SureFlap vs PetSafe Cat Door

As a responsible pet owner, sometimes it is not enough to just provide healthy food and a comfortable bed to sleep in but also provide an access for them to roam freely in and outside the house. For those with active cats, SureFlap Vs PetSafe cat door will make sure your little friend can access the rooms they want conveniently. If you are also considering to install one of these cat doors, go check what they can offer and pick the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Installing a Cat Door
  • What are SureFlap and PetSafe
  • What are the Dimensions of SureFlap and PetSafe
  • What SureFlap and PetSafe can offer
  • Are SureFlap and PetSafe Easy to Use
  • Do SureFlap and PetSafe Need Battery
  • SureFlap Vs PetSafe

Installing a Cat Door

Having a pet is great because they can be the source of your happiness and while they can cost a lot as well, having a constant companion on our side that accept us for who we are brings much comfort as well. People taste will be different and we can pick any animals or even living plant that are legal and safe to be taken care of in the house; some prefer feline companion and some may love watching beautiful tiny fish swimming inside a decorated tank.

If you are here then we are sure you have a cat in the house and we personally a cat person as well because of the unique charm of this little animal. They can be very annoying at times especially when it is near feeding times but none can beat the affection they gave us when just spending leisure time at home like with those cuddle times and loud purrs. However, similar to humans, our cats apparently goes bored as well when we are not around.

This is one of the reasons many owners are letting their pets including cats to roam the house and outside freely but, prior to letting your feline friend having their own adventures, it is necessary to put identification on their body such as with securely fitted collar with a tag showing telephone number or more effectively a microchip identification implanted under the skin of the scruff of the neck. In addition, we also have to consider how to design to access outdoors in the long-term.

Cats are very agile and they are the master of climbing things so if your cats are fine with going out of the house through a window, we can always leave one open especially those secured with metal rails to let them get inside anytime they want. A more conveniently if you are working outside or be outside the house for most of the time is installing a specific cat door. This will help them get access to outdoor conveniently and leave you with no worries as well.

Our best concern to install a cat door is for them when we are not at home while giving the full freedom to roam outside, especially if you are adopting an already grown up cat who are very active. Getting a cat door will reduce the chance of accidentally locking the cat outside and spend too much time outside, which is risky for they might have to run home or hide when chased by other feline or other traumatizing experiences.

About SureFlap and PetSafe

For those owners with the same worries, now is the time to start considering getting a proper cat door. They are very affordable and take a short amount of time to install but are also versatile in case you are planning to use them with small dogs as well. If you prefer to shop through physical stores we can pick just any cat doors that seems to fit ours but if you are shopping through online stores, make sure to pick the one that fits your feline friend.

Cats are very talented at fitting their body through small space but it is better to give them an easy and comfortable way to get in and out of the house. To help owners shop for their pets better, most brands also include the weight limit on their products which is great as a base to choose the sizes. Among those many brands offering dedicated cat doors, SureFlap and PetSafe are two of the most popular options to go with.

Both of these cat doors are highly rated by feline owners out there because they are reliable and affordable with a rigid built in most cases will last for years in your door or window. These cat doors are ideal for adult cats who are not obese or classified as “big chonk” because the space is narrow and probably not going to fits dogs unless they are originally small breed because their body is not as flexible as cats. Read also: Andis ProClip Vs Andis Ultraedge Super.

The first thing we love from SureFlap and PetSafe is actually their quality because while most cat doors are cheap, we still want them to last long because reinstalling one may take time and effort. The difference between these brands is that the latter is offering many more options in the catalogue not only the expensive microchip version like what the former is currently has. However, today we are going to talk only about the high-end cat doors from both brands which is the microchip version.

SureFlap and PetSafe Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these cat doors are very similar to each other and chances owners can pick whichever product they want while still getting the highly capable flap for their feline friend. The SureFlap is measured at 8.25 by 8.25-inch so this is the basic guide to make a hole in your door, wall, or window because it can be installed almost anywhere. The inside or door opening itself is measured at 5.62 by 4.75-inch.

