Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Astro 320

Canine following collars are utilized by a wide range of people: upland winged animal trackers, hounds’ men, coon trackers, and for coon chasing, bear chasing, lion chasing, and pig or hoard chasing. 

At the point when you cannot see your dogs because of landscape, spread or separation, canine following collars give a powerful method for keeping “track” of numerous dogs.

Certain dog following frameworks additionally let you recognize what your canine is doing by utilizing certain conduct frameworks that are a piece of the neckline. You can tell if a dog is moving or has halted if a dog is woofing, or on the off chance that he has treed a creature. 

When looking at the Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Astro 320, there are a couple of significant things to know about. There are a couple of significant contrasts, but on the other hand, there are also certain likenesses in both the highlights and capacities. Before buying any tracking collar, you might want to think about which of these canine following frameworks may be better for you and your dogs. 

Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Astro 320: Which is Better?  

There are two gigantic contrasts between the Dogtra Pathfinder and Garmin Astro 320 that will presumably impact your choice of which one you would purchase. It all relies upon your inclination, what is increasingly imperative to you, and obviously whether you have a perfect cell phone in case you are looking at the Pathfinder.  

Those two components are:  

  • Both are GPS following the canine handhelds  
  • You can control and screen the dog’s neckline gadget from the handheld unit  

The Dogtra Pathfinder is a following and training framework. The Pathfinder is controlled and checked from your advanced mobile phone when you download the Pathfinder application. The handheld in this occasion just goes about as a connector between your telephone and the neckline gadget. 

It is also important to note that the Pathfinder is less expensive and is intended for dogs weighing about 35 lbs and up. So, that may play a factor in your choice.  

In the event that you need the best following framework, the Astro 430 is likely the best with the most highlights and abilities or most cutting-edge innovation, while the Pathfinder offers a 2 in 1 kind of following and training framework.  

The Differences: Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Astro 320  

In any case, a portion of the fundamental contrasts between the Astros and the Pathfinder are:  

  • The Astro handhelds are the place you screen and control the neckline gadget from, while the Pathfinders expect you to have a perfect cell phone with a downloaded Pathfinder application that controls and screens the neckline gadgets on your dogs 
  • The Pathfinder arrives in a following and training model, and after that, it has a following only model which is the Pathfinder TRX. The Astro is carefully following only frameworks  
  • The Pathfinder offers both static and tone or sound training choices  
  • The Pathfinder sets with Dogtra neckline gadgets, while the Astro pairs with Garmin neckline gadgets  
  • The Pathfinder can support up to 21 diverse canine neckline gadgets, though the Astro 320 can just help 10  
  • The Pathfinder has Geofence capacity, while the Astro 320 does not  
  • The preloaded maps on every one of the two are unique  
  • The Pathfinder has a two-second update rate, while the Astro comes in at around 2.5 seconds  
  • The Pathfinder is for dogs weighing about 35 lbs and up, while the Astro does not have a weight limit  
  • The Pathfinder batteries are battery-powered, while the Astro 320 just takes 2 x AA batteries  
  • The Pathfinder connector or handheld and neckline gadget are completely waterproof, while the Astro is water-resistant  
  • The Pathfinder, by and large, is less expensive  

The Similarities: Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Astro 320 

We have just sketched out the primary likenesses between the Astro 320 and the Pathfinder. A portion of the primary likenesses between the Astro 320 and the Pathfinder are:  

  • Both capacity on a MURS band recurrence  
  • Both have up to a 9-mile run from connector or handheld to neckline gadget though the Pathfinder handheld to cell phone territory is around 33 feet 
  • Both accompany preloaded maps so you do not need to utilize cell information  
  • Both have some degree of water rating or security  
  • The two brands enable you to see where your canine is, the further they have voyaged, and other important dogs conduct data including a compass to perceive what course they are going 
  • The two brands expect you to buy extra collars for extra canines  
  • The two brands can likewise be purchased in groups with the handheld and the neckline gadget 

The Advantages of Using Dogtra Pathfinder and Garmin Astro 320 

You can locate your dog easily. The most baffling thing about running radio following collars and beeper collars is that you never know precisely how out of sight your dog is from you.  

GPS following frameworks like the Garmin Astro will give you a careful area, good ways from you, heading voyaging if moving, and status or what the canine is doing: running, pointing, sitting, et cetera.  

They are also quiet. Not at all like beeper collars, GPS does not make a sound. This is better for you and your canine. GPS dog tracker thoroughly wipes out the burdens of running a beeper neckline.  

The magnificence of a GPS following framework is that it will likewise not trouble the fowls. While numerous upland flying creatures are not annoyed by the sound of a beeper neckline, a few winged creatures, particularly birds, adapt rapidly that a beeper implies trackers and dogs and they high-tail it out of the country. 

Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Astro 320

- 9-MILE RANGE: This PATHFINDER is built with a GPS e-collar and can be used concurrently with Google Maps in normal, terrain, and satellite view mode. It also has a range of nine miles, a tracking mode, and a two-second GPS update rate. A variety of map options, such as Offline Maps mode, are used to track and train your dog. The Offline Maps mode is completely free to download, has no hidden or extra fees, and can be downloaded via the PATHFINDER app.
- TRACKING: The PATHFINDER provides a fast, industry-leading two-second update rate and powerful zoom capability which provides greater live-action detail and accuracy in the field via the PATHFINDER app. Create customizable Geo-Fence alerts, use the Offline Maps mode, and more with this essential tracking GPS e-collar.
- DESIGN: With convenience in mind, the PATHFINDER is sleek and simple. Featuring two buttons (Power/Select & Connect) on the remote, you can connect to the receiver with ease.
- 2.6" 65K color TFT display.
- Built-in vibration motor to support silent alerts.
- Worldwide basemap with shaded relief.


GPS dog trackers like Garmin Astro have a “Point Alarm” that will reveal to you when your canine goes on point. Along these lines, you do not need to always check. The framework discloses to you when you have to go get your dog.