Andis ProClip vs Andis Ultraedge Super

As a responsible owner, we have to take a proper care of our pets because they will certainly need our help. For those with dogs, we also have to groom them from time to time to keep their fur and skin healthy. There are many pet clippers like Andis ProClip vs Andis Ultraedge Super out there to help you care for their furs but, before deciding to get one of them, see what they can offer here first and pick the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Grooming our Pet
  • What are Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super
  • What Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super Look Like
  • How are the Speed and Blades on Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super
  • What else Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super can offer
  • Are Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super Easy to Clean
  • Andis ProClip Vs Andis UltraEdge Super

Grooming at Home

Having a pet is fun and we are sure there is nothing that can replace them once we have settled comfortably with our animal friends. People taste may differ, some of them love to have an active dogs, some of us prefer a feline companion, and some other loves to enjoy beautiful fishes swimming in their decorated tank. We are free to choose which animals to keep at home as long as they are legally allowed but no matter what we have at home, our duty as the owner stays the same.

Providing food and basic needs such as a comfortable place to sleep and a house to let them strive are the least we can give to them but similar to humans, hygiene is an important point to keep an eye on when having a pet in the house. Common pets like dogs or cats are known to be able to clean themselves but there are only those that they can do by themselves and sometimes we need to lend a hand.

Grooming your pets may seem not so important, especially those who rarely spend time out there but if your pet have a thick coat, they may get too hot when the summer is approaching and cutting some of their furs will help their body stay cool and of course comfortable. If your pet for example dog is rarely get a bath, imagine how messy their furs will be and as a good owner we don’t want people to be afraid or suspicious of our beloved buddy while going to the park.

Grooming them will be a good chance to do a routine checkup as well because it is necessary to take a look on our dog’s body and see if there is any scar, bumps, or any area which seems hurtful or suspicious when you touch them. This is also crucial to check if there are harmful insects hiding and feeding out of your dog’s coat or if this is the time to start using those flea collars.

Grooming by bathing, combing, and clipping their furs are also great to maintain household cleanliness or general sanitation of our house because there will be less hairs getting stuck in the sofa, curtains, couches, and rugs as well as keeping dander away especially if one of your family members have an allergy. Last but not least, grooming our pet at home is a great bonding time and can be a very fun activity for you and them.

About Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super

Talking about taking care of your dog’s fur, we will also need several tools in hand such as brush and the workhorse, clipper. While some pet owners are afraid of clipping their pet’s fur, it is safe to do so as long as we are careful enough, moreover, clippers are generally easy and safe to use. If you have already decided to do the grooming at home, now let’s see what clippers we can get out there because there are lots to choose from yet not all will be reliable.

Among those many brands offering pet clippers, we are sure most people are familiar with Andis already because they are one of the most popular and well-known clipper manufacturers in the market. The problem when choosing a product from their catalogue is the huge amount of options to choose from for they have a myriad of them and it can be confusing for a first time shopper. However, just to be sure, choose the unit carefully because this brand also offer clipper for human use and they are different from what we need for our dogs.

For dog owners out there, Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super will be the most ideal option because they are made to help owners to keep their pet’s fur neat and easy to clean especially when it is hot out there. Both of them are basically the same clippers but have different naming because the UltraEdge is the name of the blade itself so the product itself doesn’t actually differ much from each other because ProClip also comes with the same blade.

The ProClip is the AGC clipper so you don’t have to worry if receiving a product without the ProClip name in it because they are the same unit. The one in our article today is the newest AGC2 which is coming with 2 different speed options as opposed to the original version with one speed only. They are designed to be a professional tool and will cut your pet’s fur whether it is dogs, horses, or cats reliably and effectively with a high speed.

Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, both of Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super are very similar to each other with the same tubular body and a durable housing but light as well to make sure we can comfortably holding them while grooming especially larger animals like horses. They will be packed in a box and has a regular plastic case inside similar to a toolbox to store the unit and accessories when not being used or for convenient transporting.

If you inspect them longer we can also see that these two have the same cord in the same length measured about 14 feet, very ideal to move around while dealing with larger animals and they are heavy duty as well to be easily maneuvered without being prone to getting tangled. Both of them will come with the same #10 UltraEdge blade but are also suitable with CeramicEdge that we can purchase separately if needed. Read also: Embark Vs Wisdom Panel.

Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super Cutting Speed and Blades

When looking for a pet clipper, the first thing you may want to know is the speed because it will affect how fast the clipper will work and how reliable they are when used to cut a thicker coat. In this side Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super are a bit different because while they are equally coming with two different speeds, the ProClip or AGC2 two speed is working at 2,700 on the lower setting and 3,400 on the higher setting.

On the other hand, the UltraEdge version is faster and intended for a more professional groomer with a speed of 3,400 strokes per minute on the lower setting and 4,400 strokes per minute for the higher option. The blades they are already packed with are the same UltraEdge blade which is designed to be long-lasting and dependable with special hardening process to make them stay sharp while the outer is finished with chrome to fight corrosion.

For those who want to change the blade, there are various options to pick from and besides UltraEdge, we can also pick the CeramicEdge from Andis collection as well if you want the blades that runs cooler than steel and even superior durability or professional owners who will be doing lots of cutting.Additionally, we can also use ShowEdge blades and Oster A-5 blades that are sold separately.

Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super Feature

Coming to the feature part, there is not much to talk about here because none of them are coming with any fancy features yet, they have this locking switch on both machines that is very convenient and safe. This locking switch will make sure your switch will not accidentally get switched off when you are in the middle of cutting thus, it is safer for the animals we are currently working with.

Cleaning Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super 

Another important feature in a clipper is how easy the unit will be after we have done the cutting and in this side, both Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super are similarly convenient or ideal with simple removal system. There is a small lever on the back of the blade that we can activate to loosen the blade. These clippers’ dry caps are removable as well to make sure the remaining hairs are clean from the blade and motor.

Andis ProClip vs Andis Ultraedge Super

- Cool and quiet running ,Voltage - 120 Volts
- Perfect for all coats and breeds.
- Detachable blade design for ease of changing and cleaning.
- Two-speed rotary motor for performance that pros demand.
- Cool and quiet running , Volts - 120 V
- Perfect for all coats and breeds.
- Detachable blade design for ease of changing and cleaning.
- Super two-speed rotary motor for performance that pros demand.

These animal clippers are an amazing options for those who are grooming their pets at home because they are very reliable with sharp blades and fast motor to make sure we can finish the job quickly, but they are also different because compared to the UltraEdge, this ProClip version is not as fast despite having the same two speed options. Besides this difference, both of Andis ProClip and Andis UltraEdge Super are identical to each other with the same form factor and suitable blades.


All in all we can pick just any of these clippers depending on which will fit your application better but if your dog’s furs are thick and you need a quick clipper to work with, we will recommend getting Andis UltraEdge Super.