Oster Golden A5 vs Turbo A5

Having a dog with a thick coat means you have to also take care of their furs because it will promote better hygiene both for your pet and the house. If their fur grows longer, we can shave them with pet clipper like Oster Golden A5 Vs Turbo A5 which are all designed to be reliably fast and effective to cut their coats. For those with pets like dogs or cats, go see what these shavers can offer below and pick the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Grooming your Pets
  • Can we use Human Clipper for Dogs
  • What are Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5
  • What Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 Look Like
  • How are the Motor and Speed of Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5
  • What Blade Suitable with Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5
  • How to Clean Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5
  • Oster Golden A5 Vs Turbo A5

Grooming Benefits 

Having a pet at home is nice to be a companion, especially if you are living alone because our pets can be the best friend that will always be on our side and is great to make certain people who are not fond of socializing, be less lonely. Our preference can be different when it comes to which animal to have around; some may prefer dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, or even reptiles like snakes and lizards. One thing stays the same is that we as owners have to be responsible for their wellbeing.

Among those most popular animals to have as pets, dog is among the top options because they are loyal and easy to train so people can take them both as a pet and as security or similar purposes. Besides providing them with healthy food options, a comfortable bed to sleep, and play with them from time to time, we also have to provide a proper care especially for their hygiene including basic regular grooming because their paws can only do so little.

Grooming their furs by bathing, combing, and trimming their thick coats will help it more manageable and it is better as well for our house for it will reduce the amount of furs getting stuck on carpets and furniture. While grooming them, we can also check their skin condition, seeing if there is a scar, bump, or any uncomfortable spots that bothers them thus, we can deal with the problem quickly.

Dog Clipper

Professional groomer is always recommended since they know what to do but some pet owners may want to do the grooming at home because it is cheaper to do so especially if they are regularly trimmed. What you may want to do first is getting a proper dog clipper because human clipper is not made to trim dog’s fur. Human clipper and dog clipper are very similar to each other in a glance but they are very different in details and definitely not interchangeable. 

In general, human clippers will have a very narrow gaps between its teeth to capture our fine hairs but with animals, their hair is a lot thicker and using this type of clipper on them will not only ineffective but also uncomfortable or even hurting their skin. In addition, regular clippers don’t have enough power and speed to be used on animals, especially those with thicker fur. Some dog clippers are designed to be quiet, to prevent the animal from being afraid of its noise when operating.

About Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5

Many dog clippers are affordable and they can be a good investment than paying a professional groomer because we have to routinely clip the dog’s hairs such as once a month to keep everything more manageable. Their price range will vary greatly depending on the features and material quality but if you already have a favorite brand, it is faster to shop from the certain manufacturer to cut the selecting process or if you are in a certain budget, we can shop based on how many we can spend for the clipper.

Among those many reliable brands that offer dog or animal clippers, Oster is one of the best options to consider. This brand is a very well-known clipper manufacturer and is also popular with its human version. They have been in the market for quite some time and know what to offer to their customers while also providing a huge range of options to pick from so then all of us can get the best product based on what we need and the budget range.

For those who are looking for a clipper that can go well with either dog or cat, Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 will be a very ideal option to go. Both of them are highly rated as a versatile clipper and reliable for many types of fur, especially those that are not too thick because none of them are made to deal with a professional-grade clippers. If your dogs have thicker furs, Andis ProClip Vs Andis UltraEdge Super will be a more attractive option.

These clippers are very similar to each other because they actually have several options in the catalogue and both Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 are on the same entry level options. Their power are almost identical along with price level but, if you are in the market with more budget, Oster has the two speed options as well for these clippers and not only it will give you faster operation, but also more versatile for more types of coat.

Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 Design

The sample we are using today is the single speed version from both model and as you can see in the picture above, they are practically an identical clipper so it is hard to tell them apart in a glance. Almost all clippers in general have the same design or this familiar tube form with cord at one end and clipper blade on the other including these two. In dimension they are identically at 1.9-inch thick, 2.1-inch wide, and 8.2-inch tall while the weight is about 1.7 lb.

The cord is thick and heavy duty but very long as well so they will be very useful when you are clipping in a place where the wall power is pretty far or cutting bigger animals like horses since we can maneuver the clipper easily. Besides the color difference, the model name is also printed on their clipping head so we can’t mix them to each other yet, they equally have the same #10 CryogenX blade or suitable with the same blade set from Oster.

Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 Motor and Speed

The first point you may want to know when shopping for a clipper is probably the power and in this side, Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 are the same by coming with a universal rotary motor. This type of motor often found in clippers made for dogs with heavy coats because they generally have more power to let you go through thick hair and even professional-grade clippers also use rotary gear-driven motor as well. The difference is on their speed for Turbo is also capable of delivering higher speed.

This clipper is claimed to be able to deliver 3100 strokes per minute compared to only 2100 strokes in Golden version. This means we can deal with thicker and more dogs in a shorter period of time because the motor is faster thus, more efficient. The dual speed version of these clippers are more expensive but they can go up to 2700 and 4000 strokes per minute in case you have more than a pair of dogs to fasten the pace.

Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 Blade and Accessories

As it has been mentioned above, both of them are coming with the same blade which is #10 CryogenX Detachable blade and it is interchangeable on these clippers but if you plan to change the blade, Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 will be suitable will all of the A5 Cryogen-X blade, Elite Cryogen-X blade, and the wider Take-Down-Quick wide blade series from Oster. The Cryogen-X blade that comes with them is especially treated to enhance the hardening ability while also increasing the long lasting durability.

In addition to their interchangeable blades, we can also purchase additional accessories for the clipper such as universal combs which is great to add safety and control for longer cutting lengths and very ideal to be used at home.

Cleaning Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5

Another important point when owning a clipper is how easy the unit can be cleaned because we need to perform this every after done with the clipping process. These clippers have the same mechanism in which you have to remove the blade first by lifting the blade lever and pivot the blade back and forth until it click backs in position then we can take it off. There is a small tongue inside and hold it in an upright position with a screwdriver and then use a stiff brush to clean every build up.

Oster Golden A5 vs Turbo A5

- Agion Antimicrobial - Only blade in the industry protected by antimicrobial coating against broad range of bacteria
- Blades are cryogenically treated for additional wear resistance
- Tug-Free - Designed to glide through the hair with ease to prevent pulling or tugging of the hair
- Powerful Universal motor Up to 2100 Strokes per minute
- Heavy duty clipper useful for clipping dogs, cats, horses, and livestock
- This product is assembled in the United States
- Powerful professional universal rotary motor
- Internal fan helps keep clipper cooler when handling

Oster Golden A5 and Turbo A5 are a very similar and reliable clippers to have if you plan to do the grooming at home but they are a little bit different as well because the Turbo version also comes with higher speed rate at 3100 in comparison to Golden which is only at 2100 strokes per minute. However, besides the speed, they have the same accessories including the blade collections suitable with their mechanism.


All in all we can choose any of these clippers and still be satisfied with the result but if you don’t mind spending more, we highly recommend Oster Turbo A5 because it is faster and will be more effective if you want to finish grooming quickly or have more than one pet to care.