Petcube Play vs Play 2

Having a pet is a very fun activity. However, tracking and entertain your pet with a conventional tool such as a puffball might not give you the best result. That is why pet lovers need some advanced tools for it.

A tool that will bring great entertainment and also an easy track whenever you’re not close to them. For pet lovers who wish to offer your cat endless entertainment while you are away from home, below are the comparison of Petcube Play VS Play 2.


Reviewing the design, whether Petcube Play or Petcube Play 2 is having a modern and interesting design. Both are made of high-quality aluminum and completed with a hard plastic cover. See also: Petcube Bites vs Bites 2.

The color of Petcube Play also more variate, matte silver, rose gold and carbon black. While Petcube Play 2 only comes in one color, matte silver. In terms of size, Petcube Play dimension is 3x3x3 inches, while Petcube Play 2 sizing is 3.6×3.2×3.6.

Therefore, Petcube Play 2 has bigger sizing. Overall, both are having a compact design that allows them to put in many places without taking much space.

Set-Up Process

Both, Petcube Play and Petcube Play 2 have an easy setup process. To have this tool works for your pet, you only need to install the Petcube Application from the AppStore and pair it with your Petcube account.

Petcube Play will require you to have iOS 9.3 or Android 5.1. While Petcube Play 2 requires iOS 11 and Android 7.1.2. This process simply takes only several minutes and later on you can freely use the Petcube and do all its capability with your pet.

It also connects and view up 6 cameras to your account. This will allow your tabs on all of the important areas of the home.

Application Support

As a modern entertainment tool for a pet, both products also complete with suitable application support. Therefore, it will ease you to connect to another device. Petcube Play and Petcube Play 2 supported with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

Even in Petcube Play 2, you can get up to 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. You will be able to play from your phone including play with the built-in pet-safe laser. This can be controlled through phone and set to auto mode whenever you are busy with other things.

Video Quality

Petcube Play and Petcube Play 2 have an amazing 1080 full HD video. They were also capable to perform video streaming that allows you to watch and interact with your pet. This will benefit to check your pet when you’re away.

Completed with night vision too, this can help you easily check the pet at night and see whether they do anything within the dark. You can also activate a sharing mode feature in the video. This can allow you to include all your friends and family to get fun with your pets too. The video can work up to 4 hours replay and downloadable too.

Zoom and Angle of View Technology

Petcube Play completed with a zoom technology up to 3 times capability. But, in Petcube Play 2, the zoom capability is increased up to 4 times. Therefore, using Petcube Play 2 will allow you to get closer to your pets.

If you’re looking at the view angle, Petcube Play will allow you to look at 180 degrees of view. But, Petcube Play only able to look at a maximum 138 degrees. This capability makes Petcube Play 2 gives you a wider field of view.

Alexa Capability

It is interesting that both Petcube Play and Play 2 supported with Alexa. This will let modern people able to get perfect assistance to entertain pets. Alexa will manage to help you do the laser game, play the music, or even set the alarms for your pets.

However, Petcube Play 2 has the Alexa already built-in. Therefore, no need to pair it with other smart speakers. The different way with Petcube Play that not have the Alexa built-in on it.

Even supported by Alexa, it needs more effort to bring this support active. Therefore, you still need to connect the Petcube Play with some speakers or any Alexa device first whenever you want to use Alexa.

Subscription Plan

When using Petcube Play, either the first one or the second generation, you will able to take more advantage of storage capacity by having a subscription plan. Such as Petcube Care Plan in Petcube Play that will allow for 90-days video cloud history. Or you might want to try to subscribe to smart dog alerts in Petcube Play 2.

Even this is a choice and alternatives, but overall this subscription plan is worth a try. Since this provides you access to perks that help you save up to a hundred dollars on top brand pet supplies, products or services. It also helps you to get real-time alerts about any events of your pets.


If we’re looking at the price, they both have a slightly different price. The first generation cost about 130 USD. While Petcube Play 2 cost about 200 USD. With additional improvement and higher production costs, this makes Petcube Play 2 have an overall more expensive price than Petcube Play.  

Petcube Play vs Play 2

- MONITOR 24/7 FROM YOUR PHONE: With Petcube Play Wi-Fi pet cam, check on your pet day or night with clear 1080p HD video, 138° wide angle view, and night vision. See up close with 3x zoom. Get sound and motion alerts.
- CHAT WITH YOUR PET: With two-way audio you can speak to your pets and hear them bark or meow back. Tell them you love them from anywhere.
- PLAY FROM YOUR PHONE: Play with your fur baby with the built-in pet safe laser. You can control the laser movement within the app or set to automode and exercise your pet.
- ENJOY FREE CLOUD VIDEO STORAGE: Rewind and replay the last 4 hours of video history recorded with no subscription required. Go back and see what you missed while you were gone. For multi-day 24/7 video history with pet care savings, Petcube Care subscriptions are available.
- Built-in interactive laser toy: play remotely via a human and pet safe laser toy controlled from your phone, or set to autoplay mode to entertain and exercise your pet. Re-engineered to be super precise - touch the spot in your room or swipe across the screen and the laser will follow your finger in real-time
- Quick 2-minutes setup: Compatible with 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections. Ios 11 and higher, Android 7. 1. 2 and higher are required
- 1080P full HD video, full-room view & night Vision: check on your pet remotely when you’re away from home. 1080P HD video pet camera with 160° wide-angle full-room view. See up close with 4x zoom
- High-quality two-way sound: now with 4-microphone array and significantly improved speaker bar, provides rich “lifelike” sound quality. Two-way audio allows you to hear and speak to your pet from your phone


It can generally conclude that Petcube Play 2 is worth buying than the first. With a difference price of about 70 USD only, you will get new enhanced technology and more modern capabilities. This tool is significantly improved in its second version. Therefore, if you plan to entertain your dog and pussy with these amazing tools, then you should consider Petcube Play 2 rather than the first.

However, be noted that minor problems still happen in the Petcube Play 2. Such as a connection error or restart requirement while using it. But overall Petcube Play 2 shows better things than the old version. Anyone who uses the first version will love the second one. So, for those who never use the Petcube Play previously, just put the decision on the 2nd version to give the best entertainment for your pets.