Petcube vs Petcube 2

Keep your pet on track while you are outside will give you a different experience. You will feel that your pet is safe and your pet still happy with your virtual appearance. With the right pet camera, this activity can achieve your dream to keep your pet safe. Besides, you will feel happier to get that.

Now, we have Petcube and Petcube 2 for the pet camera that you needed the most. Both of them have the new technology that supports you to keep your pet safe in your house while you are outside. Let’s take a look over them so that we can decide which one has the best features.


Petcube offers a lot of features that will support you to have a virtual conversation or special treat with your pet. With this great camera, you can treat your pet remotely with your pet’s favorite food. The fling treat will appear in some distance and you can make the schedule of it. Read also: Petzi vs Pawbo.

The automatic App from Petcube can easily be set into whatever you need to. You can make a schedule for their food or anything else. It is compatible with a variety of dry, crunchy dog, and cat treats. The capacity can hold up to 2 lbs of pet’s food at the bottom of the tank.

Petcube can integrate with any smartphone you have so that you can keep your dog about 24/7 from them. You can make a conversation or any command to your pet wherever you are and anytime you want. The video cam can record with about 1080p HD on day or night video. 

Petcube can easily connect with your Wifi connection so that it makes you easier to check your pet anytime. The 138 degrees of angle view will help you to capture and record the perfect angle for your pet. It featured with the night vision technology that helps you to keep record them through the night.

The close up zoom from Petcube has 3x zoom capability so that is perfect to see your pet even if they run out of nowhere around your house. You will simply find them with this close up zoom feature. You will have less worry when you get easier to find them. 

The chat features from Petcube offers you a conversation with your pet virtually. It is just like you talk to them through your phone. This will make it easier to play with them without living your job outside your house. It builts with the two-way audio communication so that you can talk to your pet directly.

Petcube offers you a cloud base video storage for free to save your video. It is important so you can keep your pet on track wherever and anytime you want. You also can see the last 4 hours stored on an interactive video timeline without any subscription. This is so great to see your pet activity while you can’t see them directly.

The dimension of Petcube is about 7.2 x 3 x 12.9 inches and 6 pounds of weight. The design is so simple with an elegant look. It compatibles with Alexa and comes at a reasonable price starts from US$159 on Amazon.

Petcube 2

Commonly Petcube 2 is an improvement from Petcube. It has more features and higher technology as the newest version of Petcube. It has a video streaming, night vision, great sound, dispenser treat, motion alerts, subscription plan, and smart alert. Just like the Petcube before, Petcube 2 also has all of these great features on it.

The field of view zoom from Petcube 2 has 160 degrees pf ultra-wide-angle lens of views. This is so great so it can reach a wider area in every corner of your house. It has a 4x zoom of digital technology so that makes you easier to track your pet. 

Petcube Bites 2 and Petcube Play 2 interactive pet cameras

Petcube 2 has already connected with Alexa so that you don’t need to install the App again. This makes you easier and makes your life efficient with Alexa that helps you tracking your pet. It makes your life simple with good echo sound form Alexa in your pet camera. With these great features, it comes at a good price start from US$199.

Petcube 2 can easily connect with your Wifi connections that support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections. These features make your pet always keep on track wherever you are. Besides, it is helpful to give you more interaction whether by a phone call or video call. You can say that you love them every time you want without worrying about the distance between you and your pet.

The night vision of Petcube 2 has an automatic night vision. So, if you call them at night you will not get any difficulty in setting the night vision. It automatically detects the night and day. You will have less worry about this matter. You still can see your pet clearly without any dark spot.

The dimension of Petcube 2 has a weight lighter size with only 5.7 x 3 x 10.6 inches and 3.9 pounds of weight. With these sizes, it comes with a simple design that makes it more elegant to looks. The dispenser tank can hold up to 1.5 lbs which are perfect to give your pet a special treat anytime you want. 

Petcube vs Petcube 2 

- View live video in HD with a wide angle lens
- Exercise and play with a built-in laser toy
- Customize access for friends and family
- Capture and share photos and videos
- 24/7 ULTIMATE PET MONITORING: With Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi pet cam, check on your pet anytime form your phone with 1080p HD video, 160° utlra-wide-angle view, and night vision. See up close with 4x zoom. Get real-time sound and motion alerts.
- QUICK 2-MINUTE SETUP: Petcube Play 2 is the only pet camera to support 2. 4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections. iOS 11 and higher, Android 7. 1. 2 and higher are required.
- CHAT WITH YOUR PET: With superior 2-way audio, you can hear and speak to your pet when away. Enjoy rich “lifelike” sound quality, now with a 4-microphone array and significantly improved speaker bar.
- PLAY FROM YOUR PHONE: Play with your furkid with a built-in pet safe laser toy, controlled from your phone, or set to autoplay mode to entertain your pet while you’re gone.

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, it is clear that Petcube 2 has a better feature than Petcube. While you need to install the Alexa App in the Petcube, there is no need to be installed on Petcube 2. Alexa has already installed on it so it makes your tracking pet easier. The camera zoom from Petcube comes in 3x zoom but in Petcube 2 it can zoom up to 4x zoom view.

Petcube has only 148 degrees of field view but Petcube 2 has 160 degrees of field views. It is larger than Petcube and can maximize your tracking pet activity with an ultra-wide-angle lens. It has an automatic night vision, while Petcube doesn’t have it. The design also comes with a weight lighter design in elegant looks.