Fluval FX4 vs Eheim Pro 4+

Water filtration is apparently the most significant piece of a fish tank’s arrangement. With all the rigging choices out there, an equitably decent aquarium canister filter choice by means of correlation can be incensing for the newcomer. Would it be a good idea for you to go for a Fluval FX4 or an Eheim Pro 4+? 

Of course, the brand names amount to nothing, except if you think about your arrangement. What might be the best canister filter for an intensely planted tank arrangement, for instance? Yet, it is not simply that, what about the size of your freshwater fish tank? What might be the best 75-gallon aquarium canister? What about for 90-gallon one? Which one is a decent canister filter unit for smaller tanks? 

Knowledge is control. We should know about the significant variables that should assume a job in our choice on a canister filter before making a buy. So, before you start spending money on either of these options, let us walk through the brief comparison of Fluval FX4 vs Eheim Pro 4+. 

Fluval FX4 

Fluval is known for being one of the main brands available because of its top-notch items. In any case, before you purchase any of their gear, it is constantly essential to ensure you are getting something that is moving to keep going for quite a long time.

There is a great deal to unload when you open the Fluval Fx4, yet do not let that stress you because there will be great things waiting behind it. See also: Fluval FX6 vs G6.   

  • The Filter Media  

The way the Fluval FX4 has been made implies that it has five phases of filtration in it. There is mechanical filtration outwardly which water goes through, expelling any garbage. And after that, it goes through the natural media.

What is more, finally, you have the choice of including substance filtration or something to the base of the filter. You generally need substance filtration to be last since it should be changed regularly, and putting it toward the end is going to keep it cleaner for more. 

  • The Self Primer  

Perhaps the best piece of the Fluval FX4 and what makes it stand apart from most different filters is the self-preliminary. Rather than preparing this thing yourself, it will deal with it for you. Diminishing your outstanding task at hand will benefit more. 

In the event that you do not prime a filter before utilizing it, at that point, it could wind up making the engine wear out. With Fluval FX4, you simply need to top it off with water before you turn it on and after that, it will be a great idea to go. 

  • The Purge Valve  

Another extraordinary element of this channel is the purge valve. In addition to the fact that you will have the option to join the Fluval FX Gravel Vac to it. However, it likewise makes it much simpler to perform water changes.

Rather than having to gradually move containers of water in reverse and advances when you are purging the tank, you can simply interface a hose to the purge valve and run it into your yard or anyplace you can dispose of the water. 

Eheim Pro 4+ 

One thing you will see when you think about the recently updated Eheim Pro 4+ with the Eheim Pro 3 is they look fundamentally the same. Eheim Pro 4+ canister aquarium filter works sensibly well.

Be that as it may, modest plastic development and apparently minor execution glitches diminish in perspective on its nearly significant expense. In any case, Eheim Pro 4+ has a couple of extraordinary updates that we will go over underneath. 

  • Eheim Pro 4+ is quiet. However, after some cleaning, it would make discernible siphon commotion when its stream rate switch is changed to the off position. This is one of the negative attributes from a rundown of to such an extent that might drive you to infer that the Eheim canister is preferable in idea than it is in execution.  
  • Additionally, on the positive side, a push siphon catch starts the siphon filling process productively.  
  • The filtration stream is movable from none to full.  
  • The media plate has handles on different sides. You can lift every plate out for cleaning. The plate likewise has a triangle-formed marker in one corner. These triangles outwardly direct appropriate arrangements. 
  • The highest point of the unit incorporates the engine and impeller. Despite the fact that it does not have an arrangement mark, physical projections on its underside just fit the right route into the top media plate. 
  • Another invite contact is the push-button ease with which one can disengage the admission and outlet valve obstruct from the canister for cleaning purposes. This helpful separate enables the aquarist to move the canister out from under the aquarium stand or any place to clean it. 


According to the reviews on the Internet, they stated that they would dither before purchasing another Eheim Pro 4+, without first taking a stab at something different.

Their general impression is that the Eheim canister demonstrates such a large number of innovation’s irritating attributes that the cost-cutting inexpensiveness even gravely defaces the good engineering. 

If you somehow happened to heap every one of the pieces of a Fluval FX4 onto the floor, and after that heap every one of the pieces of an Eheim Pro 4+ by it, the Fluval heap would be around multiple times as high.

Hoses with elbows to get them over the tank, a major twofold tap, bushels, some sort of pre-outline thing, froth, plungers, and so on. To conclude, Fluval FX4 makes a fine filter. It is also one of the calmest filters available out there. 

Fluval FX4 vs Eheim Pro 4+

- Multi-stage filter pumps out 700 US Gal (2650 L) of water per hour
- Smart Pump advanced microchip technology continuously monitors and optimizes pump performance
- Self-starting – just add water, plug in and Smart Pump will take over. Trapped air auto-evacuated every 12 hours to ensure maximum efficiency
- Pro4+ filter replaces the EHEIM Pro 3 range.This new filter doesnt just boast a new sleek black color but it also has a Range Xtender Function
- These filters can handle aquariums between 30-160 US gallons (Depending on model purchased)
- As with most EHEIM filters, the Pro4+ comes complete with filter pads and media and all installation equipment.


However, all things considered, Fluval and Eheim could not be further separated in their manner of thinking or how they are structured or made. For instance, they both hold tons of natural media, basic, calm, include ordinary hoses; the splendid twofold tap configuration makes for very dry moves and cleaning. They both are simple to prime, start the siphon, fill the can, and plug it in.