Seresto vs Frontline

One of our duties as a pet owner is to make sure our animal friends are healthy and happy while living with us and it includes grooming or cleaning their body from time to time. Especially those with dogs, you may also want to pay attention to flea or tick that can harm their skin. If your dogs are suffering from these insects, Seresto vs Frontline are two products to try but, before shopping, see below if any of them will do better for your dog or not.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Dogs are Infested with Fleas
  • What are Seresto and Frontline 
  • What Seresto and Frontline Look Like
  • What Seresto and Frontline are made of
  • How Seresto and Frontline Work
  • Seresto vs Frontline

Flea Collar and Solution for Dogs

Having a pet in the house is preferable for many of us because this animal companion can help us feel happier due to their cute acts and pure love which is great soothe our minds when tired after dealing with daily tasks. Being a pet owner also comes with responsibility and as a good owner we have to make sure our pets are happy and healthy by providing healthy food, clean water to drink, and a warm house to sleep.

Depend on the animal itself, the amount of attention and effort we have to give them will vary as well and not all of them will require the same treatment despite coming from the same family e.g. thick coated Alaskan Malamute will need a different care compared to a short coated Boston Terrier and another animal like fish usually will require more frequent monitoring and proper environment just to live such as choosing the best water filter like Fluval FX6 Vs G6 to clean their tank.

One of the most frequent problems we often heard from pet owners especially dogs thanks for being one of the most popular pets is their skin health and this is not only because of their fur but also because of fleas and other similar insects that nesting on their body that can get out of hand if noticed too late. This issues are attacking at summer and if you wonder where they come from, these small insects are infested when our dog is in contact with other contaminated animals or from the environment itself.

Since flea can’t fly for they have no wings, they will nest on a host and our dogs are an ideal animal to take in. The idea itself is already making us uncomfortable and it is even more for our pets because these insects’ bites can cause itching for them and can get worse for those who are sensitive or have flea-allergic issue. The unpleasant feeling will increase scratching and chewing so it also cause severe hair loss, inflammation, or even secondary skin infection.

Thankfully, our scientists have found some methods to get rid of these harmful insects from our dogs and as many of you already know, we can use either flea collars or flea medication that we can put on their skin to kill them without hurting your beloved pet. Flea medication can be prescribed or chosen from a widely available brands but if taking them orally is not preferred, we can also use the topical solution which is almost as effective as the oral version.

About Seresto

We should let our dogs to play outside with their friends and be active to enjoy their life and the flea problem should not limit their movement which is why we have to find a solution so they can be as free and happy without these harmful insects. In the market there are tons of flea solutions we can try and when it comes to the best, people’s experience may differ from each other but the one that both effective and easy to use will be welcomed with open arms.

If your goal is to get rid of fleas and other similar insects from your dog as well as protecting them from getting infected again but don’t have the time and patience to apply a solution manually from time to time or if your dog hates medicine, one of the most ideal options will be Seresto dog collar. This Bayer product is loved by many because they are effective and will let your dog be as playful as they want to, without having to worry about itching skin again.

Seresto is also available for your cat in case you have this feline friend as well in the house to make sure both of them are free from those insects. What we love the most from flea collar is we don’t have to apply them manually since we can put them on their neck just like a regular collar and let it do all the work.

Seresto Box

Similar to many other flea collars out there, this one is also packed inside a tin can which is similar like mints cans we often get and when opened, we can see a long, collar inside. The collar itself is light grey in color and similar to a small strap that we can fit according to your dog’s size. For this example we are talking about the large version for dogs over 18 pounds and it length is around 28-inches while one collar is claimed effective for 8 months.

Seresto Ingredients

Similar to other solutions, flea collars are also made with certain ingredients to help protect your dogs from getting infested by insects and Seresto is the same. It is made with two effective ingredients; Imidacloprid (10%) and Flumethrin (4.5%). The first chemical is like a nicotine that we can found on tobacco and it is used because the chemical is highly toxic for insects. The second is killing and repelling ticks in the nymph, larvae, and adults stage by shutting down the central nervous system.

