Dogtra 200C vs 280C

As a dog owner, keeping them behave is one of our duties because animals need to be trained to not harm humans or other animals that are not a threat to them. Some dogs have different characteristics and probably more stubborn but with the help of training collar like the Dogtra 200C Vs 280C, you can help them be more manageable and quickly understand the cues given. For those who are considering to get one of these collars, go check which the best option is below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for a Dog Training Collar
  • What are Dogtra 200C and 280C
  • What Dogtra 200C and 280C Look Like
  • How are the Stimulation Levels Available in Dogtra 200C and 280C
  • How Far Dogtra 200C and 280C Receive Signal
  • How are the Battery Performance of Dogtra 200C and 280C
  • Are Dogtra 200C and 280C Easy to use

Dog Training Collar

Being a pet owner we need to be responsible for their wellbeing but it also includes their behavior because we are living with other people in community in which having a dangerous behavior will lead to lots of problems and we the owner should be the one who teach our animal friend. Two of the most common pets are dogs and cats but all of us agree that dogs are more active and the one we often need to bring outside for walk and play. Read also: Dogtra 1900 vs 2300

They are also easier to train for different applications and helpers such as in law enforcement and social services. But, naturally dog is just like any other animal will keep their instinct despite already living with their human and sometimes this instinct or behavior is not needed anymore that it can cause discomfort for the people or other animals around them. This is why dogs need basic training since puppies so they can be commanded well when doing unwanted behavior.

People have different methods on how to train their dogs but there is a tool that has been used for quite some time now to help owners deciding on how their dogs should behave. Some people may think it is cruel and yes, we also don’t agree with using shock as a method to make them behave but it is very useful and effective especially if you are dealing with a stubborn ones. The key is to not using training collars for smaller dogs or those who don’t understand basic commands like sit and stay.

This is important to make sure your dog understand what you want them to do and how the shock will associate with negative behavior. Owners need to know that the collar is not for punishment but as a tool or deterrent to change a negative or unsafe behavior in your dog. It may sounds inappropriate since we are using a literally electric shock to them but the amount provided is not going to cause any harm when used properly and there are various signals as well to capture their attention besides the shock.

To choose the dog collars, it is best to spend a little bit more than the cheaper ones because we need them to be properly safe. A far signal reach is the one most important feature to make sure the tool is useful even when your canine friend is running or further away from you. For those who loves doing adventure, water-resistant body is great to keep the tool useful in any situation mother nature throws at us and try looking at those with a variation of commands and not just the shock.

About Dogtra 200C and 280C

If you are ready to use and the dog is already understand the basic commands but struggle to remain behaving with regular voice command, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer on their dog training collar section. There are so many of them and in general all will give you several levels of shock strength to adjust with their respond and how your dog recognize the additional treatment. If you are for certain budget, deciding the range of prices can be helpful to shop faster.

With the vast collection to choose from, it is common to be confused but don’t let the huge options to make you picking the wrong choice because at the end you are the only one who understands which collar will be the most ideal for the feline friend. For those whose dogs already behaving quite good but still need a little push to don’t do unwanted actions, Dogtra have the best choice for the application and it is with either their 200C or 280C.

Both of them are a great option for a moderate training or those with mild behavior so in general they are not the one if your canine friend needs a more strict training or stubborn. As the name suggests, they are a very close brothers which mean mostly you will get what’s present in the former, available on the latter as well.  One of the things we love is that they are very easy to use and quick to get familiar with.

Dogtra 200C and 280C are very much similar to each other and as the big brother, the latter will also offer some more features in the tool which may or may not attract your attention. Both of them are putting all the essentials in dog training collars but made to be more compact without eliminating the ease of use benefits. The only prominent difference however, seems to be the range of shock these two can provide.

Dogtra 200C and 280C Design

Side by side both of them are identical to each other while the receiver and collar itself are also the same but with slightly different design due to the higher capability of 280C. The collar itself is very small measured only at 2.3-inch by 11.2-inch by 1-inch without the strap. Both of them are not ideal for large dogs as well because they are listed to be used with dogs that are fairly small or those weighing around 10 lbs. and more.

