Fluval FX6 vs G6

Fish is one of the most high maintenance pets to keep because small mistakes can harm them or even kill them in a short hours. One equipment we should have when building fish tank is their filter and those with more capacity should also use a powerful models like Fluval FX6 vs G6 to get the job done properly. If you are also having a medium to big tank at home, we can use either of them but, see which model fits you the most below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Filter is Important
  • What are Fluval FX6 and G6 
  • What Fluval FX6 and G6 Look Like
  • How Much are the Capacity of Fluval FX6 and G6
  • What else Fluval FX6 and G6 can offer to you
  • Fluval FX6 vs G6

Fish Tank Filter

Keeping animals at home is indeed helpful from accompanying the owner at any moment to help relieve some stress due to their natural characteristics. Many of us go with common pets like dogs or cats but there are also those who prefer to watch fish swimming beautifully inside a fish tank or aquarium. While we have different preferences, one thing stays the same is that we should be a responsible owner to make sure our pets are healthy and happy while living with us.

This responsibility is not limited to providing food and clean water to drink as well as a shelter to sleep but also the proper care they need for each animal may need different treatment especially for a high-maintenance pet like fish that can die easily from a seemingly not harmful mistake. While those with more experience can build and maintain their aquarium better, those who are building their first tank may need some time to get used to, or remember all the fish and aquarium requirement.

For a first timer, many hobbyist are recommending to go with freshwater fish because not only they are more resilient, maintaining freshwater tank is also easier in comparison with saltwater one. This is also why we should spend as much time as we can when picking fish to make sure we can keep them and provide the required care. If you already pick the fish, the next step is getting all of those plants or algae for your interior or substrate to beautify the appearance.

If you are done with fish and its sets very well, now is the time to think about how to cycle the water because just like humans, fish produce waste which if not cleaned regularly, will harm them because in nature they are not designed to live in their own waste. If not cleaned properly, fish may get sick or even die inside the aquarium so we should change the water to keep them clean but, of course, this activity is not convenient and time consuming.

To fix the issue, aquarium or fish tank filter is invented and this is the machinery we used to see floating, submerged, hang on the back, or placed below the aquarium. Their function is the same which is to cycle the water inside your aquarium so it won’t harm your fish. In general they are filled with media including foam or some types of fiber to strain and trap the particles so then the water being dispensed is cleaner than when they entering the canister.

About Fluval FX6 and G6

Just like many products out there, anything with a huge demand will be available in a more options as well to answer the market’s request including when looking for an aquarium filter. Filter decision should be made based on the tank’s capacity because it is the first and most important rule to meet and we should go with those that at least can handle the amount of water or if you have more fortune, spend on a higher model with more capacity.

If you don’t have much time to spend while looking for the best brand for your tank, it is also good to see what other people with the same hobby used since those liked by many people will have a higher chance of fitting your application as well. Among those many brands, Fluval is one of the best options to go with their high-quality products, competitive price range, and of course a set of features to let the user ease the installation or maintenance.

Fluval is offering a wide collection we should pick based on our needs but, due to these collections amount, we may want to spare some time as well to see which filter will be the best option. They usually have numbers on the name and the alphabet to state which product belong to which line but, if you are here to get a convenient filters, their FX6 and G6 are two among the most popular models from the brand but are also quite different.

As you can guess from the name alone, these Fluval filters are belong to a different family or line; FX and G line which also makes the products quite different from each other. These two however, is a convenient and advanced filters we can choose but shines in different parts and in general, FX is made for people with bigger fish tank because the lower machine itself already made for those with up to 250 gallons water to deal with while G line is much smaller only up to 80 gallons for the lower machine.

The other prominent difference besides capacity from these lines is technology especially on advanced and modern filtering because G line is used to sell technologically advanced canister filter which makes their price also quite high for the capacity they can offer. However, it doesn’t mean they are overly expensive since FX line with their huge capacity will also ask more from your wallet for a more powerful pump.

Fluval FX6 and G6 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of Fluval FX6 and G6 are a pair of aesthetically pleasing canister filter and since they are coming with different shape, we can easily tell the difference apart. FX line is made with a round canister instead of box we used to see on 06 models like Fluval 306 vs 406 but in general is a little bit taller. The FX6 itself is slightly above 20-inch in height while the diameter is at 15.75-inch.

G line with their smaller capacity is also smaller in terms of dimension and this G6 is only measured at 12.8-inch tall, 9.8-inch wide, and 9.8-inch deep with cube design. The material to make them however, still plastic and it is the durable, thick plastic we always see in Fluval filters so they should last quite long in usage. What’s unique about G line is it has a small display at the top front to monitor your filter and make decisions about related settings.

Fluval FX6 and G6 Capacity 

The rule of thumb when choosing an aquarium filter is the capacity since we should get the one that fits your application the most and as it has been mentioned above, FX line including FX6 is bigger in capacity because this model is coming with a capability to handle a big tank up to 925 gallons or 3500 liters while the G line or G6 filter can only handle much smaller water up to 160 gallons or 600 liters.

This indicates FX6 also have a stronger pump to cycle the water inside which is rated at 925 gallons per hour as the output while the circulation is at 536 gallons per hour. As for Fluval G6 filter, its pump is smaller from 650 gallons to 665 gallons per hour as the output while the circulation is at 265 gallons per hour. The Biological volume is quite near between both, at 1.5 gallons compared to 1.05 gallons yet the FX line wins prominently on Filtration volume at 5.28 gallons compared to only 2.3 gallons.

Fluval FX6 and G6 Features

On the features part, FLuval FX6 is boasting the Intelligent pump system which is also called as Smart Pump Technology that continuously monitor the pump and measuring the impeller speed as well as making sure the force is maintained to give the most powerful output. It will manage the filter’s self-starting feature together while helping to evacuates air in your filtration system so the pump will pause and allow any trapped air to escape during 12-hour cycle, making the filtration even more efficient.

As for the G6 filter, this model is coming with intelligent monitoring system called HydroTech because there is internal sensory modules inside and microprocessor to store and communicate real time with the filter performance so we can be always informed about their performance. The screen is viewing flow rate all the time together with water temperature and conductivity to let the users know when maintenance is required.


Now, let’s compare Fluval FX6 with G6. As you may already know, both of them are a very ideal options for those who want to get a reliable filters but have different capacity since FX in general have more capacity and more powerful pump as well as bigger canister while G line has smaller capacity, lower pump, and smaller canister.

Fluval FX6 vs G6

- Multi-Stage Filter that produces healthy aquarium water, freshwater or marine aquariums
- Features Smart Pump Technology for optimal filter performance, efficiency and management
- Self-starting filter-just add water and plug in. Head height (maximum): 3.3 m (10.8 feet)
- Powerful filtration system for use in both freshwater and marine environments
- Easy to use; One button self-priming technology. Mechanical Area (foam)- 386 Sq.in (980 Sq.cm)
- Easy access and ability to view water temperature, flow rate and conductivity


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same amount of water to take care of so it is best to get the one that fits your tank the most but, if you are dealing with more water especially from 160 gallons and above up to 925 gallons, we will recommend you to get Fluval FX6.