Dogtra 1900s vs Garmin Sport Pro

In case you get a slight uneasiness when you see your dog kept running off, you probably need some GPS dog collar. The American Humane Association appraises that more than 10 million cats and dogs are lost and taken in the U.S. consistently.

Furnishing pets with name tags or microchips is one approach to guarantee your dogs’ safe return on the off chance that they get lost while on an extended get-away or stray away from home, yet you can take your dog’s security to another level by utilizing a wearable tech for pets.

Pet wearables, for example, GPS dog collars, are making it feasible for you to follow your dogs and even screen their action any place they are.  

How do these GPS dog trackers work? A GPS in the tracker gets your pet’s position and sends the data to the web and your cell phone essentially through cell coverage.

Typically, an application is utilized to show your pet’s area on a guide. Base stations are generally used to set up the connection between the tracker, which is joined to your dog’s collar and your cell phone by means of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

There are two absolute best GPS dog collars available in the market, namely Dogtra 1900s and Garmin Sport Pro.

However, is one necessarily better than the other? Which one makes better GPS dog collar? To find out the answer, let us follow through Dogtra 1900s vs Garmin Sport Pro comparison down below. 

Dogtra 1900s Review 

Discharged in mid-2016, Dogtra 1900S is an incredibly strong, super-duty e-collar and when you grasp one, you will increase a newly discovered regard for the expression of “quality item”. See also: Dogtra ARC vs 1900S.

This low-high power unit has a ¾ mile run and is a standout amongst other GPS dog collars you have ever seen and utilized.  

Dogtra 1900s arrangement is incredible for enormous dog proprietors, gundogs, expert mentors, police and military K-9 units.

It is a substitution for the well-known and demonstrated workhorse; 1900NCP. It took what was an extraordinary e-collar and made it far and away superior with some great enhancements. 

Dogtra 1900s has all the key highlights as its forerunner: 

  • 127 adjustable degrees of static incitement  
  • 3 sorts of remedy including “scratch”, “steady”, and vibration as it were  
  • An LCD screen shows the degree of incitement and 3-bar low battery pointer  
  • Completely waterproof transmitter and beneficiary collar  

Key enhancements of Dogtra 1900s include:  

  • Smaller, low profile, ergonomic thin line beneficiary  
  • Longer ¾″ mile range (contrasted with ½ mile)  
  • Longer enduring, 2-hour speedy charge LiPo batteries  
  • Enhanced water exceeding expectations contact points  
  • Non-slip grasps on the transmitter  
  • High-performance non-invigorating Pager  

A decent aspect regarding Dogtra1900s arrangement is that it is low to high power (127 levels) so it tends to be utilized with any dog personalities from overly delicate mien dogs to the extreme, high drive hounds.  

However, Dogtra low to high power units needs to have a somewhat bigger transformer making the beneficiary collar somewhat bigger and heavier and not prescribed for hounds under 20 pounds to wear easily.  

On the off chance that you have a bigger dog and are searching generally advantageous, most sturdy, and solid e-collar available that will last many, numerous years under the harshest of conditions, look no further, Dogtra 1900s arrangement is for you. 

Garmin Sport Pro Review 

It is fundamental for any dog proprietor, regardless of whether a master or one who is wanting to train one to get the best tracking collar or not. At its reasonable cost, Garmin Sport Pro is, all in all, a go-to collar.

It is a genuine case of across the board as it comes completely outfitted with all that you require in a training group. These incorporate a manual which proves to be useful in the event that you have never utilized one; contact points set and even a charging cut.  

You may pick this Garmin Sport Pro bundle GPS dog collar for the accompanying key features and specification:  

  • A very light, nice, and a smaller structure 
  • An assortment of incitement levels 
  • Flexible and fully prepared 
  • Reference point lights 
  • Adjustable bark limiter levels 
  • Four training buttons 
  • Battery-powered lithium batteries 

Pros of the product: 

  • Activity is as straightforward as one in addition to one equivalent to two as it requires just one hand 
  • Has a pointer which cautions you when you have to energize 
  • Permits a long collar tie henceforth client can walk their dog serenely. It is also replaceable; in this way, you can put one with another color that best suits your pet’s character 
  • The lights empower you to proceed with training even in low light conditions 
  • Cuts on cost as you can train three dogs with just a single remote 
  • Waterproof and very strong 
  • Fido’s training proceeds in any event, when he is three-quarter miles away 
  • Wide scope of colors to choose from 

Cons of the product: 

  • Does not have a cord 
  • Short battery life 
  • Various client complaints about the high stun in the bark restricting levels 
  • You additionally need to charge the remote 

The Verdict 

By and large, many clients are satisfied with the Dogtra 1900s arrangement. The design is better than all else available. Regardless of whether you are utilizing an e-collar to fortify directions, explaining conduct issues or to keep your gundog in the chase, Dogtra 1900s is the best approach.  

As referenced above over Dogtra 1900s arrangement, it is a low to the high power unit and intended for all dog demeanors from excessively delicate to extreme, high drive hounds. On the off chance that you are uncertain about your dog’s demeanour and your dog is over 20 lbs, Dogtra 1900s arrangement is a sure thing.  

Suggested Dogtra 1900s accessories:  

  • Biothane Bungee Metal Quick Release lash  
  • Field auto charger  
  • Contact points for various hide lengths  

Dogtra 1900s vs Garmin Sport Pro

- BUNDLE OF 2 ITEMS: Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar and PetsTEK clicker. Perfect for dogs from 35 pounds and up. Slim, waterproof collar is ergonomically shaped to your dog's neck. This dog behavior training collar is designed to fit dogs with neck sizes between 6 - 26 inches. The remote trainer has a 3/4-mile range and is suitable for all breeds with mild to most stubborn temperament.
- PRODUCT FEATURES: Up to 3/4-mile range, fully waterproof ergonomic collar and receiver, 127 levels of stimulation ranging from low to high, Momentary Nick, Constant Stimulation, and Non-Stimulating High Performance Pager Vibration modes. Dogtra’s industry-leading technology filtering system ensures minimal interference with other electronic devices.
- ADVANCED FEATURES: Dogtra’s 1900s dog training unit gives you an ability to adjust the sensitivity of the collar with ease. Select the Momentary Nick mode to deliver a single pulse of electrical stimulation. If your dog is still not paying attention, select the Constant Stimulation mode to send a continuous stimulation for up to 12 seconds. The High Performance Pager Vibration allows you to send a non-stimulating vibration for as long as you press the button with a 12 second safety shutoff.
- QUICK TURN DIAL - Quick turn dial on handheld with positive clicks when changing between 10 stimulation levels and controlling auxiliary functions and 1-HAND OPERATION Simple, intuitive, “no look” 1-hand operation
- 4 TRAINING BUTTONS - 4 training buttons for continuous and momentary stimulation, vibration and tone
- TONE AND VIBRATION - Buttons on the handheld can activate tone signal and vibration control on the dog device


Meanwhile, Garmin Sport Pro has assembled the most recent innovation bringing out a high-quality GPS dog collar. You would now be able to train your dog without any assistance and on various levels.

Because of its flawless perspectives, it has demonstrated a complete client’s loyalty. To back up the previous statement, there are bunches of client surveys and a decent quantity of stars rating on the web which you can use for further confirmation.