K9 Advantix ii VS Advantage ii

There are many topical flea medicines for dogs available in the market. Including one of them is K9 Advantix ii VS Advantage ii. This medicine is one of the important concerns if people choose to take care of a dog in the house. Since there is always a possibility to dog experience this unpleasant thing. Before it ends to the worst condition for the dog, preparing suitable medicine earlier will be a good option to choose from. However, some people, especially those who get their first puppy recently, will get confuse on selecting the most suitable brands of the medicine. To get preliminary information and preview about this product, the following paragraphs will describe it further.

Brand Overview

.Whether Advantix ii or Advantage ii, both are producing from the same big medical manufacturer. The products launched by Bayer Animal Health as one of the free market medicine to help with preventing and controlling the topical flea of the pets. This medicine including the aim of works for dogs. Read also: K9 Advantix II vs Frontline Plus.

Bayer Animal Health is part of the Bayer Company. For generations, Bayer committed to supporting health around the world by keep producing and innovating new medicine for many matters. One of the company’s decision is to help to care for animals. That is why Bayer Animal Health is developed by focusing on pets and farm animals. To provide basic medication needs for pets, especially for dogs, Bayer Animal Health producing K9 Advantix ii and K9 Advantage ii. For further information about the ingredients, how it works, and much other important information, the following paragraphs will explain in detail.


Whether K9 Advantix ii or Advantage ii, both are works to help to protect the dog from irritating parasites. This is including ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, sand flies, stable flies, and lice. Both are also sufficient to works up to 28 days. Therefore, it is recommended on the official webpage to manage to give the treatment repeat every 4 weeks. Where this is an ideal schedule to give some optimum ways in protecting the dogs from the parasites.

How to Apply

The next question things are the common ways of the application of this medicine. If we check further, both products have a typical step of using that quite simple. In general, to apply the medicine for the dogs, the following steps are recommended to perform.

  • First is to part the dog’s hair and make sure the skin is visible.
  • Remove the pipette from the package.
  •   Hold applicator tube with an upright position, then do twist the cap and pull it off.
  • Next is to remove the seal from the pipette.
  • Apply the content directly to the dog skin.
  •   Apply the product to four spots along the skin of your dog’s back. Apply it from the shoulders to the tail.
  • If the dog is more than 25 kilograms, make sure to apply the whole tube squeeze firmly several times.


Even though both products coming from the same parent brand, doesn’t mean it has an absolute similarity without a difference. This is a thing that happens on K9 Advantix ii VS Advantage ii. If you look at details, you can easily capture the difference of the product as listed below:

  • Advantage ii is more suitable to treat adult flea, while Advantix works for the larvae too.
  • Advantage formula is safe to use for cats, while Advantix is not recommended for cats since it can be dangerous. This is due to the permethrin content inside Advantix that cannot be metabolized by the cat. Therefore, Advantage might be beneficial if you take care of the cat together with a dog.
  • Advantage works after contact, while Advantix can treat and repels flea better.
  • Advantix also benefits to kills ticks and avoid mosquito too. While Advantage is not able to give this extra benefit. Therefore, Advantix gives extra protection to avoid other possible diseases caused by mosquito.


It is an important thing to get the disadvantaged parts of any medicine. The same way with trying to find out the disadvantage of K9 Advantix ii VS Advantage ii. Both products might deliver several disadvantages for the long term using. In general, the use of this medicine will possibly to lead some skin reactions. Therefore, do not worry if your dog experiences hair loss or redness skin area. To manage these issues, discussing with the vet will be a recommended thing to do.


In terms of price, it is a good thing to know that K9 Advantix ii is selling for $68 in the market. While to get K9 Advantage ii, you will need to pay for $59. Therefore, it is clear that K9 Advantix ii is more expensive from K9 Advantage ii. However, this difference is not too significant, at the end the price difference still making both products are at the same level of price.

K9 Advantix ii VS Advantage ii

- 6 monthly applications of K9 Advantix II flea and tick prevention for extra-large dogs weighing 55 pounds or more
- K9 Advantix II flea and tick prevention for dogs works through contact, so fleas, ticks and mosquitoes do not have to bite your dog to die
- K9 Advantix II flea and tick control for dogs is an easy to apply topical formula
- Starts working to kill fleas within 12 hours and keeps working for 30 days
- Advantage II dog flea treatment works through contact, so fleas don't have to bite your dog to die
- Effective dog flea treatment kills fleas in multiple life stages (eggs, larvae and adults) to break the flea life cycle
- Easy-to-apply flea and lice treatment for extra-large dogs starts working within 12 hours and protects for up to 30 days
- Vet-recommended, fragrance-free and designed specifically to treat and prevent fleas and lice on dogs


From the information above, now it is quite clear that both products were typically similar and are at the same level of price. However, one product is giving more benefits and strength compare to the other. Therefore, in case you need to select between K9 Advantix ii VS Advantage ii, it is recommended to select Advantix II since it selling with more capabilities on fighting the flea. It was informed previously that K9 Advantix ii able to repels fleas so that the dog will not carry the parasites anymore. While if you choosing K9 Advantage ii, it takes the flea to bite before having the medicine fully works.

Overall, selecting a better product will ask you to do more sacrifices too. This is why you have to pay more if you choose to buy K9 Advantix ii rather than Advantage ii. Therefore, if you wish the best treatment for your dog, then prepare a sufficient budget on their medicine too. By selecting the best, in which case is by giving K9 Advantix ii for your dog, it manages to avoid them from flea which automatically brings a better and healthier environment for your house too.