Purina Pro Plan vs Purina One

It is a certain thing that the first thing that pet owner want for their pet is the best quality foods. Foods will give them the best live possibility they have. It also can help your pet grow stronger, better and healthier. But we often confuse about how to choose the best pet food. Or we get too much information that make us not sure what we want in a pet food. Sometimes, other people dogs or cat isn’t as sensitive as our pet.

Nowadays, there are many pet foods companies that offering various products. But what should we? Are there any criteria to decide which one is the best for our lovely four legged family? Of course it is! We should first understand our pets’ condition and then knowing the products description.

In this article we will compare two product of Purina. There is Purina Plan Pro and Purina One we will discuss which product is better, or which products is having the best feature for our lovely friends, here they are:

  • Protein Contain
    As we know that both product are made by one company. But it has different name and of course specification. First nutrient content we will compare is the protein inside the formula. On some studies shows that the protein contain in the Purina Pro Plan is higher than the protein contain in the Purina One for both cat and dog food, wet and dry food.
  • Fat crude
    Next is the Fat crude. Fat is also important nutrient that needed by the pet. But of course in a small amount, considering fat will be destructive if it too much. On both product, it contain on the good amount of fat. But again, in the Purina One is having higher fat crude inside. It means that maybe, the Purina Pro Plan will be better for your pet dietary program since it has less fat crude content. But for the Cat foods, the amount of the fat is mostly similar. It’s only not more that 0,02% deference between the Purina Pro Plan and Purina One.
  • Fiber
    We know that fiber is also important nutrient that should contains on a dog and cat food. It is because the fiber will help the digestive progress of the pets. Both products are having a good amount of fiber, that means that both products is good for the pet digestion system. The Fiber amount of Purina Pro Plan is higher than Purina One. But still both products is having the best quality product that contains the important and useful nutrient for the pets, both dog and cat.
  • Product Safety
    For the product safety, we can’t say that both product isn’t safe or safe. But only for reminder that the Purina Pro Plans was have a safety recall issue before. It’s due to the incorrect mineral and vitamins and also there are salmonella. But it was in the past and it’s been dealt with, so you should not be worry anymore.
  • Ingredients
    This is the most interesting thing about this two products. The both products is having controversial ingredients in it. what are the ingredients? Let’s count! Liver Canola Meal Pea Protein Brewers Rice Ground Wheat Wheat Gluten Animal Digest Caramel Color Soybean Flour Soybean Hulls
    Vegetable Oil Corn Germ Meal Corn Gluten Meal Meat By-Products Whole Grain Corn
    Whole Grain Wheat Ground Yellow Corn Powdered Cellulose Poultry By-Products
    Chicken By-Product Meal Poultry By-Product Meal Soybean Protein Isolate
    Soybean Protein Concentrate Animal Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)

Both products is contains all of those uncommon ingredients that used by other pet food producer. Even, many of those products are avoided by the food company. Beside those products above, there also other controversial ingredients that only used by Purina Pro Plan, There is:

  • Poultry Canola Oil Garlic Powder Poultry Giblets
  • Dried Corn Syrup Chicken By-Products
    And also, there are some ingredients that are only used by the Purina One, it is Turkey By-Product Meal. Did you ever imagined your pet getting those Ingredient?
  • Then, both brand also using other ingredients that we usually consider it as harmful, they are: Red 3 Corn Oil Added Color Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex
  • And some are only used by the Purina Pro Plan, They are:
  • Bha Bht Yellow 5

Purina Pro Plan

The Purina pro plan has been made major improvements on its most controversial ingredients and now come out with exceptional new flavors with no soy, no corn, no wheat, no artificial flavors or coloring, no poultry by-products and especially no preservatives. See also: Purina Pro Plan vs Taste Of The Wild.

The Major flavors for Purina Pro Plan include shredded turkey and chicken, chicken and egg, turkey and sweet potatoes, turkey and barley, beef and salmon, beef and peas, and a wide variety of others.

The Popular Flavors are: HA hydrolyzed chicken formula flavor, Salmon and rice formula, Cesar gourmet wet, Chunky chicken entrée and Savor shredded chicken and rice.

Purina One

Formula that caters to pets of all life stage and is suitable for pets with special nutritional needs has been targeted by Purina On.

The Purina One’s Ingredients are including high-protein fish, meat, and poultry such as chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, and other protein sources. Purina One is rick in fat soluble vitamins, omega fatty acids, and minerals for a healthy skin and stronger immune system.
Popular flavors
• Beef and brown rice entree
• Salmon and trout recipe
• Real salmon and tuna formula
• Wholesome chicken and brown rice entrée

Finally, let’s summarize the both products cons and pros:
Purina Pro Plan Pros:
• Its enrich with antioxidants to improve the immune system
• essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet Packed in this Product
• no preservatives or artificial coloring , All-natural flavors.

Purina Pro Plan Cons:
May cause stomach sensitivity because of the changes in formula
Twice safety recall

Purina One Pros:

Very affordable
All-natural high protein diet
Age-specific formulas

Purina One Cons:

Contains some controversial ingredients such as corn by-products
One safety recall

Purina Pro Plan vs Purina One

- One (1) 30 lb. Bag - Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Adult Dry Dog Food
- Real salmon is the #1 ingredient
- Prebiotic fiber promotes digestive health to support your dog's total well-being
- Contains no corn, wheat or soy
- 31.1 Lb. Bag - Purina One Smartblend Vibrant Maturity Adult 7+ Formula Dry Dog Food
- High-Quality Protein, Including Real Chicken As The #1 Ingredient, Supports The Heart And Muscles
- Veterinarian Recommended
- Protein-Rich, Tender, Meaty Morsels Plus Crunchy Kibble For A Taste He Loves

So, in conclusion we can understand that we should choose the food based on what our pet’s need.