Wisdom Panel vs DNA My Dog

Explaining your dog’s genetic becomes so popular since a long time ago. It is because determines your doggy is an important thing. You will know all about the bark, number of breeds, disease, or any medical issues. The overall test that you need for your dog has to be done in the best way.

That is why choosing the right DNA test for your doggy becomes crucial. But, with the Wisdom Panel and DNA My Dog you will have less worry about it. now, let’s take a look deeper into them so that we can decide which one has the best DNA test that suitable the most for your dog.

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel is the company that will test your DNA’s dog with two package preferences. You can choose one of them as the premium or essential package test. The premium test will show you about your dog health risk and carrier up to +200 types of health risk. It is so perfect for the future of your dog’s health.

On the other hand, the essential package test from Wisdom Panel will show you about 25 medical complications that may happen to your dog. It also will show you more than 350 breeds of your dog. These features make you less worry about your dog’s health in the future as long as they live with you. Read also: K9 Advantix II vs Frontline Plus.

The test result from the Wisdom Panel has about 99% of the accuracy of 350 breeds, types, and variety. There are 250 for the older test you can take to make the accurate has a perfect score. It only needs about 2 up to 3 weeks for the result after your dog did the test. This is the best site for the canine DNA test for your lovely pet. 

The DNA test on the Wisdom Panel uses two swab tests. This means the result will more accurate with these two. Besides, there also will replace you with one free swab test if there any damage from the result. It is helpful for you to make sure that the result is 100% accurate or near to it. 

Wisdom Panel si charitable with its partnership with the animal rights group. This means that every method they use in the DNA test is valid and safe. They won’t make any harm to your lovely dog and will make them as comfortable as they can while they take the test with the genetic mutation system.

The result is pretty amazing from the Wisdom Panel test. This will make you sure to maintain your health’s dog and everything they need properly. You will more get to understand about your dog needs as their DNA test reveal with the right method.

The price comes from Wisdom Panel are have variant rates. The premium package’s price starts from US$159.99 and the Essential package start from US$99.99. There also another package such as the Health Canine Breeds that start from US$149.99 and the Canine Breed detection of Wisdom Panel 3.0 start from US$84.99.

DNA My Dog

The DNA My Dog is a kind of toolkit that use to test your dog’s DNA. This kit is one of a famous kit to get you to know the right DNA of your lovely dog. It will identify the test of the breed without use any bark on it. the advantage of testing your dog DNA is to need to know more about your lovely dog. That is why it is important to do.

The test used in DNA My Dog is a bare-bone test that you can do with two longish cotton swabs. It is very simple to use, you get the cotton swab in your dog mouth, then let it dry. Take it back to the envelope, then send them back to the DNA My Dog’s company address by mail. 

The result from the DNA My Dog will you get about two weeks. They will send you the result by email with a pdf format. Everything will be shown there and you just need to read them carefully. If your dog is mostly lab, there will say a level 1 lab, then level 2 for their breed. 

The DNA My Dog will give you most of the accurate results. It has about 75 up to 100% accuracy level to the real result. If your dog is a rare type, the company will not show you the result in their databases. This can happen if your dog comes from a different country which located from outside the US.

The DNA My Dog will focus on helping the dog to reveal their DNA. They will put the result on the dog’s card, so it is easier for you if you want to get a new dog to adopt. There is no fancy medical breakdown information, behavior, and body parts. You will get a certificate that shows you that the dog has been tested.

The price comes from the DNA My Dog is starting from US$68.99 for a Mixed-breed dog identification DNA test and life plan. The other package comes with the US$188.99 for breed identification and full screening test. This rate is at a good price that will give you the best result with a health screening which have a good value. 

Wisdom Panel vs DNA My Dog

- Adult weight range prediction to help you make appropriate nutrition and diet choices
- Breed insights to help you provide a better training program, understand behavior
- You will be emailed an official Ancestry Report revealing your dog's a genetic background
- This single test allows you to test Mixed Breed, Purebred or Designer Dog breed ancestry back to great-grandparents
- Results In About Two Weeks From Receipt Of Sample, Perfect For Animal Shelters, Veterinary Offices and At-Home Use
- Includes Breed Determination Report And Canine Breed DNA Analysis Certificate. Lists Breeds - Found By Level Percentage Found In Your Dog's Genetics.
An Outline Of The Generic Health Concerns And Personality Traits For Every Breed Found In Your Dog's Genetic Profile
- Acquiring Genetic Breed Knowledge About Your Dog Will Help You Be More Proactive About The Wellness Of Your Pet

Which one do you prefer?

Choosing the right kit for your dog’s DNA is important. That is why we need to be more careful about it. after getting the review above, we jump into the conclusion that Wisdom Panel has better features than DNA My Dog. The delayed result with the DNA My Dog still happen and we don’t wait for any longer to get to know what our dog’s DNA is.

DNA My Dog only has 96 breeds in their database, while Wisdom Panel has more than 350 breeds. This means the accuracy-test result from Wisdom Panel has more accurate than DNA My Dog. Besides, the price come from DNA My Dog is more expensive than Wisdom Panel or any other DNA tools kit for the dog in the market.