Garmin T5 vs T5 Mini

Giving your dog a tracking collar is the best solution when you want to give him some freedom without risking him to get lost. The tracking collar will allow you to monitor your dog’s location from time to time. The following discussion will help you choose between two excellent tracking collars from Garmin, which are Garmin T5 vs T5 Mini.

What we will discuss below include:

  • The size and weight of each model
  • The design and durability of each model
  • How long the battery of each tracking collar here can last
  • The maximum detection range of Garmin T5 vs T5 Mini
  • The special features of Garmin T5 and Garmin T5 Mini
  • Which model that is more recommended for your dog

About Garmin T5

Let’s start with Garmin T5. It is a high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver that is top-mounted on a collar and equipped with LED beacon lights which can be turned on from a connected handheld device. The LED beacon lights are highly visible at night and in low-light conditions for up to 100 yards away. So, this tracking collar will allow you to find your dog easily if he gets separated. See also: Garmin T5 vs TT 15.

Build quality is very important for this device. You don’t want it to fail if it is exposed to bad weather or a bad environmental condition. Fortunately, Garmin T5 has been made to be tough and durable. It can go to wherever your dog wants to go. The device is water resistant, and can be submerged up to 10 meters deep. The collar can be located by the handheld device from up to 9 miles away.

One of the most defining characteristics of Garmin T5 vs T5 Mini is the size. Garmin T5 is bigger and heavier. The collar strap has a 1-inch width, and the total weight of the collar is 9 ounces. Bigger dogs won’t have any trouble wearing this collar; it will fit snugly yet comfortably, so it won’t get accidentally released from the dog. However, it is a bit too large for smaller dogs.

The handheld device is nice. It will fit nicely in your hand, and it is quite lightweight. The display screen is pretty wide, with a big font, so you can read the shown information easily without squinting your eyes.

The handheld device is also equipped with preloaded mapping functions and hunt metrics. The buttons are very easy to use and understand. The overall operation is simple, streamlined, and straightforward. Of course, the handheld device is also rugged and durable enough to withstand rain, blows, and bumps.

The battery life is great. The collar runs on an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last for 20 – 40 hours. Meanwhile, the handheld device can use either a NiMH battery or AA batteries, and can last for 17 – 48 hours.

Another nice thing about Garmin T5 is that it doesn’t require any subscription. You can use all the tracking and mapping functions without paying a dime.

Garmin T5 Dog Collar

Water rating: 1 ATM

VHF radio range: up to 14.48 kilometers / 9 miles

ANT wireless range: up to 10 meters / 32.8 feet

Battery: lithium-ion, rechargeable

Battery life: 20 – 40 hours

About Garmin T5 Mini

Garmin T5 Mini is a small tracking-only collar. It is compatible with Astro 430 and Alpha 100 handheld devices. This model should be suitable for most hunting dogs and working dogs that are not too large. The Garmin T5 Mini tracking collar is waterproof with an IPX7 rating, able to withstand temporary submersion up to 1 meters under water.

When choosing between Garmin T5 vs T5 Mini, you should consider the size of your dog. It has been mentioned by previous users that Garmin T5 is too large for the smaller breeds. Garmin T5 Mini is the solution for dogs of smaller breeds.

Compared to Garmin T5, Garmin T5 Mini is definitely smaller and lighter. The width of the strap is only 0.75 inches, and it can fit a neck size as small as 9.5 inches. The total weight is only about 7 ounces. However, Garmin T5 Mini also has a smaller detection range. The maximum distance for the handheld device to detect the collar is ‘only’ 6.44 km. Meanwhile, the maximum battery life is 30 hours. The battery has a fast-charge technology which will allow you to get a full battery in just 4 hours.

Garmin T5 Mini is equipped with some advanced features to conserve the battery life. First, you can shut the tracking collar on and off from the handheld device. You can also switch the beacon lights on and off from the same device. Second, Garmin T5 Mini has a “Rescue Mode” which is automatically activated when the battery drops to 25%. In this mode, the location update rate is reduced to once every two minutes. This is to increase the time length before the battery dies. Again, you can activate or deactivate this mode manually through the handheld device.

