Garmin T5 vs DC50

Losing our beloved pet is one of the scariest experiences we have as a pet owner because they are already like a part of the family that we love wholeheartedly. If you often take your pet outside for a casual walk or for an adventure, it is best to get them a GPS collars like Garmin T5 vs DC50 so we can track their position all the time. For those who are also eyeing these models, see how to differentiate them below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why using GPS Collars
  • What are Garmin T5 and DC50
  • What Garmin T5 and DC50 Look Like
  • What Handheld Garmin T5 and DC50 are Compatible With
  • How Far can we Track with Garmin T5 and DC50
  • How long Garmin T5 and DC50 Battery Will Last
  • What else Garmin T5 and DC50 can offer to you
  • Garmin T5 vs DC50

GPS Collars

Losing our pet is a horrible experience that we can’t forget for life especially when our emotional side is already attached to them from raising them for a long time of just charmed by their unique characters. House pets that are not very often being taken outside or prominently living inside the house all the time such as small animals may not have a high chance of getting lost but bigger house pets like dogs may lost under some circumstances such as unfamiliar places.

We stressed dog because this loyal companion is the one we often took outside for a stroll or for an adventure especially hunting as our partner when chasing and catching the game. In such situations, dogs can lose its track to come back to its owner while chasing something especially if they are not familiar yet with the location which as the owner, we never want to happen. To prevent such issue, we can use special collar or GPS collar on their neck.

As the name suggests, GPS collars are a modern device which is utilizing satellite-based radionavigation that is owned by the United States and used to map literally anything including detecting your pet position inside a location. Thanks to the advances in technology, we don’t have to be afraid of losing our pet anymore because this collar will send the location on your device so then we can look for them in case when they can’t find their way back. Depending on the model, effective range of detection may vary as well.

The GPS collars are mainly working as tracker for the owner to know their pet’s precise location; usually with handheld device or a smartphone app, but there are also those collars that are made with different additional purpose, most often being a training collar. GPS and training collars may come in one, single device and besides tracking, we can also command the collar to send stimulation to attract the pet’s attention or for correcting their unwanted behaviors such as chasing unwanted game during hunting.

For an expensive breeds or dogs with health problems, the owner may want to pay more attention to their condition. To handle two issues at once, some expensive collars are not only act as a tracker but also as a health monitor most commonly showing heart rate to make sure we are always aware of their condition. This type of collar may also useful for active dogs that trains often with their trainer so we can match the regimen or training menu with their body’s capability.

About Garmin T5 and DC50

However, the more features we get from a device, the more expensive their price will be so it is best to get the one that will fit your kind of application the most or better save more from things you may not find useful in the future. When talking about GPS collars, one brand that show up first in our mind is Garmin because they are among the best when it comes to GPS related device combined with the various collections they currently have.

This brand is a good option for a GPS collars because they are equipped with modern technology and reliable tracking ability so owners will always know where their dogs are currently at even when adventuring in the wild with its challenging terrains. Garmin is popular with their GPS related devices including the well-known fitness wearable but their dog collars are also offering various useful features on tracking and if you need some training as well, the brand also offer them on models like Garmin Sport Pro vs Garmin Delta Sport XC.

However, if your goal is only for tracking, we can save more with a device made just for the function such as the popular 320 and 430 handheld GPS tracker which is working together with their collar namely Garmin T5 and DC50. These two collars are a nice option and probably the most popular model from the brand along with the other popular TT15 which is also double functioning as a trainer. The reason why these two are loved by users is because they can work effectively as GPS Collar.

The handheld trackers from Garmin mostly can handle 10 to 20 dogs at once so we only need one tracker for the amount and when you buy in a set, usually there is only one tracker and one collar which mean we need to add the collar by purchasing them separately. If you are using tracker like 320 and 430, both of Garmin T5 and DC50 are compatible or even interchangeable with each tracker. Both of them are identical on the core and in comparison T5 is newer.

Being a GPS collar made both of these models are not very rich in features because usually all of the tracker’s capabilities are packed on the handheld trackers whether it is from user interface ease of use to the functions they are coming with. 

Garmin T5 and DC50 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, Garmin T5 and DC50 are very similar to each other in terms of design because they are made with the same material including the strap and the box where the technology is placed. They are also equally featured with a long antenna which is measured around 18.5 inches and another one 22.5 inches extended-range antenna. They are made for dogs at least with neck circumference at 9.5 inches while the collar itself is extendable up to 20 inches. 

These GPS collars are coming in a package with all the accessories we need to make them function properly and both are powered with Li-ion battery we need to charge from time to time. T5 collar is claimed to be able to last for up to 40 hours from full charge while Garmin DC50 is longer up to 54 hours but, it also depends on how often the device transmit the signal to your handheld which is adjustable to follow your needs.

Garmin T5 and DC50 Compatibility

The first thing you may want to check when looking for a GPS collar is the compatibility because it is no use on getting one that we can’t pair with the handheld tracker later and as for both of these collars, you must have either Garmin 320 or 430 while T5 is also compatible with the Alpha 100 handheld tracker and trainer. The 320 tracker can be used with up to 10 collars while 430 and Alpha 100 are up to 20 collars.

Garmin T5 and DC50 Tracking System

While the T5 collar is compatible with more handheld tracker, since they are featured with the same braided steel VHF antenna, they are equally working effectively inside the same range of 9 miles at the most ideal terrain but when there are many elevations or cover, expect them to be less. On the tracking system, to deliver the best and most precise location, both collars are utilizing GPS and GLONASS so we can rely more on their coverage and more reliable in extreme locations.

Garmin T5 and DC50 Battery

As it has been mentioned above, Garmin T5 and DC50 are coming with the same rechargeable Li-ion battery in which the life expectancy may vary because depend on which handheld model you pair them with, the options for changing how frequent they will transmit location will be different as well. For example when paired with Garmin 430, we can command T5 collar to transmit signal or location as frequently as every 2.5 seconds which will consume more power than those infrequent updates.

Garmin T5 and DC50 Features

Being used mostly for adventuring activity makes it necessary to have a water resistant protection and these collars are safe enough to handle water or being submerged when your dogs are diving up to 10 meters. What’s not present in DC50 GPS collar is the LED beacon to make the collar stay visible even under low light condition up to 100 yards. 


Now, let’s compare Garmin T5 with DC50. As you may already know, both of them are similar at the core but T5 is a newer model in which it is suitable with more handheld tracker Alpha 100 and has another feature called LED beacon which is not present on the other collar. They have the same effective range, the same tracking ability, and similar battery life but to use DC50, we need to upgrade its software first before being paired with your handheld tracker.

Garmin T5 vs DC50

- High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS;Range: 9 miles
- LED beacon lights and Rescue mode. Neck size: Minimum of 9.5 Inch (24 cm) in circumference
- Battery life 20-40 hrs. Water rating: 1 ATM (10 meters); Collar compatibility: 1” (2.54 cm)
- High-sensitivity, top mounted GPS/GLONASS receiver with stainless steel VHF antennas (includes two VHF antennas -18 ½″ standard and 22 ½″ long-range)
- Innovative bark detection technology and 9 mile range (depending on terrain)
- Improved 26 to 54 hours battery life (depending on update rate) with included rechargeable lithium-ion


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences so it is best to get the one that suit your application the most but comparing the two we do like the T5 GPS collar better because it is a newer model and we don’t have to upgrade the software anymore as well already featured with LED beacon to make the collar more visible.