LitterMaid vs Nature’s Miracle

Cats are friendly and has lots of unique habits to always light up our smile but as many other pets, we have to take care of their hygiene as well to keep the house clean and pleasant. For those with cats, LitterMaid Vs Nature’s Miracle are two litter boxes to try with their own useful features. If you are also considering these options, go check what they can offer below and pick the one with the most promising performance before you go to shop.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Litter Box to Purchase
  • What are LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle
  • What LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle Look Like
  • How LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle Work
  • What LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle can offer
  • How are the Performance of LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle
  • LitterMaid Vs Nature’s Miracle 

Cat Litter Box

Having a pet at home is probably one of our best decisions because these animals are not only being the company to our daily life but also emotional support in many cases when human support seems not the best option. We love them just like a family and we want to give the best for them as well with a better life and of course accompany. As their owners, we have lots of responsibilities besides providing healthy foods and clean water to drink.

One of them is keeping the hygiene including cleaning their litter box everyday so they can be comfortable and our house stay fresh or pleasant for the people living in it. The problem when it comes to choosing the cat products for our feline friend is sometimes they don’t use it and we feel like wasting money on the unused products especially about litter box because it seems there is this debate about open or closed box for cats in which not true according to a study.

Cats with no history of experiencing issues with their litter box have no special preference about whether the open or closed type are more comfortable to them. Instead, if you find the cats don’t want to use their box is because they prefer the clean litter box than dirty ones. However, in the details there are cats that like self-cleaning litter, unscented litter or even the litter box which placed near your bedroom so we still can’t make a whole general standard about their preference in details.

However, both closed and open litter boxes are coming with their own possible benefits that you may want to consider before shopping. For closed covered litter box, it is the best option for small apartments or room and since the size is small, it is dog proof in case you have canine friend at home as well. It keeps the litter or urine in the box and of course less messy while also great for décor since they come in different shapes. Read also: Bissell ICONpet Vs Dyson V8.

On the other hand, the benefit of open litter box is actually what’s not offered by the closed type and first is the wider room to use because your pet may dislike the cramped effect of covered box. Since it is covered, bad odors is a problem and your cats will probably hates it as well in case you forgot to clean it everyday. In addition, if you have a “chonky” boy or girl, the cramped room will be even more uncomfortable or not fitting their whole body.

About LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle

If you already decide to go with which type of litter that seems to fit your feline friend the most, now is the time to check what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and while most can do the job just properly, some models are even better and worth spending including a self-cleaning litter box. As the name suggest they will be very convenient for its owners because we are left to do only a little of the cleaning process.

Among those many companies offering cat litter box, LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle are two ideal options to choose from. Both of them are very popular and not only because their products are competitive in price but also because the litter box performance are reliable to help owners dealing with their pet’s litter even though you have less time to spare at home. Similarly, they offer both convenient and comfort especially with the odor management to make sure our room is always fresh.

For those who are not familiar yet with a self-cleaning litter box, they are also called as automatic litter box and this is because they are coming with certain mechanism; mostly using rake system to swipe the surface of your litter box and deposit it in a shallow compartment until you have the time to clean them. LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle are very similar to each other and they are very effective to keep the house clean while also keeping the waste odor concealed.

Many people have been using these automatic or self-cleaning litter box for their cats and there are lots of them who are recommending the product as well as there are some with different experience. In general these litter boxes are using the same system which is sensor and rake movement but some users tend to like LitterMaid better due to their material choice that we will be talking later. Overall LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle are a nice choice for cat owners who are busy or just looking for the most convenient way to clean their cat’s litter box.

LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle Design

The first thing you may want to consider when buying a litter box is their dimension or size because it directly related to your cat’s size in case they are bigger breed or overweight. This LitterMaid is measured about 17 by 35 inches in overall dimension including the ramp but the litter area itself is at 14 by 16 inches and it should fit one adult cat who are not overweight. As for Nature’s Miracle, this litter box is measured at 13.7 by 30 inches on the outer side.

The litter area itself is only 14 by 13 inches so it is a bit narrow if your cat has a bigger body. Both of them are made mostly from plastic and since the rake movement are depending on how many times your cat is using the box, they will consume very little electricity as well. In the past LitterMaid’s box has metal rake but the one we have today is plastic the same to its competitor which makes its performance not as reliable as it used to be.

LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle Mechanism

Moving further, let’s see the mechanism of LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle because while in general they are the same, there must be a little difference in their system. Both of them are using this swiping movement with their own dedicated rake and this mechanism will be activated automatically after your feline friend is using the box. The sensor is located in the middle of their litter sides and continuously active but they have different time range in which the rake will be activated.

LitterMaid is giving a 10 minutes after the sensor detects when your cat leaves the box while the latter take 20 minute in between this time stamp. This amount of time will make sure that they are already leaving the box and safe to proceed with the cleaning routine. They have the same movement as well by moving the rake forward and dumping the waste to a concealed box below their ramps. Unfortunately, there is no option to change this amount of time on these boxes.

LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle Feature

The next point is their feature and in this part, LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle are also different because in comparison if you are easy to get disturbed by noise while sleeping then the latter will be a more ideal option. This is because Nature’s Miracle comes with a sleep mode which makes the litter box goes inactive temporarily when you are asleep. The problem when these litter boxes are active or working is due to their loud noise; even those in other rooms can hear them from afar.

LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle Performance

Last but not least is performance and in this side there are mixed reviews about both of them because some users have different experiences. First issue is the noise when they do the cleaning process for none of them are quiet and the next is how the material is hard to clean in case your pet is not pooping or urinating on the correct place. They are made from plastic so unless it is quickly cleaned manually, the urine and sand will get stuck on the rake, clogging the mechanism and making their cleaning process ineffective.

LitterMaid vs Nature’s Miracle

- MULTI-CAT SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOX: This litter box has automatic scooping with a rake that removes waste for a clean, fresh start. It is designed to be used with multiple cats over 15 lb.
- LOW MAINTENANCE: When used as directed, the LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box requires no daily scooping, meaning you have a scoop-free clean up for up to 7 days.
- ODOR CONTROL: Once the rake removes waste, the waste receptacles with carbon filters keep mess and odor contained.
- LITTER BOX DESIGN KEEPS AREA CLEAN: Designed with high walls to prevent litter scatter and a paw cleaning ramp to help prevent tracking around the box.
- AUTOMATICALLY SCOOPS AFTER EVERY USE: Equip with smart-detection motion sensor and removable automatic rake for a convenient cleanup
- 24/7 FRESHNESS WHEN USED AND STORED AS DIRECTED: Waste receptacle keeps mess and odor contained. High walls help prevent litter scatter. The paw cleaning ramp helps prevent tracking around the box
- SINGLE CAT LITTER BOX: Designed for a cat 15 lb and under. This litter box is great for frequent travelers, and families and children
- EASY SETUP: Simply refill, relax and remove. For optimal performance, get the full line of Nature's Miracle products - litter, accessories and more

These litter boxes are a good option if you have a feline friend at home and in comparison they are pretty much similar to each other as well. They are also different because Nature’s Miracle has longer cleaning gap after your cat is exiting the box (10 vs 20 minutes) and it also offers a useful sleep feature to prevent the machine from proceeding the cleaning mechanism while you are sleeping because they are very loud. However, LitterMaid is a little bit wider in comparison to Nature’s Miracle.


All in all both of them are an ideal option for you cat owners but if we are about to choose from these models, we do prefer Nature’s Miracle especially if you have regular size cat because it has sleep mode.