Seresto Mechanism

The reason why people ask whether a flea collar is effective or not is because it is stationary on the neck and we are worrying if they can reach other parts as well. This is explained because the ingredients are stored prominently inside the middle layer of Seresto polymer matrix collar so it will get lesser as traveling through the outer layer. These ingredients then spread along your dog’s body when their fur or skin makes contact with the microlayer but, it is not instant and will need time to start seeing the benefits.

About Frontline

The effectiveness of flea collar like Seresto is indeed not fast acting due to its stationary nature and shines brightest on the convenience. However, some of us may need a quick action and want something that can deliver the results within a day or as fast as possible and if your dog is already infested with fleas, ticks, or lice, another good solution that we can use on them is Frontline Plus. This product is made by Merial and among the best of its competitors but also expensive.

Frontline Box

Unlike flea collars that comes in a package to contain the single strip of medicated collar, your Frontline solution will come in a small box which inside is packed with 6 dose of small capsules. This capsules is looking like a vitamin we used to have for skin treatment or hair oil and it has separate compartment similar to a medication strip and there is liquid medication inside. This version is for dog but they also have another solution for cats.

Frontline Ingredients

To effectively kill fleas and other insects that harming your dogs, Frontline is made with 2 tough killing ingredients; Fipronil and S methoprene. Taken from Wikipedia this chemical is a broad spectrum insecticide and will kill them by disrupting their central nervous system for it will block GABA-gated chloride channels and GluCI channels. The second is juvenile hormone analog and acting as a growth regulator. Combining both of them, this solution will kill adult and larval fleas together with the eggs; cleaning all stages.

Frontline Mechanism

Unlike with flea collars that makes us question the affectivity, a topical solution like Frontline is easy to understand after we know what the ingredients are doing to deliver an effective benefit. However, topical treatment is also less convenient because we need to apply them manually and as for this brand, we should brush our dog’s fur if they have thick coats and part them in between the shoulder blades and empty one container at a single place then let it spread up to 24 hours to see the benefit. 

As a medication, this topical solution also have dose and we can only use it once a month. It is also not recommended for smaller dogs that weighs less than 45 pounds or puppies younger than 8 weeks old.


Now, let’s compare Seresto with Frontline. As you may already know, Seresto is flea collar and Frontline is a topical solution so they are not only different from the ingredients but also types and while they have similarly effective ingredients, a topical solution will work faster for it is directly applied to skin compared to with collars yet, it is also less convenient.

Seresto vs Frontline

- Seresto small dog flea collar provides 8 months of continuous flea and tick prevention
- Bayer Seresto collar works through contact, killing and repelling fleas and ticks, so they don’t have to bite your dog to die
- Active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin are slowly and continuously released in low concentrations, spreading from head to toes, even the tail, over your dog’s coat and skin
- Seresto flea and tick dog collar also aids in the treatment and control of sarcoptic mange and kills lice
- WATERPROOF FLEA AND TICK TREATMENT FOR DOGS: Frontline Plus for Dogs provides waterproof, fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick treatment and control for your dog. This product is approved for use on dogs 45-88 lbs.
- BREAK THE FLEA LIFE CYCLE WITH FRONTLINE: Frontline flea and tick treatment for dogs kills adult fleas plus flea eggs and larvae to stop existing infestations and prevent establishment of new infestations.
- KILLS FLEAS AND TICKS: Frontline flea and tick treatment for dogs kills fleas, flea eggs, lice, and ticks. This flea and tick treatment kills ticks, including those that may transmit Lyme disease
- TRUSTED FLEA AND TICK PROTECTION FOR DOGS: Frontline has been trusted by veterinarians for nearly 20 years. Made with 2 tough killing ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene – one to kill adult fleas and ticks and the second to kill flea eggs and larvae – this fast-acting, long-lasting protection provides flea and tick control for dogs and puppies 8 weeks and older.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is better to get the one that fits your dog the most but, if we are to choose, collar is more convenient for prevention while those who already infested may want a quick solution so we do recommend to pick Frontline to kill fleas quickly.