Garmin T5 vs TT 15

Dog is the most common animal we bring along when hunting but, it also increases the chance of them getting lost in the wild especially when running in unfamiliar places. If you are also carrying them on such activity, Garmin T5 vs TT 15 can be a great device to put in place of their collar since these GPS collar will tell us their exact location. Before shopping, see which model will suit your application the most below so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why using a GPS Collar
  • What are Garmin T5 and TT 15
  • What Garmin T5 and TT 15 Look Like
  • What Garmin T5 and TT 15 are Compatible With
  • How Far Garmin T5 and TT 15 Can Track your Dogs
  • What else Garmin T5 and TT 15 can offer to you
  • Garmin T5 vs TT 15

Dog GPS Collar

As a pet owner, we always want to be near our beloved companion and losing them is an unforgettable experience many of us can’t overcome. While we can always rescue new animals to replace our pets, it is never the same, more importantly if we are already attached to them and it is an event that can be dealt with before if we are prepared enough such as providing cell phone number on their ID tag or use microchip with our information in it.

This can help pet retrieving for both common house pets like dogs and cats but, there is also a small chance in which we can’t find them anymore when losing them outside. This is probably more common for dogs because they are the one we often bring outside especially on event like hunting or when in a more serious activity such as with SAR team. Thanks to their sensitive nose and ears, dog tends to follow their clue and this can lead to them losing track from the owner.

The first action to do when your dog is lost while hunting is to do a search by heading towards the wind since commonly dog stray because of certain scent but don’t forget to stop frequently to listen and call them while also paying attention to dust clouds or wildly flushing birds. To be prepared for such an event, we can use GPS collar on their neck which is acting as notification on your tracker about their location and many people use them to also see their companion’s movement.

This device is often used by people with more than one dog to bring at once since we can see each one of their movements and most of the device can cover several miles depending on the terrain. Besides being used for tracking purposes, a GPS collar may also acting as other device such as training collar which is triggered from the handheld remote or controller when you need something to help disciplining their behavior for example not to chase unwanted game or to call them back.

Despite the debate whether it is humane or not to use training collar, their usefulness in terms of correcting behavior is proven by many. The other function that can be planted on your dog’s GPS collar is a health monitor or heart rate monitor especially for those expensive breeds or dogs with some health condition to monitor so we can always be informed about our beloved pet. Depending on the option, most GPS collars are sold separately or can be with the handheld tracker as well.

About Garmin T5 and TT 15

If you are thinking it is important to have a tracking device for the dogs when outside without their leash, getting one of the best GPS collars will be very helpful. Since the technology is widely used, this type of collars are widely available and there are so many of them out there coming from different brands with different models and features that may affect your decision. When thinking about GPS collars, our mind is instantly imaging Garmin with their various collections.

This fitness wearable company is also in fact offer other GPS based devices and one of them is GPS collars as well as training collars and their handheld monitors. They are among the best in this category thanks to the devices’ useful features and reliable performance. Commonly, GPS collars including those from Garmin are offered in a package with the handheld monitor but many of them are also available separately when you need to add the collars only or to replace old monitor/remote.

If you are now currently have either Garmin 320, 430, or the Alpha 100, two great collars from the brand will be Garmin T5 and TT 15 because both of them are suitable with any of these handheld monitors. In general, collars are the same but the one triggering function on the device will be the handheld remote which also affect how the unit will perform later in real life activity. As for these two models, they are quite similar to each other but also different.

This is because the latter TT 15 is also functioning as a trainer collar which means it can send some stimulation to your dogs for training or communicating purpose when being away from the owner. If you are only looking for strictly GPS collars, check our previous Garmin T 5 Vs DC50 since those models are identical at the core.

Garmin T5 and TT 15 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, we can directly recognize the TT 15 as a different collar allover since this model has two contact point located below the housing which is similar to those training collars and have the same function as theirs. On the material and design, however, they are very similar to each other with the same plastic collars and a long adjustment to suit as small as dogs with 9.5-inch neck circumference to those slightly more than twice as big.

They are coming with the same small box to keep the technology inside, a fastener, and a long antenna which is measured about 18.5-inch but counting the weight, Garmin TT 15 is slightly heavier than T5. In the box, we have another long range antenna, AC adapter, and charging cable while both are also featured with the same Li-ion battery that can stand at least 20 hours and more depend on how often we set the device to send signal for monitoring.

Garmin T5 and TT 15 Compatible Device

On the device compatibility, as it has been mentioned previously, Garmin T5 and TT 15 are compatible with anyone who are already using Garmin tracker or to be exact Garmin Astro 320, 430, or Alpha 100. The additional features that can be processed by the device is also depend on the tracker and if you are using 320, we can have up to 10 dogs with either T5 or TT 15 while the latter two trackers can handle twice the amount. Yet, we can’t track one collar with two device continuously. 

Garmin T5 and TT 15 Mapping and Distance

If this is your second or third time looking for a GPS collars, we are sure you will already know what to look at when shopping for such a device and since they are used to track the object or in this case your pet dog, what we need to consider next is the range they can handle since depend on the user, we may only need a close range or further reach. Both of these models are working effectively inside the same 9 miles at the best distance.

This effective distance is also affected by the terrain in which we are currently using them at and thanks to the extended antenna, many users have reviewed these collars can handle even thick cover yet, complicated terrain may become an issue at some events. To give the user an effective and reliable tracking, Garmin T5 and TT 15 are using both GPS and GLONASS which mean we are getting a better coverage including in extreme areas or those who are living in high latitudes both far north or south.

Garmin T5 and TT 15 Features

On the features that we think very necessary as a device used for an adventure, Garmin T 5 and TT 15 are equally made with a proper construction to house the internal parts which make them IPX7 rated to handle water and dust when your dog is running on the ground or when suddenly poured by rain. They can also stand being submerged up to 10 meters under water so we can also allow them to chase while diving in a lake.

Another feature we want to mention is the training method which is only applicable when you are choosing the TT 15 and paired it with Alpha 100. This training method is very similar to many other Garmin’s training collars consisting of momentary or continuous stimulation, tone, as well as vibration in which the level of stimulation is progressively adjustable from the lowest 1 to the highest 18.


Now, let’s compare Garmin T 5 with TT 15. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other since they are used with the same trackers but, comparing the two, TT 15 is also acting as a trainer collar when paired with Alpha 100 since it can be commanded to send stimulations as well as tone and vibration to correct your dogs’ behavior or to command them for example coming back to the owner spot.

Garmin T5 vs TT 15

- High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS;Range: 9 miles
- LED beacon lights and Rescue mode. Neck size: Minimum of 9.5 Inch (24 cm) in circumference
- Battery life 20-40 hrs. Water rating: 1 ATM (10 meters); Collar compatibility: 1” (2.54 cm)
- LED beacon lights and Rescue mode as well as Stimulation levels-Tone and Vibration
- Battery life 20-40 hrs. Range : 9 miles. Water rating : 1 ATM (10 meters)
- TT 15 track and train dog device w/ rechargeable Li-ion battery, 1" red collar strap, 18 1/2 " standard & 22 1/2 " extended range antennas, charge clip, AC adapter, vehicle power cable, contact point set w/ wrench, manual


All in all, the decision is all yours to make but at this point we are sure most readers can already decide which model to choose between the two because if you are planning to not using the stimulation or commands, Garmin T5 will be a more affordable option.