What you will notice different about these dog trainer is mainly on the transmitter because the latter doesn’t use the rotating dial anymore, changing it to a small screen at the front. They are made from a hardened plastic and very robust but also lightweight. One issue lots of users have been experiencing is their battery because either of them will need frequent charging and will not last very long so be prepared to experience the same thing.

Dogtra 200C and 280C Strength Level

The first thing you may want to know about dog trainer is probably the stimulation range because usually the higher it gets, the stronger it becomes and more ideal for a wider range of users but in this side since Dogtra 200C and 280C are for mild dogs only, both of them don’t offer a very strong stimulation; the former is from 0 to 100 and the latter is from 0 to 127. It is also in an increment of 5 so setting are very much simpler.

They are also not only offering standard shock command but other treatments as well to match with your dog’s behavior or your preference in case some are more effective than the rest. You will get to choose either nick, constant, or high performance pager vibration. 

Dogtra 200C and 280C Distance and Battery

The next most important factor you may want to consider when looking for a dog trainer remote is the distance and first, we do hope that 280C is actually more further reaching than its brother but in fact they are equally rated for ½ miles coverage which is fairly good at home but not very well ideal if you are going for some adventure out there. But, one of the best features we love in these trainer is their water-proof design.

If you are only using them at home while walking routinely, this feature seems unnecessary for mostly we carry coat or jacket but they are very useful when you need to bring the canine friends outside for a little bit of adventure. Additionally, they can be converted to a two-dog system if you have two of them so we can control the receiver with one remote only.

Dogtra 200C and 280C Ease of Use

Last but not least point we want to talk about is their ease of use because this is also what sets Dogtra 200C and 280C the most. Notice that there is no rotating dial anymore in the latter and this is why we have the new display here because now we view the level or increment on the display instead of rotating the knob. It might be better for wider treatment range but in real life we actually prefer the dial because they are easier and faster to use even while using one hand.

Dogtra 200C vs 280C

- ONE-HANDED OPERATION: With 100 stimulation levels, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect level for your pet. The levels can be adjusted with one hand by using the front-facing Rheostat Dial
- FULLY WATERPROOF SYSTEM: The 200C transmitter and receiver are both fully waterproof. If your hunting or fieldwork leads you and your dog into wet/damp areas
- ULTRA-COMPACT DESIGN: This receiver is perfect for small dogs with its compact design. It’s designed for dogs up to 10 pounds or more and is perfect for obedience or field training
- ½-MILE RANGE: The range of this training e-collar is perfect for any, and all simple commands for your dog. With a range of ½-mile, this e-collar is a great choice for basic obedience training and entry level field work
- PRECISE CONTROL: With 127 stimulation levels, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect level for your dog with the gradual and precise stimulation control
- STIMULATIONS: The 280C has two different stimulation types. The first stimulation type is a Nick (quick ½-second) and the second stimulation type is a Constant stimulation (up to 12 seconds)
- FULLY WATERPROOF SYSTEM: The 280C transmitter and receiver are both fully waterproof. Whether you’re out near a body of water or stuck out in the rain, you won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning and can tackle any environment
- COMPACT DESIGN: This receiver is great for small dogs with its compact design. It fits perfectly in one hand and has a “no-look” design so you can keep your eyes on your dog

Both of them are a good option if you are looking for a dog collar that can be gentle enough for your mild canine friends. Their prominent difference between both of them are only the strength levels which is higher in 280C and how they change the way to use the unit because now we can set the strength using the display to view both level and battery level. Besides these two both of them are very much similar to each other.


All in all the decision is all yours because your dog may need stronger stimulation or not and if they do, the best option will be picking the Dogtra 280C because it has a wider strength setting while if you think they are mild enough, the 200C is actually more comfortable to use.