Petzi VS Furbo

Pet cameras are very popular lately for its ability to help pet owners interact with their house pet, even while away. These cameras are useful and easy to use with various different features to enjoy such as what you can find on the Petzi Vs Furbo pet cameras. These two are loved by many for what they can offer and how you can communicate with the pet at home conveniently, from almost anywhere. To see which you may like better, let’s take a look at the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Pet Camera
  • What are Petzi and Furbo
  • How are the Design of Petzi and Furbo
  • How are the Image Quality of Petzi and Furbo
  • How are the Features on Petzi and Furbo
  • How are the Performance of Petzi and Furbo
  • Petzi Vs Furbo

Pet Cameras

Many of us have pets at home whether it is a dog, cat, or other animals that we can keep legally. The amount of pets at home varies and sometimes when you only have one, they may get lonely being left at home. The way pet owners try to keep their pets from boredom or even stress is usually by giving them a companion by adding another pet or buying them toys that can distract their attention. In some cases, these efforts alone are not enough.

This is why pet owners are starting to try communicating with their pets from time to time even when they are not at home. We would be lying if we say we don’t miss them while at work or when going out for a prolonged time so having a camera that we can see is a great thing to consider. Basically any camera can be a pet camera since it is very similar to the security camera that we may already have.

Security cameras have two way audio so we can hear their barks or meows while they can hear our voice too. What makes a pet camera special is their treat dispenser because not all cameras have this feature and since our pets love their treats, it is a great way to entertain them even when you are not at home. The treat dispenser can be filled with your dog’s or cat’s favorite treat and they will love to wait for the next snack time.

While seemingly very fun to have, we have to pay huge attention to the security too. Another advantage of a pet camera is monitoring and depending on how the company manages their system, it can vary too. The most concerning part is that someone can have access to the camera without our knowledge whether it is the person that used to live with you or other people who have no direct connection with you at all.

This has been a concern with security cameras as well but companies always have some way to ensure their customers that their product is safe to use and the footage as well as access is only owned by the user. It is not removing any risk in real life however so we do think it is wise to be cautious on changing the login information of your camera from time to time and not placing it in a private room such as the bedroom.

About Petzi and Furbo

There are plenty of pet owners so there are plenty of pet cameras as well. Knowing the risk helps us to make better decisions and more informed installation so we can minimize the risk and get all the advantages of having one at home. Since the main purpose of a pet camera is to monitor our pets, it is best to put it in the room or spot where they usually hang out such as the living room or near the entrance.

When buying a pet camera also make sure that the image quality is actually up to your liking because sometimes they can be too blurry to watch. Some of the most popular and reliable pet cameras that we can try are Petzi and Furbo which we are sure most people are familiar with already. These cameras are easy to install, have useful features, and also entertaining with treat dispensers that your pet will surely enjoy. Performance wise they are kind of similar but they are identical.

One of the most noticeable differences is their image quality because Furbo is famous for their high resolution and crisp image, very similar to the SKYMEE that you can check in our SKYMEE Dog Camera Vs Furbo. On the other hand Petzi is less crisp which may hinder you from enjoying or watching the footage on smartphone or tablet. As for the features, both Petzi and Furbo pet cameras are actually very similar such as the monitoring function and also the treat dispenser function.

We do think the Petzi and Furbo pet cameras are for two different owners with different concerns. In comparison, Petzi is noticeably cheaper and also a bit lower in quality compared to Furbo which often sold for more than $100. If you don’t need the recording function and are satisfied with the image quality, the Petzi is a cost saving choice but if you want more or plan on paying the Furbo subscription for storage function, this camera is one among the best.

Petzi and Furbo Design

When it comes to products that may get played or tackled by our pets, they need to be very sturdy and Furbo seems to understand this. The camera itself is not bigger than your typical flower vase and somehow looks kind of similar too. The housing is plastic but the bottom of Furbo is heavier and you can stick it to a surface to prevent the pet from tilting it or accessing the treat compartment. The lid is made of bamboo and it is very easy to remove.

As for the Petzi, the build quality is not as substantial as it feels lighter and cheaper. The product seems to work well however and unlike Furbo which is designed to be put on a table, this camera is best when you install it on a wall as it looks more streamlined and to avoid getting bumped by your cats. Both cameras are continuously powered and working with your Wi-Fi so we will need the smartphone app too in order to pair the camera and your device.

Petzi and Furbo Image Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Petzi and Furbo can offer starting from the camera or image quality. We are not very sure about the real resolution of Petzi but judging from the video quality, it will look something less than 1080p or probably around 720p which should look a bit like what your older camera phone looks like. It is very similar to the typical camera from phones that was released around a decade ago if you still remember it.

Furbo is a claimed 1080p camera and we can say that it definitely looks better and sharp. None of them can handle light well such as those coming from your window as it is too washed out to distinguish. The two are able to record during the day and at night with IR however but as expected the Furbo camera is looking better both in producing cleaner images of your pets as well as longer distance to see from the camera. In addition, the viewing angle is also wider on a Furbo camera.

Petzi and Furbo Features

Next is for the features part which is also quite different besides the fact that both Petzi and Furbo can throw treats. In general Furbo is richer and one of the most useful features is the bark sensor which immediately alerts your app when the camera picks up bark from the pet. This can help you see what the dog is doing or the reason for the behavior. As for live streaming both cameras can provide the feature but only Furbo can store it as well as with a sensor.

By paying for monthly or yearly subscription, Furbo will store your footage in cloud since there is no physical storage on the camera itself. The plan comes as a dog nanny and also gives you motion sensor based notification. Overall Petzi is only providing the live streaming and treat dispenser.

Petzi and Furbo Performance 

Lastly for the performance, both Petzi and Furbo are very reliable. Depending on the treat size that you put inside, do consider trying a few different treat sizes to match the machine first since larger treats are difficult to throw and smaller treats can be dispensed too much at one trigger. They are very simple to use but Petzi is simpler as it has very little features and for the app, Furbo does look better while the setup for both cameras can be done in minutes.

Petzi Vs Furbo

Both Petzi and Furbo are good cameras but probably for different people as well. The Furbo has more features and above all, its image quality is much better, especially when you compare it to most online content and smartphone cameras today. There are also more features available to use from the bark and motion sensor as well as the cloud storage if you want to download and review the recording later.

- A fun and easy way to connect with and treat your pet from anywhere
- Watch the excitement on your pet’s face when you pop in
- Dispense your pet’s favorite treat with the Petzi treat launcher for a big smile, say hello to your pet through the high quality one-way audio
- Dedicated iOS and Android app that controls the device and allows content to be shared socially
- 1080p Full HD Camera & Night Vision: livestream video to monitor your pet on your phone with a 160-degree wide-angle view, day & night.
- 2-Way Audio & BARKING ALERT: Furbo’s BARKING SENSOR detects when your dog is barking. It sends push notifications to your smartphone when it detects barking. Know what’s going on at home and talk to calm them down via the app.
- Fun TREAT TOSSING: TOSS a treat to your dogs via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill it with your dogs’ favorite treats & play a game of catch.
- Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to your home wifi.


The decision is all yours because our preference may vary and personally we do think the Petzi and Furbo are good choices. Yet, we highly recommend the Furbo for what it can offer and we do think it will be more useful for pet owners.