Andis AGC2 Vs Ultra Edge

Grooming our dog is necessary and we have to do it routinely to make sure the house is more manageable and their skin healthy. For those who want to save money, we can groom at home including clipping their fur because there are many reliable clippers out there like Andis AGC2 Vs Ultra Edge that will help with the work faster and convenient. If you are also considering these options, go check what they can offer below and get the one with more promising performance.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Prepare for Grooming
  • What are Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge
  • What Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge Look Like
  • How are the Motor and Speed of Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge
  • What else Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge can offer
  • How to Care for Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge
  • Andis AGC2 Vs Ultra Edge

Grooming Dog at Home

As you may already know, dog needs to be groomed regularly and this is required to make sure their skin is healthy while the house can be free from stuck fur/hairs here and there. Why do we want to use professional service is because they have the proper tools and we can leave the hassle while doing our job but as their owner, our dog actually love being groomed by the owner since they are more comfortable and at ease with the person they know.

Depending on the breed, age, type of coat, and hair length, not all dogs should be groomed as frequently or as less because they play an important role in deciding the routine. In general they need to be groomed at least once a month while puppies will probably need a more frequent grooming because it is a method to let them being used to the grooming and avoid the chance of difficult handling when they grow up. The key however, is being patient because it will need time.

  1. The first thing you have to prepare before start grooming is the place because it is best to set a roomy place so we can move easily and the most important is everything already put in place including the products so we can access them easily.
  2. The second step is preparing the right tools depending on what you want to process. This will included the dog shampoo of your choice, toothbrush if you will need to clean their teeth as well, and the type of brush matching the dog’s fur type. For example short hair is better with bristle brush.
  3. Before bathing, make sure to brush their hair first because it will ease you when washing their body so it will lessen the clump and even promoting easy trimming if you plan to do so as well. It will help remove debris, falling hair, and when done routinely, will help promote shiny coat.
  4. When grooming like brushing or bathing, don’t forget to check their skin condition as well because especially in summer, there might be some tick or similar small animals nesting on your dog’s skin and fur. It will affect their skin condition and makes them uncomfortable so regular checking is preferable in certain season or if they often go outside.
  5. What’s not to do is using human products on them because they are not ideal for animal application. For example human clippers since they look the same yet, the one we use are not for animal and if forced, the tool may cause them uncomfortable or even hurting their skin.

About Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge

For those who want to save money and groom their dogs at home, getting the right tools will be necessary and if your dog has a long fur, trimming them from time to time is great as well so our house can be free from stuck furs as well as the dog can manage their hair better. There are lots of dog specialized clippers out there and many human clipper brands also have them in the catalogue so be careful when choosing one to not get confused.

Among those many options, Andis is one of the best options to shop from because they are very well-known when it comes to high quality products and they carry quite the options as well to make sure there is always one for your preference. There is another good brands to choose from like Oster with their popular Oster A5 Vs A6 that are coming in similar price range to many Andis clippers. If you plan to spend a little bit less however, the AGC2 and Ultra Edge are two ideal choices.

These clippers are not from the company’s high-end line or those made to aim for better efficacy and performance yet, for home use, Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge should be able to help your clip the dog’s fur reliably. Both of them are very similar to each other because mostly, what you can find on one model is also available on the other. This can be confusing for some users since in general their blades are also interchangeable including the level of speed they can offer.

Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge are aimed for pet owners who want to groom their dogs at home and the claim that they are made for any coat types is great for versatility especially if you have more than one dog at home but from different breeds. In addition, they are also easy to clean just like many dog clippers out there but we will still need to care about the product after every clipping to make sure the unit is long lasting.

Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these clippers are identical to each other with the common design you can find on other dog clippers out there which have a round and tubular housing. Andis claimed these rigid housing is shatter-proof and they sure seem so but we don’t recommend abusing the clippers because it may affect the machinery inside. Size wise they are the same and weighing the same about 1.1 lbs.

The housing material is made from polymer with different color finish; purple for the Ultra Edge and black for the AGC2. They are also coming with the same blade choice because what we found in their package is the same #10 from their UltraEdge blade collections. The cord is quite long at 14 feet and thick as well so you don’t have to worry about their lasting ability or if they are easily tangled.

Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge Motor and Speed

The first thing you may want to know about a dog clipper or any clipper is probably the speed and motor because it will closely related to the performance as well as efficacy. In this side, as you may already know, both of them are equally offering 2 different speeds to allow you deal with different fur types and they are also different because the latter is more powerful. We can choose either 2700 or 3400 strokes per minute and between 3400 or 4400 strokes per minute.

As for the motor type, Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge are using the same rotary motor instead of pivot and magnetic motor. Rotary motor is the one being used for most powerful clippers in the market come in both AC and DC powered units. They offered high speed and high power with almost no maintenance needed. In addition, this type of motor is also ideal for any coat types which makes it a popular choice for groomers.

Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge Features

Similar to many other dog clippers, there is no fancy features in Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge but they offer what we need and effectively do so. The first useful feature that you can find in either of them is a locking switch which is great to make sure the clipper won’t accidentally goes off while being operated and this is helpful to prevent the clipper from hurting your dog in such scenario. Additionally, they claim that these clippers are also designed differently.

Some dog or human clippers may have fans and vents to help cool the motor down but they are not present in these models because the machinery and design are optimized to stay cool without one. It is good to prevent fine hair from getting stuck, means less maintenance as well.

Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge Maintenance

There is very little maintenance needed by Andis AGC2 and Ultra Edge because both can run fine without user having to check on the machinery inside but, they will still need a proper care every after clipping because there will be stuck hair on the unit and this must be cleaned or the clipper will not work properly. The manual should be a lot of help and in addition we will also need to oil the blades every time being used.

Andis AGC2 Vs Ultra Edge

- Cool and quiet running ,Voltage - 120 Volts
- Perfect for all coats and breeds.
- Detachable blade design for ease of changing and cleaning.
- Two-speed rotary motor for performance that pros demand.
- Cool and quiet running , Volts - 120 V
- Perfect for all coats and breeds.
- Detachable blade design for ease of changing and cleaning.
- Strokes per Minute: 3400,4400 spm

In general there is almost no difference between these clippers because they are very much similar to each other and the one that set them apart from each other beside the fashion option and name printed at the body is their speed range because in general the Ultra Edge is more powerful with faster performance, means more effective clipping time. Their blades and the rest of mechanism however, stay the same.


You can pick any of these clippers just fine but for those who are living with more than one dog or those who are in the market for a more reliable clippers, we do recommend getting the Andis Ultra Edge because it has higher speed and still very affordable.