Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Alpha 100

Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Alpha 100 is a battle of a premium item against an extra premium item. Both are reliable items that can let you train your dog like a professional. But just like how obvious the price difference is, there are some features that very different between these two items. Despite that, choosing which one is better for you, is not an easy matter. We’re going to review each item and come up with the verdict on which item is worth your money.

Dogtra Pathfinder

Dogtra Pathfinder is often the object of conversation between hunters and dog owners. Dogtra Pathfinder offers a lot of features to keep your dogs safe at a very affordable price compared to competitors, mainly Garmin Alpha 100. See also: Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Astro 320.

We know that price shouldn’t matter when it comes to your dogs’ safety but Dogtra Pathfinder doesn’t cut corners despite being half the price. And the extra money you have can be used for other important stuff too.

Dogtra Pathfinder is a great solution for people who want a GPS insurance for their dogs without breaking the bad, we think that it’s the best way to summarize this product. Some pet owners know what it’s like to have their pet goes missing.

Maybe they’re on a stroll on their own, distracted by other animals or even kidnapped. It’s a horrible feeling not knowing where your pet is and when they will go back.

This is where GPS dog collar comes in handy and has become popular since many years ago. Coming in at $395, Dogtra Pathfinder is very affordable.

The system of this device works on your phone, this might scare some people, as phones don’t always work. But Dogtra Pathfinder doesn’t rely on cell service, instead it uses the GPS technology of your device via an antenna that can be hung around your neck.

The maps can be downloaded in advance, don’t forget that. You can use it offline without any problems and don’t take up much space on your phone.

Battery life is a bit of a concern. Always charge your phone to full before going outside. If you want to be safe, pack an extra battery or a battery bank for your phone.

Another trick to try is by bringing a 2nd phone to use the GPS. Any old phone is usable, as long as it can connect to a local wi-fi to download the apps and maps. Besides, you will never have to use any data using the app.

Dogtra Pathfinder uses stimulation, nick and constant and can know when your dog is about to bark. It will then tell you the distance and direction to your dog, his audible tone and provide with about 9-mile range.

To control your dog better, you can use GeoFence. You can mark restricted areas to prevent your dog from entering. You can share dogs on the app with other hunters too, so you can hunt in a group easily.

Overall, anyone who want a dog GPS and doesn’t want to spend extra on it should check Dogtra Pathfinder. It’s a great solution and very affordable. The ease of use and reliability of this unit should be enough as a starting sale point.

Garmin Alpha 100

Garmin Alpha 100 is beast of a tracker. Garmin GPS tracking system has been in the industry for 45 years, perfecting their technology. No wonder their products are very reliable and priced at an extra premium range.

Garmin Alpha 100 is able to update you of your dog’s location every 2.5 seconds while giving you the ability to control it with the training collar. And all these neat features can be accessed with a handheld device.

Impressively, it can be expanded up to 20 dogs and thanks to a Lithium, Ion battery, it can run up to 34 hours in one charge. That’s more reliability than Dogtra Pathfinder. The handheld transmitter batteries are a rechargeable battery pack. You don’t have to run to the store before each hunting season to get batteries.

It even comes with a car charger so you can completely charge your system on the way to camp. You can also but additional battery packs that can be switched in and out in an emergency.

The handheld is pretty small, the touchscreen is 3 inches big, sunlight readable, can be operated with one hand and glove-friendly. It’s waterproof, it can handle being submerged 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

As for the maps, Garmin Alpha 100 is pre-loaded with 100K Topo Map software. Normally, the map is priced at $100. These maps are awesome. Garmin Alpha 100 also has a GeoFence feature to keep your dogs where you want them to be.

Tracking dogs with Garmin Alpha 100 is just too easy. Compass Screen or the Topo Map Screen will make this job such a fun thing to do. You just have to accept that there is an antenna protruding out of your dog’s neck.

Dogtra Pathfinder vs Garmin Alpha 100

- 9-MILE RANGE: This PATHFINDER is built with a GPS e-collar and can be used concurrently with Google Maps in normal, terrain, and satellite view mode. It also has a range of nine miles, a tracking mode, and a two-second GPS update rate. A variety of map options, such as Offline Maps mode, are used to track and train your dog. The Offline Maps mode is completely free to download, has no hidden or extra fees, and can be downloaded via the PATHFINDER app.
- TRACKING: The PATHFINDER provides a fast, industry-leading two-second update rate and powerful zoom capability which provides greater live-action detail and accuracy in the field via the PATHFINDER app. Create customizable Geo-Fence alerts, use the Offline Maps mode, and more with this essential tracking GPS e-collar.
- DESIGN: With convenience in mind, the PATHFINDER is sleek and simple. Featuring two buttons (Power/Select & Connect) on the remote, you can connect to the receiver with ease.
- High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS. Display size is 1.53 wide x 2.55 high in inches and 3 inch diagonal
- Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100k maps.LED beacon lights and Rescue mode as well as Stimulation levels-Tone and Vibration
- Battery life 20-40 hrs. Display type : transflective, 65-K color TFT touchscreen


There is no doubt about it, Garmin Alpha 100 is a much better device compared to Dogtra Pathfinder. Its batteries last longer, doesn’t need a phone to work, tracker works at longer distances, maps are more sophisticated, can track more dogs, more durable and reliable.

Garmin Alpha 100 is definitely worth the money if you can spend that much. You will be able to hunt efficiently while keeping your dogs safe and always where they need to be. You can go on hunting and not worry about battery level.

But on the other hand, Dogtra Pathfinder is priced at half the price and still works without any problems. If you are not planning to use the device in harsh conditions and your dogs don’t leave too far away from you, then Dogtra Pathfinder will work just as well. Just make sure that you can keep your phone working at high battery level and away from any danger. You can’t lose with Dogtra Pathfinder.