Chemi Pure Elite vs Purigen

Cleaning fish tank or aquarium is a routine work for all of us with pet fish at home because they are very delicate and easily affected by the living space, especially if it is rarely cleaned. For those who want to be convenient, Chemi Pure Elite Vs Purigen are a great choice to keep your water free from organic waste. If you are also considering to choose any of these filters, go check which is more promising and effective for the application below. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you want to Keep Fish at Home
  • What are Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen
  • What Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen Look Like
  • What Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen are used for
  • How are the Performance of Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen
  • What else Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen can offer
  • Chemi Pure Elite Vs Purigen

Caring for Aquarium or Fish Tank

Having a pet at home is great for they can be our companion and it is a nice hobby to keep your mind active or even physically active if you decide to have a dog because they need a daily walk and exercise. However, there are so many types of animals that we can keep at home from the calming and endearing cats to those small fish and snails that we can keep inside an aquarium or fish tank; it all depends on your personal taste.

The only drawback we have to consider when deciding to keep this type of animals is how to properly care for them because as all of us already know, fish is probably the most delicate common animals we can keep at home. However, depending on their type, not all fish will need the same level of tending or care because in general, freshwater fish are less expensive and easier to care for even compared to other types of pets, but this is also not completely true.

This is because fish in general is more demanding than other types of animals we can keep at home so compared to dogs or cats, we will need to pay a lot more attention to the playing factor when keeping them. They have basic needs just like other animals such as food, water and proper habitat but, what makes them different is that they do live in a different environment than us humans and other mammals, thus, they are completely dependent on us to live well.

The most common task we are going to do when keeping fish besides feeding them is cleaning their environment or the aquarium and fish tank because while cats or dogs will not die if not groomed in even a year, it is different for fish since they are living with their own waste and other animals we are keeping them with inside the tank. They will need a regular water change and pH testing to make sure that the water is proper for them to live in.

What’s tricky is depending on the size and how many animals living inside, the frequency on how often we should clean the aquarium and filtration system will differ as well. Usually, we will have to clean the tank weekly while the water change should be done for about once a month. For those who are keeping extra delicate fish like goldfish, you will perform the cleaning more often so in addition, the type of fish is playing a higher role in deciding when and how often to clean the tank.

About Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen

If you are keeping fish at home, be prepared to perform constant cleaning as well but as technology has improved, there are various methods to keep the frequency low even though it doesn’t mean we can slack because we will still need to perform our duty as the owner routinely. Keeping the aquarium in a proper condition including providing adequate light or only giving the needed amount of feeds will help lessen the burden of cleaning them too often.

There are various cleaning tools we can use to finish the job quickly but for those who are concerned about the residue and wastes in their water, Chemi-Pure and Seachem are two ideal options to choose because they have various filter products that will help you to cleanse the water without much fuss to do and all of us want this convenient feature to ease the job. For cleaning the water, Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen will be the best choices.

Both of them are coming with similar purpose which is why many of us confused about which to choose but in general, not all alike filters will work the same because depending on their material and purpose, the substances that they are cleaning may differ as well. The Elite filter from Chemi Pure is a very popular filter today and the reason why so many people are using this version is because it can deal with lots of materials in your tank which means it is very convenient for most people.

Moving to the other filter, Purigen from Seachem is another well-known filter and very popular among fish tank keepers because they are working very well. It is the basic version for the filter and is great for nitrates cleaning but they also have the other version which is used to remove phosphate called PhosGuard that you can check on our Purigen Vs PhosGuard. Overall both of them are ideal depending on what you need to take care of in the tank.

Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen Package

Similar to many other filters, Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen will come in certain container and there are several packages we can choose here starting with 6.2 ounce, 11.74 ounce, and 46 ounce of Elite and 100 ml, 500 ml, or 1L bottle of Purigen. You will need to contain these filters in certain pocket or mesh fabric because we will need to submerge these packets to work. Inside these packages there is a mix or filter that will act as the mechanical filter of your water.

Take a look inside the Elite bag you will see a blend of activated carbons, ion exchange resins, and ferric oxide because they of them are meant to perform different cleaning, it can look quite disgusting due to the consistency but let’s not pay attention to it. On the other hand Purigen looks more pleasant because it is only resin and transparent just like crystal but also a little murky. The resin beads is very small so it is difficult to see clearly without magnifier.

Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen Purpose

Moving further, in our opinion, the main difference between Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen is their purpose because as it has been mentioned above, the former is a more of an all-in-one filter which means it will filter more materials from your water compared to the later. This filter is meant to eradicate the phosphates and silicates as well in the tank, the problems which are not taken care by Purigen. The latter is strictly removing nitrogenous or organic material waste.

Seachem also have a product called PhosGuard in case you want to remove silicates and phosphates as well but the Purigen version is not effective for these materials. These two will work good but for different application for example, if you are growing saltwater coral that doesn’t need phosphates or having a problem like algae which seems to grow in your tank only, the former will be a great choice. 

Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen Performance

Checking out the performance, both of these filters are actually very reliable and they are very effective against various materials. Starting with Elite filter, this bag of carbon blend is working amazing and it works in a few days to clean your water. You can check the level of for example phosphate after few days and they show a very low of it. The blend will last for about 6 weeks and we will need to replace it again after to make sure the filter works properly.

Moving to Purigen, this filter is also amazing in terms of keeping your water clean and when tested in murky aquarium with much waste, it able to clean them in just about 3 days after being put in the canister filter. If you have small filter bowl, fitting the bag inside can be a problem for the water flow so make sure to find the more appropriate placement. It doesn’t change the water into crystal clear but it does clean them up.

Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen Feature

While Chemi Pure Elite and Purigen are equally effective, they are not the same when it comes to cost saving because the fact that the latter can be reused is very attractive. Yes this bead is reusable and we only need to wash them after every usage. The method is soaking the bag in 1:1 bleach water in a non-metallic container for 24 hours then use a solution of tablespoon of dechlorinator per cup of water for 8 hours and finally rinse them well with water.

These water filters are very ideal if you don’t want to perform a full cleaning too often since they can take care of the unwanted materials conveniently but they are also different because Elite is an all-in-one solution so it can take care of nitrogenous materials, phosphates, and silicates in which the latter is dealing with the first materials only. What Elite lacks is being reused for we can only use them once.

Chemi Pure Elite vs Purigen

- Crystal clear water
- Removes phosphates, silicates, odors and color-causing's dissolved organic molecules.
- Controls Algae
- The Original Chemi-pure for over 50 years
- For marine and freshwater
- Purigen is a premium synthetic adsorbent that is unlike any other filtration product. It is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents
- Regenerable
- Removes organic waste


All in all, it is best to pick the filter for your application because they are quite different and for those who are looking for a solution that can clean phosphates and silicates as well, Elite is the answer but if they are not a concern, Purigen is a good filter which you can reuse.