Garmin Delta XC vs Sport Dog 425

Being a responsible owner is not as simple as providing your pet with food, clean water to drink, and a comfortable place to sleep but also to keep them from doing some behaviors that can get you into trouble later such as hurting or annoy other people especially for dogs. If you want to keep them from some unwanted behaviors, we can use training collars like Garmin Delta XC vs Sport Dog 425 to correct them. But, before shopping see what they can offer below first.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a training collar for your dog
  • What are Garmin Delta XC and Sport Dog 425
  • What Garmin Delta XC and Sport Dog 425 Look Like
  • Do Garmin Delta XC and Sport Dog 425 Suitable for your dog
  • What Garmin Delta XC and Sport Dog 425 can offer to you
  • Garmin Delta XC vs Sport Dog 425

Dog Collar Training

We have so many animal options to keep at home and as long as they are legal or can live under a roof with humans, we can have any animals as pets from the small hamster to a bigger horse or even cows. Among those many animals we can have as pets, dogs and cats are arguably the most popular today because they are the most well-known domesticated animals we have already gotten used to since our predecessors era. Depend on personal taste, we often separate owner into dog and cat people.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having both of them in one roof since some people even have a more diverse pets inside their home as long as we can take a proper care of them. Between these two popular house pets, dog is probably the one we keep for various purposes as well besides just being a house pet such as to guard your house or to accompany you while hunting thanks to their sensitive nose and ears.

However, this dog’s natural instinct is also make them prone to need more training and related care since a stray or wild dogs that are not used being kept or follow their human instruction can do some destructive behaviors including aggression. With a proper training we can reduce the risks of them acting to follow their natural instinct in a condition they should not be and one training enforcing device we often used today is an E-Collar or also called training collar.

While they are called with different names, in the core they are shock collar we already see on the market decades ago and probably renamed so it can be friendlier, especially for those who find the naming sounds too offensive and harmful for our good boys and girls. This device is very similar to a dog GPS since they have the same shape and handheld controls but instead of telling the pet location, its main function is to send some stimulation to attract your dog’s attention.

We prefer to use these words because correcting behaviors may sound bad in some people’s ears but it is actually true. The debate about whether training collar is cruel or necessary to correct dog’s unwanted behavior still going on but, at the end of the day the owner is the one who decides what best for their animals. In our own opinion, as long as the stimulation doesn’t harm the pet, in comparison if their behavior is not corrected, a training collar can be a very useful device to have.

About Garmin Delta XC

If you are rescuing stray dogs that never has an owner before or lack of training, an E-Collar can be a good option to consider or if you are also taking them on hunting to keep them in track or prevent them from chasing unwanted game. Training collars are widely available and it is easy to get one from your nearby pet shops but, since we have so many of them, choosing just one can be very time consuming which is why it is also wise to see what the other owners are using.

While they may not 100% fits your preference, chances are high in popular models and one of the most well-known dog trainers are those from Garmin especially their Delta XC. This brand is also offering various types of dog collars that can be used with a handheld tracker when you need to monitor them outside. However, if what you want is a training collar, this model is a very ideal option yet it is better fitting those who don’t want to use a strong stimulations.

Many people love this trainer because it is gentle enough on dogs without hurting them since we know, there are lots of other similar collars that can be too aggressive for your pet but not with this one. Unlike with other popular collars like SportDog Tek 2.0 Vs Garmin Alpha, this model is only working as a trainer since there is no GPS function to also see the collar’s position.

Garmin Delta XC Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, Garmin Delta XC is looking like any dog GPS tracker and collars out there but instead of coming with display featured handheld remote this model have a simple handheld remote similar to our car keys and a collar with a small box containing the electronic components. You can choose to buy remote and collar separately but we can also get it bundled with Delta XC collar. In the box we have these two devices and charging clip as well as contact point set.

Garmin Delta XC Sizing

One of the most important points when looking for a training collar is the compatibility since some dogs may be too small or too big for the device but worry not because when getting Garmin Delta XC, we have an adjustable strap in which holes are going to almost the end of the strap side to fit even tiny dogs and the contact point included is available in two sizes to match with your dog’s size and how thick their coating may prevent the contact point from reaching their skin.

