Dogtra ARC vs 1900S

In this article, we’re pairing Dogtra ARC vs 1900S head-to-head reviews and comparison and see which one is the better choice for you. We hope after reading this, you will have a better understanding of which training kit is better for you and your dog. While both items have similar features, there are some key differences that you need to know.

Dogtra ARC

Dogtra ARC is the true definition of high quality and low-profile remote dog training collar. There are three items as part of the bundle, Dogtra Arc black collar with adjustable correction levels, additional collar with orange strap and PetsTEK clicker and the ARC remote trainer with ¾ mile range.

The collars are great for dogs from 15 pounds and above, they’re slim, waterproof collar that fit perfectly to your dog’s neck. The shapes of the collars are more comfortable and less bulky for your pet compared to other e-collars. Also, the Dogtra ARC’s receiver won’t be interfered by other electrical devices.

Some key features such as:

  • Reducing stress level of your dog during training.
  • 2-hour fast charge. It’s equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries, your Dogtra ARC will always be powered up whenever you need it.
  • LCD display. It can show the stimulation levels that you currently have your system set for, and battery life.
  • 3 levels of adjustable training modes.
  • Momentary Nick. Owners can choose between nick or constant stimulation settings depending on the unique circumstances and preferences.
  • Constant Stimulation.
  • Non-stimulating Pager Vibration mode with 127 levels of gradual adjustment in stimulation intensity.
  • Waterproof. Both the remote-control transmitter and the receiver/collar are 100% waterproof. You can train your dog anywhere and in any weather conditions.
  • Vibration. Easily get your dog’s attention without static stimulation.

It’s very easy and safe to train two dogs at the same time with this tool. It’s pretty much equipped with all the necessary features for pet owners with 15 pounds dogs and have a mild to moderate temperaments. And like we said before, it can be used on two dogs at once, so you don’t need to buy an extra system for each dog.

The collars are very slim, and not look like an abomination device strapped to your dog. No one will notice the collar when you’re in the park with your dogs.

The transmitter is also slim and even more so, it’s ergonomically designed. You can reach all of the buttons and dials easily with one hand.

All the buttons and dials are where they need to be. The grips are designed specifically to make the handling of the remote to be very comfortable and prevent the remote slipping away from your hand during training.

Unfortunately, there is no Tone setting for this item. Some dogs respond better to a warning tone and it’s not available in Dogtra ARC. Also, Dogtra ARC lacks versatility, it only works well for dogs weighing 15 lbs. and up with mild to moderate temperaments. Other than that, Dogtra ARC is not useable. So, if you have a smaller dog or more stubborn dog, you should look elsewhere.

Dogtra 1900S

Similar to Dogtra ARC, Dogtra 1900S has a lot of advanced cutting-edge technology in training your dogs. There are a few similarities such as:

  • 127 levels of stimulation from nick and constant.
  • High performance Pager with vibration mode.
  • ¾ mile operation range.
  • LCD screen that displays stimulation level and battery level indicator.
  • 2 hours rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries. The batteries are replaceable.
  • Fully Waterproof.
  • Checkered grip for more comfort and better control.
  • Low-profile or slim collars.

The differences are:

  • Low to High power stimulation.
  • Designed for dogs weighing in over 35 lbs.
  • 1 and 2 dog system and non-expandable.

Dogtra 1900S comes with a bundle of 2 items, a hands free remote controller and PetsTEK clicker. Dogtra 1900S is created specifically for larger dogs over 35 lbs. and can handle all kinds of dogs with gentle and up to the most stubborn dogs. It’s very dependable and durable for all kinds of owner.

In fact, it’s already a favorite for amateurs to professional trainers alike. Also, it can be used for basic obedience of companion dogs as well as hunting, competitive, fierce dogs and even K-9 professionals.

Dogtra 1900S is definitely a top brand, and can be used for everyone who owns or trains large dogs. It’s a heavy-duty dog training collar that will do its job without fail. The low to high power (127 levels) options can be used for dogs with temperaments from super docile to tough, high drive dogs.

Unfortunately, unlike Dogtra ARC, Dogtra 1900S is larger and heavier. It’s not recommended to use this for dogs under 20 lbs. it might be too heavy for them and cause them discomfort. Dogtra 1900S is for larger dogs and larger dogs only.

Overall, Dogtra 1900S won’t let you down. It can handle larger dogs with soft to tough temperaments reliably. if you have a big and energetic dog like a German Shepherd, then Dogtra 1900S will be your best tool to keep your dog in shape and train them in no time.

Dogtra ARC vs 1900S

- ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The design of the ARC receiver is sleek and slim, which allows the collar to strap around the receiver and your dog’s neck seamlessly. It’ll be a comfortable fit for your dog, while also being hardly noticeable.
- FULLY WATERPROOF SYSTEM: The ARC transmitter and receiver are both fully waterproof. Whether you’re out near a body of water or stuck out in the rain, you won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning and can tackle any environment.
- ¾-MILE RANGE: The range of this training e-collar is perfect for any and all simple training commands for your dog. With a range of ¾-mile, this e-collar is great for easy obedience, hunting, and K-9 training. It’s also expandable to up to two dogs so you can get double the amount of training at once.
Dogtra ARC vs 1900S
- ADVANCED FEATURES: Dogtra’s 1900s Handsfree dog training gives you an ability to adjust the sensitivity of the collar with ease. Select the Momentary Nick mode to deliver a single pulse of electrical stimulation. If your dog is still not paying attention, select the Constant Stimulation mode to send a continuous stimulation for up to 12 seconds. The High-Performance Pager Vibration allows you to send a non-stimulating signal for as long as you press the button with a 12 second safety shutoff.
- CUSTOMER SERVICE BASED IN THE USA: The quality of the collar is unmatched in comparison to the cheaper alternatives. Dogtra Collars are helping owners to train and modify dog behavior. The advanced performance of the collar is perfectly matched with the reliable USA based customer service that can be reached by either a phone or an email.
- POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: By using the PetsTEK training clicker along with your dog’s favorite treats, you can train your pet to follow your commands to become a well-behaved pooch. Please note that this collar should not be used with aggressive dogs


There is no clear winner here, since the two items are intended for different use. Dogtra ARC for people with small dogs under 20 lbs. and it’s great for some casual training. The collars are not too visible and distracting in public.

Despite being low-profile, Dogtra ARC will do its job well. On the other hand, Dogtra 1900S is more of a heavyweight tool. It’s used for larger dogs over 35 lbs. and can train even the more aggressive dogs like the K-9 units. Despite being heavyweight it’s suitable for casual to professionals alike.

Both items are definitely a top of the line product compared to the competitors. If you want to train dogs under 20 lbs. then go for Dogtra ARC, and if you want to train dogs 35 lbs. and above go for Dogtra 1900S. You won’t be disappointed with either of these items.