On the other hand, PetSafe cat door is measured at 8.46 by 9.3-inch while the inside opening where the flap is installed is measured at 5.9 by 5.5-inch, making this flap slightly wider to install and slightly wider to fit your cat. As for suitability, both of them are ideal for both indoor and outdoor application and almost in any solid door/wall but depending on your preference, some may need additional accessories to securely fit the door and its frame.

SureFlap and PetSafe Features

The first thing you may want to know about these microchip cat door is the feature itself and it is actually very simple because both of SureFlap and PetSafe are going to allow only those microchipped cats you have been registered to use the door to prevent some of them to go outside or prevent other cats or animals from entering the door. These doors are lockable both from the outside and inside but are also ideal for those with more feline friends in the house up to 32 and 40 chips respectively.

In addition, both of them are also an equally 4-way manual locking and it means we can lock them not only both on the inside and outside but also inside/outside at a time so this will prevent your cats from going out while those outside can still go in easily. What’s interesting about SureFlap is we can purchase a separate hub that will make this door controllable through mobile app which is still not possible with PetSafe.

SureFlap and PetSafe Convenient

Now let’s see if they are convenient to use or not and starting with SureFlap, adding cats chip with this door is easy because what you need is to make sure the manual lock is set to Position 1 and then remove the battery compartment cover to expose the “Add a Pet” button. Press this button once and release it, the indicator lamp will flash green then we need to put the cat inside the tunnel to let the door to scan its chip.

Once the door save the chip, it will stop flashing and the catches will move up when the cat is moved from the door. With PetSafe, similarly press and hold the button in the battery compartment for about 5 seconds until the red indicator lamp is lit. Within 60 seconds we have time to position the cat head in the tunnel for recording and once it saved the ID, the lock will unlatch then the red LED will turn off.

SureFlap and PetSafe Battery Life

The last point we want to talk about is the power performance because as you may already guess, these two will need power to activate the function and equally, SureFlap and PetSafe are requiring 4 AA non-rechargeable alkaline and depending on how often the door is being used, this battery will mostly stay good for 6 up to 12 months. To make sure the function will run properly, both of them are coming with automatic notification through the low battery indicator thus, owners can instantly know when to replace the battery.

SureFlap vs PetSafe Cat Door

- MICROCHIP COMPATIBILITY: Works with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers; if unsure of your pet’s microchip number, you can check with your veterinarian, pet shelter or animal rescue.
- DOOR OPENING: The Microchip Pet Door Flap opening is 6 11/16” (H) by 7” (W) and can be installed in doors, windows or walls – accessories are available from SureFlap.
- BATTERY POWERED: Uses 4 C non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included); estimated battery life up to 12 months depending on use.
- PERFECT GIFT: The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is a great gift for small dog breeds and cat lover’s – making safe spaces and homes for their pets. Three Year Warranty.
- MICROCHIP COMPATIBILITY: Works with 15-digit microchip numbers; if unsure of your pet’s microchip number, you can ask your veterinarian or local animal rescue
- VERSATILE INSTALLATION: Out of the box installation into wood, PVC and uPVC; metal, glass, brick and wall installation will require additional accessories (sold separately)
- ENERGY EFFICIENT: Weather stripping and two magnetic locking points increase insulation and help keep out drafts
- BATTERY POWERED: Uses 4 AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included); estimated battery life up to 12 months depending on use; low battery indicator feature

These cat doors are an amazing options for those feline owners whose pets are going to access the outdoor area. Their differences are on the amount of chips saved for PetSafe is recognizing and saving more as well as more convenient when it comes to saving new chip but, it is more expensive than SureFlap in which this door is already capable of being controlled from your smartphone with an additional hub.


All in all we can pick any of them just fine for they are equally reliable but for those who are looking for an affordable option or the one that can be controlled using an app, we highly recommend SureFlap microchip cat door.