Bissell Symphony Pet vs Crosswave

Having a cat or dog at home is awesome, but it also comes with responsibilities – one of which is keeping your floors clean no matter how much hair that they shed. Fortunately, there are now vacuum cleaners with advanced functions that can ease your work. Bissell Symphony Pet vs Crosswave are some great examples of vacuum cleaners with mopping functions.

So, which one is better? The article below will tell you about:

  • Which model to choose for cleaning hard floors exclusively
  • Which model to choose for dealing with carpets or area rugs
  • The size and weight of each model
  • The unique features of Bissell Symphony Pet and Bissell Crosswave
  • The cleaning performance of Bissell Symphony Pet vs Crosswave
  • Which model that is generally more recommended for pet owners

Which One Is Better For Hard Floors?

Both Bissell Symphony Pet and Bissell Crosswave are able to clean all kinds of hard floors, including tile, linoleum, laminate, and sealed wood. So, if you have plenty of hard floor surfaces at home, either model can help you eliminate dirt and grime. The difference is how they work to clean. See also: Shark Pet Perfect vs Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Bissell Symphony Pet is a steam cleaner. It only needs water and doesn’t require a cleaning solution. The unit will heat up the water and release hot steam to sanitize the floor and kill germs. It doesn’t apply any chemical that can be harmful for the floor. It doesn’t leave much water, so the drying time will be very fast.

Bissell Crosswave is more of a hybrid between a vacuum and a mop. It requires a cleaning solution which is mixed with water to remove dirt and grime from the floor. It also has a brush roll that can be activated to spin at a high speed, and the suction will capture all the debris and dirty water. It is equipped with two tanks, one for holding the clean water that has been mixed with a cleaning solution, the other for holding the dirty water.

So, choosing the right unit for cleaning hard floors depends on what you need. Bissell Symphony Pet is excellent for basic cleaning; it can take care of most dirt and stains, it will allow the floor to dry more quickly, and it has a lower operational cost due to not requiring any cleaning solution. Meanwhile, Bissell Crosswave is great for cleaning tough spots due to using a cleaning solution and having a brush roll.

Which One Is Better For Carpets?

If you don’t have any carpeted area in your home, you can skip this section. Otherwise, when choosing between Bissell Symphony Pet vs Crosswave for cleaning carpets, the decision becomes much simpler.

Bissell Symphony Pet can’t clean carpets. It is only designed to steam hard floors. So, this model is out of the question if you need a unit for cleaning carpets.

Bissell Crosswave should be the way to go for cleaning carpets or area rugs. You can switch-on the brush roll so that it will pull out dust and debris. It isn’t really meant to clean high-pile carpets, but it works well on low-pile carpets. This model is very versatile, and is an excellent choice for homes with multiple floor types.


Bissell Symphony Pet and Bissell Crosswave are quite similar in terms of size and overall shape. They both are upright units. They almost look like regular upright vacuum cleaners, except that they actually have steaming or mopping functions. Even though these two models have many things in common, there are still some notable differences.

At the top of each unit’s handle, there is a power button. Then, moving down the body of the unit, there is a dirt bin. In the case of Bissell Symphony Pet, it will only hold dry debris, so it will be quite easier to clean. On the other hand, the dust bin of Bissell Crosswave will hold dirty water mixed with debris, so the cleaning will be a bit more difficult.

Bissell Symphony Pet measures 46.5 inches tall. The cleaning path is 11 inches wide. The weight of the unit is 10.1 lbs. This model is a little bit lighter and easier to navigate. The water tank capacity is 0.4L, but the amount of water will gradually diminish.

Bissell Crosswave measures 46 inches tall with a cleaning path of 12 inches. It weighs about 11 lbs. This model will be a bit heavier once you fill the water tank, but it should be still easy to navigate. The clean water tank capacity is also 0.4L. The dirty tank is a bit larger.

The cord length of Bissell Symphony Pet vs Crosswave is similar, which is 25 feet. This is long enough to allow you to move freely around the room. Although some people may argue that cordless models are more practical to use due to the unlimited maneuverability, corded units like these are superior that they can operate non-stop without being limited by battery life.

How They Clean

As mentioned above, the primary difference between Bissell Symphony Pet and Bissell Crosswave is how they clean. While they both can vacuum to capture debris, one mops by using hot steam while the other mops with water and some cleaning solution.

Bissell Symphony Pet has a unique head design. It looks more similar to a steam mop than a vacuum. Although the front-end part still acts like a vacuum, the rear part features a cleaning pad that can output hot steam. It doesn’t have a motorized brush roll, but you can use the flat cleaning pad to scrub stubborn spots from your hard floors.

Bissell Crosswave has a head design that looks like a traditional vacuum. It is equipped with a motorized brush roll that can be activated or deactivated as needed. In order to apply the cleaning solution to the brush roll, you need to press the trigger on the handle. Then, you can use the brush roll to deal with stubborn spots. The end of the head will generate suction to capture all the debris.


So, how is the cleaning performance of Bissell Symphony Pet vs Crosswave? Which one is actually more effective for eliminating dust, liquid spills, and stains?

Bissell Symphony Pet is not really good for cleaning liquid spills. When tested to clean soda, the cleaning pad ended up soaking the soda and dragging the liquid across the floor. When tested to clean honey, it could remove most of the honey but there was still a small amount of residue that required an additional pass.

However, Bissell Symphony Pet works exceptionally well when dealing with dust and dirty spots. The cleaning pad is very effective for capturing dust and fine debris. The hot steam also seems to be effective for breaking down dried mud that is normally difficult to remove. After getting mopped with this unit, the floors feel really smooth and clean.

Bissell Crosswave, on the other hand, is able to clean liquid spills properly. It is able to deal with a considerable amount of spilled soda and honey. All the spills are cleaned by the mop without leaving any residue, and the floor doesn’t feel sticky. The only issue is that the mop can’t reach room corners, so capturing liquid spills on such spots can be difficult. The performance of Bissell Crosswave in regular cleaning is also good.

It can capture dust and debris just fine. It is also able to take care of tough spots quite easily. By applying a small amount of extra soap, you can break down dried mud with ease. It is also able to clean old carpets and area rugs very well to make them look almost brand-new. Then again, avoid applying too much soap, as the drying time is quite long.

Dealing With Pet Hair

Last but not least, which one is better for cleaning pet hair? If you have a cat or dog at home, you certainly know how cleaning their sheds can be extremely frustrating. Not to mention that some cats and dogs somehow have a tendency to knock things over and create a mayhem.

Interestingly, Bissell Symphony Pet is actually better for cleaning pet hair. It comes with microfiber pads which are wonderfully effective for capturing pet hair and other fine particles. Since it comes with two microfiber pads, you can swap them around as needed. You can use one while the other is getting cleaned and dried.

On the other hand, Bissell Crosswave is not very good if you often need to clean plenty of hair. The problem is, hair tends to get tangled on the brush roll. If you don’t clean the brush roll frequently, the tangled hair may reduce the suction and even clog the unit.

Bissell Symphony Pet vs Crosswave

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For pet owners who need to deal with plenty of pet hair, Bissell Symphony Pet is more recommended. This model is able to capture pet hair very well. This model is excellent for cleaning hard floors. Also, it has a lower operational cost, as it doesn’t require any cleaning solution. Just water. Meanwhile, Bissell Crosswave is more versatile, but not very good for dealing with pet hair.