Garmin Delta XC Features

On the handheld remote side, we are allowed to use this control up to 3 dogs with one remote but with a separate collars. Its operation is very simple with just a small display to view the level of stimulation and several buttons to use the function up to 18 stimulation intensity levels including momentary stimulation, continuous stimulation, tone, and vibration. In use, we are combining all of them indicated through the 3 vertical letters on its display, executed with the 3 keys on the remote.

About Sport Dog 425

Before settling for one product, one option is not enough to let you know whether a model is an ideal choice or not yet which is why we need to find some similar models to compare and see if any of them have the better match or you should move forward. For dog training collars, another good option out there will be Sport Dog which is also making GPS tracker device tool and very popular with reliable operation as well as wisely priced products.

The model we are talking about is the 425 Training Collars which is working inside half a mile range similar to the Delta XC above and also able to be used with up to 3 dogs with just one controller. This model is discontinued and replaced with 425X that is a leveled up model of this version and have 21 level of stimulation instead of 16 as well as different aesthetic.

Sport Dog 425 Design

If you ever see a GPS collars, Sport Dog 425 device has the same type of small box which is attached to the collar strap and we need to charge it for about 2 hours out of the package with the company itself claimed that both of the remote and collars will have an average life expectancy of one charge from 50 to 70 hours. Some people don’t like the strap material quality since it can hurt your dog’s skin so we should reposition them every 2 hours or so.

Sport Dog 425 Sizing

On the size compatibility, Sport Dog 425 is recommended to be used by dogs as small as 8 pounds and bigger dogs while the neck circle size should be between 5-inch and 22-inch because we can adjust the strap fitness to give the proper length between contact point and neck skin. We also love the fact that we can remove these stainless steel points to match with how big your dog is or how thick their coat is. With additional collars, we can also use the remote for 3 dogs.

Sport Dog 425 Features

On the onboard training features, as it has been mentioned earlier we have 16 simulation options combined from low and medium stim ranges including tone and vibration to get your dog’s attention. There are two buttons on the front and a round intensity dial at the top which control the level of its stimulation. From the factory setting, the top dial is used for continuous stimulation while the bottom is for momentary stimulation. In addition, the side button on remote’s left is used for activating Tone or Vibe.


Now, let’s compare Garmin Delta XC with Sport Dog 425. As you may already know, both of them are an ideal device to help training your dog but comparing the two, Delta XC have more stimulation levels at 18 compared to only 7 from Sport Dog 425 to choose and this trainer’s remote is also richer in training function with the combination of Tone, Vibration, Continuous, and Momentary stimulation accessed quickly from the 3 buttons.

Garmin Delta XC vs Sport Dog 425

- LONG/SHORT CONTACTS-Includes long and short changeable/replaceable contact points ; Collar compatibility: 1.9 centimeter (0.75 inch)
- STIMULATION LEVELS - Improved stimulation levels; features 18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation, plus tone and vibration
- RANGE - Gives 1/2 mile range capability to correct your dog’s behavior while out in the field
- TRAINING CONFIGS - 3 correction/training configurations for different behavioral issues. Train 1, 2 or 3 dogs, settable on the handheld (with purchase of additional dog devices)
- Both the Remote Transmitter and Collar Receiver feature our DryTek technology making them waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
- Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries charge in 2 hours and last 50-70 hours per charge; The Remote Transmitter and Collar Receiver both feature a low battery indicator and can be charged at the same time using the included split-end charger
- Remote Transmitter button functions can be customized; Detailed operating guide, training DVD, and a locally based Customer Care Center, available 6 days a week, provide support when you need it
- E-collar that features 500 yard range and can be used to train 3 dogs with the same Remote Transmitter with purchase of additional Add-A-Dog Collars (SDR-AS); Collar Receiver fits dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5" - 22"


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and budget to spend but, comparing the two, we do prefer Garmin Delta XC trainer because not only it has 18 levels of intensity, it is also easier to use.