Oster A5 Vs A6

Grooming your pet is necessary from time to time to keep their hygiene and cool them down when it is hot summer outside. If you want to save money and groom them at home, Oster A5 Vs A6 can help you with the clipping process because they are very reliable and performing fast to trim the furs, safely and effectively. For those who are also considering these clippers, go check what they can offer below and pick the one that seems more promising in performance.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Groom Dog at Home
  • What are Oster A5 and A6
  • What Oster A5 and A6 Look Like
  • How are the Speed Option in Oster A5 and A6
  • What else Oster A5 and A6 can offer
  • How to Clean Oster A5 and A6
  • Oster A5 Vs A6

Grooming Dog at Home

We all love cuddling with our pets and it is very relaxing as well as can be a great stress reliever from those hefty tasks or jobs we have to do at the office. Just like humans however, animal will also tend to produce bad odor when their hygiene is not taken care of properly and this can hinder you from enjoying the cuddle time. To make sure our dogs are always clean and fresh, we also have to groom them routinely at home or at professional store if you don’t have the time.

Grooming at the store may need you to wait for the turn since it took time and they can be costly as well, especially if you have more than one canine friend to care. To save some money, we can do the grooming at home with proper tools and knowledge on how to clean their body. We are sure all of us have bathe them before and while it can be a mess at times, as they get used to water and soap, dogs will eventually enjoy bathing.

  1. Bathing is the first step of grooming because before we are moving to the next process, we have to make sure that their fur and skin are already clean so then we can handle their furs easier. Bathing is also good to keep their fur and skin healthy as well as make sure there is no skin problems that we are not aware of.
  2. After we are done bathing and drying our feline friend, now is the time to blow dry and brush their fur. This is important to ensure the fur will not get stuck or tangled when being handled later. Use special brush made for dogs which you can pick based on their coat thickness and pay extra care to their stomach area as well for it tend to be sensitive.
  3. After the fur are neat and smooth, the last step is trimming their fur using clippers. Make sure to use clippers specifically made for animals or dogs because we can’t use human clippers on their fur. The tool may look the same but human clippers have narrower teeth and this can make the process uncomfortable as well as hurting their skin. The first step is to cut the matted or tangled area that we can’t brush previously and work your way to other area following the hair growth.

While grooming, notice their skin and reaction as well in case there is any condition such as redness or sign that they are uncomfortable because there is a chance the clipper might hurt them or the sound terrifies them.

About Oster A5 and A6

Before starting your groom plan, we have to prepare various tools first such as brush and clipper especially the latter because the one we used here is different from the one used by human and it is ideal to get the model specifically made for animals because they will perform more effectively. Dog clipper is widely available and most of them are affordable to save some money from visiting the groomer for we can do the grooming process at home routinely.

There are so many good options out there when you are trying to find dog clipper but not all of them will offer the same level of performance or feature. There are also various human brand clippers that offers its animal version too and one of them is Oster. We are sure most people are already familiar with this brand because they are among the most popular out there and some of us may already have one at home for personal use.

Their clippers are made with high quality materials with a wide range of blade to choose from and for those who are looking for reliable clipper for their dogs, Oster A5 and A6 can be in your shopping list. Both of them are close brothers and similar to other clippers from their catalogue, in most cases their units can be used with the same blade for they have the same system including these two. Being a close brothers what you can find on one model will mostly present on the other as well.

In this case is performance because both of them are working very well with many customers giving positive reviews yet, our favorite part from Oster clippers including Oster A5 and A6 is their sharp blades and easy operation which makes grooming at home becomes a breeze. However, these two are not exactly 100% identical since as the higher model, the A6 is also offering more in its capability yet surprisingly it is not far apart in price range compared to A5.

Oster A5 and A6 Design

Usually, Oster clippers are looking the same as long as they are coming from the same line but in this case, Oster A5 and A6 are quite different to each other. As you can see from the sample picture above, the former is very similar to the popular clippers Turbo A5 which you can check on our Oster Golden A5 Vs Turbo A5. It has this straight tubular design measured at 1.9-inch deep, 2.1-inch wide, and 8.2-inch long while weighing at 1.7 lbs.

The latter Oster A6 is coming with a more modern design and looking like a human clipper even more with slightly dented body at around 3/5 of its length. The handle is definitely more ergonomic here and is also lighter compared to the A5 clipper. It is also slimmer in general because this model is measured at only 1.7-inch deep, 1.8-inch wide, and 7.1-inch long. However, the cord is a little bit shorter and consume far less power than its brother.

In addition, Oster seems to change the body material as well and now this A6 is made with new component which make sure the body is not going to wear or peel as easily as the older units from the company.

Oster A5 and A6 Speed

Moving further, let’s what Oster A5 and A6 can offer because both of them are very similar yet also different from each other and the first point people always ask about a clipper is mostly their speed since it mirrors performance and efficacy. In this side both of them are very powerful and should be able to help you finish the job quickly with two different seed setting at 3000 and 4000 strokes per minute compared to three different setting up to 4400 strokes per minute on Oster A6.

The latter is indeed faster and what’s surprising it is also consume less power than A5 probably because they are featured with the new patent pending angled eccentric drive system and precision calibrated motor technology by Oster. 

Oster A5 and A6 Feature and Blade

On the additional feature, dog clippers usually have no fancy features depending on their price range yet to excel its performance, now Oster A6 is also coming with another patent pending isolator which is new and helpful for a prolonged grooming session. This is placed around the motor and called as Vibration Isolators so it will help absorb some of the vibration created by the motors to reduce the noise emission and to let you use the clipper for longer less tired; even better when combined with the soft grip handle.

As for the suitable blade, just like many other Oster clippers, both of Oster A5 and A6 are going to be packed with their standard #10 CryogenX Detachable blade but you can always shop for more blades from the collection or use them interchangeably for we can put the same A5 detachable blades in any of these models.

Caring for Oster A5 and A6 

In general, both of them have the same mechanism which means they will need to be cleaned in the same manner and in this side what you have to do after every grooming session is cleaning the blade. There will be a lever or a button just below their blade and you can push these buttons after ensuring the power is off to remove the blade. Use a small brush to clean any fine hairs that may get stuck and don’t forget to lubricate them so the blade can stay sharp.

Oster A5 Vs A6

- Powerful, heavy-duty universal motor delivers 2 speeds: 3,000 SPM and 4,000 SPM
- Clipper is ideal for grooming dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. - Compatible with Oster A5 detachable Cryogen-X blades, and Elite Cryogen-X and Take -Down Quick Wide blade series
Detachable A5 blade system makes blade changes quick and easy
- Includes detachable #10 CryogenX blade, blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes
- Versatile pet hair clippers offer one-touch controls and 3 speeds: high (up to 4, 400 SPM), Medium (3, 600 SPM), and low (3, 100 SPM)
- Heavy-duty precision-calibrated motor provides an ultra-smooth, efficient cutting experience
- Vibration isolators help absorb excess vibration and noise for all-day grooming comfort
- Soft-grip material helps reduce hand fatigue and heat during prolonged use

Both of them are a good clippers to have if you want to groom at home but they are also different because Oster renew their clippers and make A6 have different material as well as more effective motors. The issue is that because of the plastic body, many users find it doesn’t last long yet, it is indeed quieter and more comfortable to handle. A6 also consume less power and able to deliver 4400 SPM in addition to another 2 different settings.


All in all we can choose any of these clippers and still be satisfied with the performance but, since A6 seems flimsy, we do recommend users to go with the older Oster A5 because it is already effective, more affordable and able to last longer than its brother.