SKYMEE Dog Camera VS Furbo

Pet cameras are very popular for the reason that owners can monitor their pets while away. It is an entertainment for us too because we can interact with them from almost anywhere. If pet owners want to try the benefits, SKYMEE Dog Camera Vs Furbo are the perfect solution to have in your house. These cameras can send good quality footage, very easy to use, and entertaining but also different so let’s see below about which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Buying a Pet Camera
  • What are SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo
  • How are the Unit of SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo
  • How are the Camera in SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo
  • How are the Image Quality of SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo
  • What else SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo can offer
  • How are the Performance of SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo
  • SKYMEE Dog Camera Vs Furbo

Advantage of Pet Camera

In modern days people can provide the proper care for their pets thanks to the advance in technology as well as the treatment that we may need for them. However, in most cases we will also have to leave them from time to time and it is something that many of us can’t avoid because we need to make a living from it. The solution for pet owners who are often leaving the house for work is to install a camera for their pet.

The most important part of having a pet camera is remote observation which may sound obvious but many may still not realize the importance of this feature. It is impossible to keep an eye on our dogs or cats whether it is because of work or just for a short errand out there. A pet camera is connected to your smartphone and since we are always holding one, this allows you to take a look into the camera anytime from almost anywhere as long as there is a connection available.

Not only for taking a look at what your pet is doing, it is very useful to find misbehavior such as if you often lose the socks or somehow one of your shoes has gone missing and can’t be found. The camera allows for continuous recording depending on the feature and plans to help us see this type of issue faster and work on the solution. It is almost like having a discreet way to monitor your pets without having to ask someone to be a sitter for them.

As the owner we think of pets like a family and are always concerned about their health and wellbeing. Oftentimes serious illnesses are not recognized early since we are probably busy and not noticing the difference in our pet’s behavior. With a camera running continuously, we can get a better insight of our pet’s behavior based on the patterns that they show. If you find something strange but don’t know what to do, we can show it to the vet to ask for help.

Besides for monitoring, pet cameras are a source for entertainment. We often miss them while at work and wonder what they are doing. With a pet camera, especially those that come with two way audio we can communicate with them through the speaker and microphone. They can hear our voice and we can hear their barks or meows. We can send treats too, if your camera comes with a built-in treat dispenser and some may even come with a laser to play with.

About SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo

If you are looking for these advantages or benefits, there are plenty of pet cameras to consider and rely on. These cameras are very useful and also ideal for pet owners, especially those who only have one pet since they are more prone to getting lonely while you are away. The specification and ability of each camera may vary and do consider the most important features or what you want to have from the device, including additional storage if you will need to review them for later.

It is also good to match your budget with the camera and any possible cost from the machine just so we can guess how much to spend. SKYMEE and Furbo for example are some of the most popular options that we can rely on based on what they can offer. These cameras are famous for being reliable and coming with all the necessary features you can enjoy. Price wise Furbo is often more expensive however and it requires subscription for some of the higher features.

For those who want to get a better image quality from their pet camera, SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo are two ideal pet cameras to consider. For this comparison we are going to talk about the newer camera from SKYMEE or the AI II which is claimed to be an improved version of the original model. They are not far apart in price so we do think it is still very affordable compared to Furbo. In comparison, both are very promising and also quite different.

One thing many people love about Furbo is its robust system which makes the product easy to use and reliable, including the app for your smartphone. However, it is not without drawbacks because there is no local storage in this camera and to store or download them we have to pay for the subscription. The image quality itself is pretty good on both cameras and they do come with night vision for a night monitoring purpose. Read also: WOpet Smart Camera Vs Furbo here.

SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo Design

The SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo are quite different in terms of design. As you can see, the shape and also overall look are different and since SKYMEE is larger, this camera may also contain more treats inside. The housing is the same or made of plastic with a lid at the top to pour the treats in. Their camera is located at the top of the unit so the view will be a bit high depending on where you install them.

Due to the shape, we do think Furbo will work better on top of a table or cabinet but while this new SKYMEE camera is square, there is a feature that prevents it from being mounted on a wall and we will talk about it later. They are directly connected to the wall power and are working with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi to stream the footage as well as receiving commands from the app. There is also a slot for cards inside the new SKYMEE camera.

SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo Camera

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo can offer starting from the camera first. The resolution for these cameras are the same or 1080p so they will get you a decent image quality. For a smartphone viewing we do think 1080p is adequate but you may want the higher one if using a tablet with a bigger screen. The angle of Furbo is 160 degree while SKYMEE is slightly wider at 180 degree to cover more area.

They come with night vision too for black and white footage but there is no spotlight on any camera so when it turns dark and we don’t have smart lighting in the house, the footage quality will be downgraded. There is two way audio for communication and the user can talk or speak to the camera while the pet is listening on the other side.

SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo Image Quality

Next for the quality itself, the footage actually looks great but they are not to the level of typical smartphones today. The image is crisp and we think it is adequate but if you want a lower image quality, SKYMEE offer a 4 different resolutions to try. The night vision is pretty good too and they are very similar so besides for pet, we often use them for as surveillance camera too when there is no security camera installed indoor.

SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo Features

What’s unique is while both SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo can do zoom digitally, only SKYMEE can rotate the camera. The camera itself is fixed in one position but the base can rotate 180 degree to cover more areas in your space. Just like most pet cameras, you can fit treat inside and we first thought SKYMEE has a large container inside which turns to be false as it is quite narrow actually. To be safe we can try smaller treats like those at ½-inch in diameter or smaller.

SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo Performance

Performance wise they are amazing, especially for the image quality. They can store footage too but the new SKYMEE camera has an internal storage using TF card that you can see when opening the lid to treat the compartment. The Furbo is subscription based so its sensor and storage is available with the premium plan called Dog Nanny. SKYMEE is not subscription based and its motion sensor is available to use with purchase but performance wise it is slower to detect than Furbo.

SKYMEE Dog Camera Vs Furbo

Both SKYMEE Dog Camera and Furbo are good options and there are some crucial differences as well. The new SKYMEE camera can store footage in the app and in your card without subscription so it is free to store the footage. It has no bark sensor however like the one in Furbo but it has a motion sensor which is not the best but it can be useful. Furbo has a motion sensor too but it is through Dog Nanny. We almost forgot to mention SKYMEE has a wireless charge feature for your smartphone.

- Higher-definition camera with 4 adjustable resolutions
- Clearer microphone with lower noise floor
- Wider field of vision with 180° rotation pan
- Night vision with auto & manual turn on/off
- 1080p Full HD Camera & Night Vision: livestream video to monitor your pet on your phone with a 160-degree wide-angle view, day & night.
- 2-Way Audio & BARKING ALERT: Furbo’s BARKING SENSOR detects when your dog is barking. It sends push notifications to your smartphone when it detects barking. Know what’s going on at home and talk to calm them down via the app.
- Fun TREAT TOSSING: TOSS a treat to your dogs via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill it with your dogs’ favorite treats & play a game of catch.
- Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to your home wifi.


There is no bad option here so pet owners can rely on any of the cameras but we recommend the new SKYMEE because it is more cost effective for now and in the future when you need the storage function. The image quality is good and features rich too.