LiftMaster 877MAX vs 877LM

While customary lock-and-key frameworks have improved after some time, the essential system has not generally changed since the primary lock was concocted in excess of a thousand years prior: A bit of metal that is the perfect shape drives pins inside a lock into the best possible position, permitting the lock component to turn. As a general society, it has been difficult to replace a framework that has worked reliably for a thousand years. 

Utilizing your fingerprints to open the front entryway may seem like a science fiction, however, what is to come is here. We pushed through all the cutting-edge razzle-dazzle to find the smartest and electronic keyless entry locks for your home. 

LiftMaster’s remote keyless entries framework enables you to open or close your carport entryways without utilizing a key or a remote control unit. With these priceless frameworks, you can program a secret 4-digit PIN into the carport entryway opener unit, and no approved staff without the PIN or code can get to the carport. 

Be that as it may, no two LiftMaster items are the very same, even keyless entry frameworks. This article serves to compare LiftMaster 877MAX and LiftMaster 877LM, showing their differences and in this manner, help you in settling on the correct decision between these two items. 


These items come prepackaged with the vital mounting equipment for screwing the keypads to the wall. For the 877LM, it tends to be handily customized by following the directions included in both the gadget and the carport entryway opener. Read also: Dyson V8 vs V10.

When you press the Yellow Learn button on the main carport opener, enter your 4-digit PIN on the keypad, and press the Enter button. In contrast to the 877LM, the programming steps for the 877MAX are started by holding the * and # keys together until the keypad does not flash anymore. 

At that point, press the Learn Button on the opener and enter your 4-digit PIN on the keypad. The rest of the means in the programming procedure rely upon the shade of the Learn Button of your opener. 

On the off chance that your Learn Button is yellow, press the enter key once. On the off chance that purple, the Enter key ought to be pushed twice. 

For the red or orange and green Learn Buttons, the Enter key must be pushed three and multiple times separately. To finish the programming and arrangement, press the 0 key on the keypad, and you are pretty much good to go. 


The two keypads are furnished with a passing code innovation for security purposes. This innovation changes the security code each time the framework is utilized to open the entryway, consequently making another code for the following access session. 

Surprisingly better, this in-manufactured security highlight appropriately named as Security+ 2.0 passing code innovation is further developed and can wipe out any radio wave obstruction presented by programmers or jammers. 


LifMaster 877LM can only work with Security+ 2.0 carport entryway openers. These openers are those structured with another recurrence of 315 MHz and having a yellow programming or learn button and two yellow reception apparatuses. 

The 877MAX, then again, is intended to be backwards compatible. This just implies it can work with any carport entryway opener made as right on time as 1993. 

The openers can either have a yellow, purple, orange, or green learn button, contingent upon the frequency plan and security make. The shade of the learn button decides the programming mode to be actualized in your 877MAX keypad. 

The 877LM can work with more up-to-date model openers, for example, the 8165, 8500, 8355, 8550 models, while the 877MAX is progressively universal in its activity, having the option to work with the models the 877LM works with as well as past models, for example, the 3245M, 3240, and 3585 models among others. 


The keypad’s top or cover is made of plastic as is the hinge connecting the cover to the fundamental gadget. A few clients guarantee this plastic development makes the keypad not all that solid and hence, progressively inclined to breaking if roughly handled.

Accordingly, all clients are encouraged to deal with their keypads with care and alert to guarantee a long life expectancy for the gadget. The included batteries for the other hand are Lithium-ion and rumored to be dependable with a life expectancy of about a year.


The buttons of the keypads light up once the gadget is worked, paying little heed to the hour of day. Perpetually, in the case of during daytime or in the night, the buttons are intended to create a backlight for convenience. 

This element proves to be useful if the keypads are installed or situated in a low-light zone. These keyless entry frameworks likewise furnish you with the alternative of a transitory code. 

This code or pin can be utilized to give impermanent access to neighbors, laborers, guests, delivery staff, administration laborers, temporary workers, and so forth. This component gives required access in earnest occasions in the event that you are not present in the house, and simultaneously, still guarantees the security of the home, as the primary personal pin still resides with you. 

The two of them accompany a flip-up cover which serves to secure the units against bad weather. In any case, hardly any clients asserted that the covers could not adequately ensure the keypads in case of a strong wind, as the wind handily flipped up the cover, leaving the unit uncovered.

LiftMaster 877MAX vs 877LM

- Open or close your garage door without using a remote control or key.
- Holds four unique PIN codes, and users can control up to four Garage Door Openers.
- Easily syncs to your existing opener’s frequency with single manufacturer/single frequency design.
- Protected from the elements with a weatherproof slide-up protective cover.
- LiftMaster 877LM Wireless Keypad (ONLY for Openers with YELLOW Learn Button)
- Compatible with LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman garage door openers with Yellow Learn Button
- Works only with LiftMaster Chamberlain and Craftsman Security+ 2.0 Garage Door Openers
- Only compatible with Craftsman openers manufactured by Chamberlain

Bottom Line

It is exceptionally clear that while the two keypads would work for the new frequency carport entryway openers, the 877MAX has a greater amount of an edge as it can open older entryways with lower frequencies. The all inclusiveness of the 877MAX makes it an increasingly favored choice and despite the fact that it costs a couple of dollars more than the 877LM, we believe the additional dollars is justified, despite all the trouble.

In addition, a deal could change the value distinction, making the two keypads be generally sold at a similar sum.