Garmin T5 Mini Dog Collar

Water rating: 1 ATM

VHF radio range: up to 6.44 kilometers / 4 miles

ANT wireless range: up to 5 meters / 16.4 feet

Battery: lithium-ion, rechargeable

Battery life: 16 – 30 hours

Which One Is Better For You?

Choosing the right model mostly depends on the size of your dog. Well, yes, Garmin T5 is better in several aspects such as the tracking range and battery life. But you can’t force it to fit on a small dog. Garmin T5 is suitable for regular and large dogs, which typically have more energy and are able to run over longer distances.

So, the longer tracking range is indeed necessary for such dogs. The longer battery life also complements the purpose, as you will need more time to reach your dog if the distance is quite far.

On the other hand, Garmin T5 Mini should be your choice for small dogs. The smaller size means that the collar will fit well on the neck of the dog, and it won’t get dropped off accidentally. Although the tracking range is shorter, this becomes less of an issue because small dogs usually have less energy and won’t run as far as the larger dogs.

The Differences

So, what are the differences between Garmin T5 vs T5 Mini? To make it easier for you to choose the right model for your dog, we have summarized the important points. The main differences are:

  • Garmin T5 is larger, as it has a 1-inch collar strap. The total dimensions are 3.5″ x 1.85″ x 1.75″. Meanwhile, Garmin T5 Mini is smaller with a 0.75-inch collar strap; the total dimensions are 3.1″ x 1.8″ x 1.4″.
  • Garmin T5 is heavier at 9 ounces, whereas Garmin T5 Mini is lighter at 7 ounces.
  • Garmin T5 has a considerably longer tracking range of 9 miles, whereas the tracking range of Garmin T5 Mini is limited to 4 miles.
  • Garmin T5 has a longer battery life. It can last for 20 – 40 hours. On the other hand, the battery life of Garmin T5 Mini is slightly shorter at 16 – 30 hours.
  • Garmin T5 is suitable for dogs of the larger breeds. The collar is wide enough to accommodate the necks of such dogs, but it is too large for dogs of the smaller breeds. On the other hand, Garmin T5 Mini is more recommended for dogs of the smaller breeds, as the smaller size will fit perfectly and comfortably.

The Similarities

How about the similarities? These two models indeed have several similar functions and features. So, regardless of the model that you choose, you will still get these benefits. The similarities between Garmin T5 and Garmin T5 Mini are:

  • Both models are equipped with LED beacon lights that are highly visible from 100 yards away at night and in low-light conditions.
  • Both have the Rescue Mode, which is automatically activated when the battery drops to 25% in order to conserve the battery life.
  • With either model, you can switch on and off the collar, LED lights, and Rescue Mode from the handheld device.
  • These are tracking-only collars. They don’t have training functions like vibration, static, and tone functions.
  • Their collar straps are replaceable. There are blue and orange variants available for them.
  • Both models are compatible with Alpha 100, Astro 430, and Astro 320 handheld units. Note that the collars can’t be tracked simultaneously by Astro 430 and Astro 320 units at the same time.
  • Both models work with internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. No need to replace the battery on the collar. For the handheld device, you can use rechargeable or replaceable batteries.
  • Both models have USB interfaces.

Garmin T5 vs T5 Mini

- High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS;Range: 9 miles
- LED beacon lights and Rescue mode. Neck size: Minimum of 9.5 Inch (24 cm) in circumference
- Battery life 20-40 hrs. Water rating: 1 ATM (10 meters); Collar compatibility: 1” (2.54 cm)
- T 5 tracking dog device w/ rechargeable Li-ion battery, 1" blue collar strap, 18 1/2 " standard & 22 1/2 " extended range antennas, charge clip,
- Expanded dog capability - track up to 20 dogs from a range of up to 9 miles
- GPS/glonass - high-sensitivity GPS and glonass satellite reception has the ability to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone
- Preloaded mapping - includes preloaded topo U.S. 100K mapping and a free 1-year birdseye satellite imagery subscription
- Hunt metrics - hunt metrics dog performance data shows distance traveled, time afield and more, so you can train your dog more effectively


In general, Garmin T5 is more recommended because it has a longer tracking range and longer battery life. It is suitable for regular and large dogs. However, if you have a dog of a smaller breed, then you should choose Garmin T5 Mini, which will fit the dog better.