Purina Pro Plan vs Taste Of The Wild

Having pet at home is something that make our house feel warmer. All of the pet lover will say that statement each time they asked why they have them at home. It means that they love their pet so much. It also means that the pet owner will give their pet everything with a great quality that will make their pet become the best pet.

One of the things that the pet owner will want to be in a great quality is their pet foods. Even it cat or dog, they will get the best quality food for them. Especially because this two pet is have many feature of their body that should be get the best attentions, such as their hair, fur, legs and many more.

It is common thing that the pet owner will be a little bit confuse every time they want to decide which pet foods they want, or which brand is better than the others. Here, we will compare two products to know which one is more suitable for the pets. The products are the Purina Pro Plan and Taste of The Wild. Both products are the popular and best in some of the online marketplace such as amazon.com. So, let’s start to review!


First product is the Purina Pro Plan Brand. This product is specializing in cat and dog foods. They have many product choices. You can decide which product will suitable for your pet by their function. You may also get the best food based on your pet needs.

Kinds of the products

Cat food

Purina Pro Plan has both dry food and wet food for dog and cat. For cat, there are some choices based on the pet needs and characteristic. As we know that some pet have their own condition such as, the allergenic things. It has products for adult cat, puppy, for the sensitive stomach, for cat breeds, sensitive skin and also for the healthy weight. So, you may pick your product based on your cats need.

Besides, it has two kinds. There are wet and dry foods. The dry foods are the best choice because it cans helps the teeth clean. Also, this product has many various taste or ingredients such as turkey, chicken and best quality fishes like salmon.

The products mostly have a great function to keep the digestion of the pets because it contains of a high fiber nutrients. Also, most products offering the benefit of control the hairball. It also contains a great nutrient for the diet cats.

If the dry food is helping the teeth clean, the wet food may make your cat’s teeth looks dirtier. But it is okay, because with the wet food, your cat will get more water than the dry food. Also, it has great nutrient for the lean muscle.

Dog Food

Just like the cat foods, the dog food also available in wet and dry food. Most of the dog owner and the dog is love the dry food.  Mostly dog isn’t really like the wet texture. But some of them also like the wet food. The Purina pro plan dog dry food is a great choice because it has a great and balanced nutrient that will suitable for your four legs family needs. See also: Wisdom Panel 2.0 vs 3.0.

The Purina dog foods are divided into some products based on the dog’s age. So, it will be convenient because the nutrient inside the food will match perfectly with your lovely dog’s need. If you search the products, you will see that the product have products for 7+ adult dogs, your puppies and based on the age.

We know that dog is a good to teach anything. We can easily make them sit, teach them how to shaking hands and many other activities. It means that dog is a smart animal. So, with Purina Pro Plan Dog Food, you can make your dog smarter and keep the nutrient for their brain is maintained. Mostly, the Purina Pro Plan is helping the brain getting the nutrient that needed.

Wet Dog food is also known as a caned dog food. It will pack in a can because it wet enough and has a balanced nutrient and water in it. Your dog will love the hearty and savory meals. It also gives more water to your dog.


Just like the previous products, this products also has both for dog and cat food. They also have the food for each stage for them. Like for the adults, puppy, kitten, pregnant and breeds. They also have the dry and wet vary of cat and dog foods.

They also claim to have the natural and best quality nutrient source for the foods. They also has many vary for each cat and dog food.

Dog Food

They have dry and wet food with many vary, like angus beef ingredient, High Prairie recipe that contains roasted bison and roasted Venison that good for the dogs. All the products mostly have a great nutrient content, such as protein, Carbohydrate, mineral and fat.

Those nutrients will help the dog healthy with a healthy weight and also all the products is easy and fast to digest. The wet food will better for the dog that need more water for their body.

You can choose your four legged friend’s food best on their needs and condition. Because only you who are understand your dog needs.

Cat Food

This brand also has some kinds of cat foods. The cats food also consist of the dry and wet food with great nutrients ingredients. They have many several of the recipe that will loved by your cat. This brand mostly uses salmon, Quail, Duck, Turkey and Venison for the foods recipe.

All of the products also has a great nutrient such as Omega, Protein, mineral, fat and carbohydrate that will keep the cat healthy.

Purina Pro Plan vs Taste Of The Wild

- One (1) 30 lb. Bag - Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Adult Dry Dog Food
- Real salmon is the #1 ingredient
- Prebiotic fiber promotes digestive health to support your dog's total well-being
- Contains no corn, wheat or soy
- A taste of the wild with ROASTED BISON; REAL MEAT is the #1 ingredient; optimal amino acid profile, protein rich for LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES
- A NATURAL food with added vitamins & minerals; fruits and vegetables as SUPERFOODS for natural ANTIOXIDANTS; fatty acid blend for SKIN & COAT
- Ingredients from TRUSTED, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world; made with NO GRAIN, corn, wheat, filler; no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives
- Nutrient rich and HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE with guaranteed species-specific, PROPRIETARY PROBIOTICS that survive and thrive in the GI tract

So, we can conclude that the two products are a great and suitable for your four legged family. But again, what your cats and dogs need may not always the same. So, be wise and consider your pet’s condition well, so you can pick and choose the best food for them.