars, we can have 18 training levels of both continuous and momentary stimulation with tone and vibe. 


Now, let’s compare SportDOG TEK 2.0 with Garmin Alpha. As you may already know, both of these pairs of tracker and collar are very similar to each other on their core but in comparison SportDOG Tek 2.0 is richer on capabilities such as more dogs to track, further tracking range, and lots more stimulation levels.

SportDOG Tek 2.0 vs Garmin Alpha

- US version only; This GPS dog finder and trainer receives and displays your location and your dog's GPS Collar location, while allowing you to also train your dog by providing 99 levels static stimulation, along with tone and vibrate options
- The Handheld Device features 1:100,000 preloaded topo maps with unlimited lifetime map updates, no subscription required
- Featuring HopTek technology, this system uses GPS satelites, not cell service, to track and train your dog up to 10 miles away; Track and train up to 21 dogs with the purchase of additional TEK Series 2.0 GPS + E-Collar Add-A-Dog Collars (TEK-2AD)
- High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS. Display size is 1.53 wide x 2.55 high in inches and 3 inch diagonal
- Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100k maps.LED beacon lights and Rescue mode as well as Stimulation levels-Tone and Vibration
- Battery life 20-40 hrs. Display type : transflective, 65-K color TFT touchscreen


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same needs, which is why it is better to get the one that fits your application the most. However, if we are to choose, SportDOG Tek 2.0 is a more capable models to choose with the same price range.