Bissell ICONpet vs Dyson V8

Having a pet in the house means we also have to be more diligent about keeping things clean because their furs can get stuck on furniture, beds, curtains, carpet, and many other surface in your house. But, worry not because we have Bissell ICONpet Vs Dyson V8 that are equally designed to be powerful enough to make sure your house is always clean and fresh. Before shopping for one, go check what they can offer and which the best option for your house below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Keep your House Clean
  • What are Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8
  • What Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 Look Like
  • How are the Performance of Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8
  • What else Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 can offer
  • Are Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 Convenient
  • Bissell ICONpet Vs Dyson V8

Keeping a House with Pet Clean 

Being a responsible house owner can take a lot of energy because we have to care for the house and everything in it including our pets in case you have animals with fur like dogs or cats. Keeping the house clean and manageable is tiring but nothing better and more rewarding than looking at how pleasant our house feels every time we have done the cleaning routine. To make sure everything is manageable, we can do some of these tips in the house, especially if you have a pet.

  • The most important task is to keep the pet clean and while it sounds very obvious, grooming them routinely whether it is at home or with professional help will keep your pet happy, clean, healthy, and the house free of mess. Their long furs need to get trimmed every now and then as well as make sure to wipe or clean their body after playing outside. Read also: Oster Golden A5 Vs Turbo A5.
  • Another tip to keep your house less messy with fur is changing the furniture material because the wrong material can act like a magnet and even cause odor or stain. The type of material you may want to try are leather, tightly woven materials or any other fabric that resembles these two. You may also want to try those with similar shade to your pet to mask the obvious furs that get stuck.
  • To make sure the house is always clean, you will need a reliable vacuum cleaner because the regular one can’t deal with furs properly and while high-end vacuums are mostly coming with powerful motors, there are various vacuums specifically offered as a pet vacuum.
  • Next is deciding a cleaning station or spot in the house or outside to clean your pet so we don’t have to trace the mess after they play outside and ideally, we can use a laundry room for them to clean up equipped with dog towels, wipes, water spray, and other tools or product needed to bathe them.
  • For those who have been cleaning diligently but still find bad odors in their house, it might be coming from their belongings. Pet beds, toys, or leads can pick strong odor especially with dogs and we have to clean them regularly to wash away the scent. However, go check the product first and make sure they are machine wash friendly for there are some requiring a more gentle, hand wash process.

About Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8

If you have a pet in the house, now is the time to prepare the cleaning tools and start from the basic one, we need to vacuum the floors or surface then proceed to wash the pet’s belongings. Vacuum cleaner is the most crucial tool to have both as a house cleaning tool or to help you manage to keep fur and hair away from surfaces. What you may want to consider is vacuum cleaner with strong motor or suction as well as easy to use or access various places.

There are high-end expensive vacuums and there are those made specifically for homeowner with pets and we do recommend the latter because many of the have special features or technology to deal with pet furs. Among those many options, Bissell and Dyson are probably two of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands out there and they are always well-known for the amazing performance especially reliable power to suck the dust and fine particles from accessible surface in your house so then we don’t have to spend much energy going back and forth on the same spot.

They carry lots of models in the catalogue both for regular application and for pet owners but for the latter we have Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 made ideally for those houses with dogs or cats that often shed and stuck their furs on furniture. These vacuums are promising a powerful motors to help taking care of fine hairs and will make sure your sofa or carpet is free from their furs without much fuss because their suction is very reliable.

Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 are an upright vacuum cleaner or more specifically a stick vacuum which means they are operating with battery. The best thing about stick vacuum is they are light enough to be handheld for a longer period in case you will do a full house cleaning as well as convenient to access various places without having to worry about short cable or looking for a nearby wall power. Overall these vacuums can be your daily cleaning tools as well thanks to their versatile feature.

Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these two upright, cordless, stick vacuums are coming with the same design which is actually very similar to almost any stick vacuums out there with a slim long tubular stick in the middle and motor at the top. The whole weight with empty dust bin are 7 and 5.7 lbs. respectively coming in a box in which the parts can be assembled or disassembled before and after done cleaning or for transporting.

The material they are made are mainly from durable plastics so it is not surprising that they are quite lightweight. As for the battery, the length in which you can use these vacuums will vary widely depending on their suction mode but in general we can use them for about 30 minutes before recharging again. Aesthetic wise Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 are very stylish with this titanium and black fashion or the distinct Dyson style with its orange and purple combination; overall they look good in visible places.

Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 Performance

Moving further, let’s check the cleaning ability of these vacuum cleaners and in this side both of them are equally coming with powerful motor to make sure the fine particles or hairs are properly taken care of. Install any of their cleaning head and we are ready to go with their various cleaning modes yet, Bissell offer 3 of them here from the battery-saving mode for light clean-up and quietest operation, the medium power for daily cleaning, and the strongest setting for premium suction.

Dyson only offer two settings; strong suction and powerful suction which are amazing for daily or maximum cleaning activity. Comparing the performance however, we actually like Dyson better because this vacuum is more powerful and while it is also loud at the strongest setting, it is slightly better than the V6 brother yet, its efficacy is just as good and definitely better than Bissell when it comes to sucking smaller particles quickly and more effectively.

Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 Accessories

The feature we love from Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 is their versatility and this is because they are coming with several cleaning extensions in the package; one of them is motorized tool and this is very versatile as well as useful to help optimize the cleaning process thanks to its air-powered rolling movement. They are prone to get dirty or stuck with hair however, but at least it is easier to clean and take off compared to having to use a rolling lint.

Their upholstery tools are also very useful to brush surfaces and helpful with solid or hard surface in case there are dirt or finer dust which often stuck and very hard to clean with when just using the vacuums’ suction. In general the option to transform these vacuums to a handheld type makes them equally versatile for daily cleaning activity; not only for the floor but also upholstery.

Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 Convenience

The last point we want to talk about is their convenient and it is for the cleaning their bin because Bissell ICONpet and Dyson V8 are a cordless vacuums so their emptying system should be better than an upright corded type. In this side they are pretty good but Dyson take the cake since it only require you to open the bottom dust bin door and its content will flow directly to your trash bin in which Bissell still require a few more steps.

Bissell ICONpet vs Dyson V8

- High Performance digital motor spins at up to 420 miles per hour for powerful cordless cleaning performance
- 22v Lithium ion Battery offers cordless convenience with three cleaning modes
- Our patented Tangle Free Brush Roll spins up to 3200 RPM, leaving no hair wrap behind and making it the vacuum for pet households
- The Mess Free Dirt Tank with Clean Slide Technology allows you control the dust and dander to eliminate the clean up after the cleanup
- Cord free. Hassle free. Powerful suction,Refer USER MANUAL for instructions
- Up to 40 minute's run time when using a non motorized tool. Suction power (MAX mode) : 115 AW
- Lightweight and versatile, for easy home cleaning. Instant release trigger means battery power is only used while it’s cleaning. Requires charging for 4 hours minimum before first use
- Up to 30 minutes of fade free power with the Soft roller cleaner head

These vacuums are a great option for homeowners with pets like dogs or cats because they are very reliable when it comes to both power and versatility yet, in comparison Dyson is more powerful and more effective to clean the dust or small particles including fur or hair. Besides the power difference, Dyson is also winning in convenient for its easy dustbin emptying system with direct dumping process. In terms of accessories and versatility however, they are equally come with several tools and convertible to a handheld vacuum.


There is no bad option between these powerful vacuums but if we are to choose, Dyson V8 is a more reliable unit to pick because it has a strong suction and already come with all the tools we need to complete the house cleaning routine.