Advantage II VS Frontline Plus for Cats

Just like all animals, our cats are prone to get sick and invested by other smaller animals like fleas. Even when they are only living indoors, there is still a risk of the issue which is why it is necessary for owners to always have a solution like Advantage II Vs Frontline Plus for Cats at home. These solutions are very similar and effective but also different and if you currently need one, let’s see which may work better here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Keep You Cats Away from Fleas
  • What are Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats
  • How are the Package of Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats
  • What are the Ingredients of Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats
  • How Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats Work
  • How are the Performance of Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats
  • Advantage II Vs Frontline Plus for Cats

Treatment for Fleas on Cats

As pet owners we are not only responsible for their food and safe place to sleep but also their whole well being because just like humans, they can have health problems too that may lead to a more serious issue later. From choosing healthy and safe pet food to making sure they are always happy, there are many we need to provide for them. One of the most common issues of pets, especially those with thick fur is always parasites like fleas.

Fleas are a type of parasites that siphon blood from the unsuspecting animals such as dogs or cats and while fleas are not equipped with wings, their back legs are very powerful that they can pack enough power to easily jump from one spot to another so even your cats is groomed routinely and is overall clean, they can get infected from the nature itself or from other animals that is already infested. Once they settle on your pet, they make it as a host and sucking their blood, leaving itchy bites everywhere.

What’s worse is they also multiply very quickly by laying eggs up to 30 everyday so one or two fleas will make many more in a short time. Not only on animals, these small parasites are making your house as their home too by nestling on the carpet, furniture, and even on us.

If you have pets like cats or dogs that are prone to getting infested by fleas, especially if they are semi-outdoor too, make sure to always have flea treatment in the house and apply it on a monthly basis to your pet. We may not see the fleas yet but this is a necessary prevention effort to keep it away as quickly as possible. For those with cats and dogs in the same house, do not use formulation for dogs on your cats because the ingredients are different.

Some of them can be fatal for cats so it is best to stay safe and use the options that are made for your feline friends. If you choose to use a flea collar, this may not be as effective for a solution but can be helpful for prevention, of course as long as the pet doesn’t mind wearing one. When you have found the pet is infested with fleas, we can use fleas spray and powder to the furniture and carpet too. Read also: Petarmor Plus vs Frontline Plus here.

About Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats

If you are here then we assume that you are also currently looking for a solution for the cat. There are actually so many methods to keep the fleas away from our pets but the risk is always there and it becomes unavoidable since the parasites are naturally present in nature. If pet owners often let their dogs or cats outside, we will need to pay more attention to this health issue by checking on their skin and fur such as while cuddling and playing with them.

Fleas solutions are available from so many different brands and many of them are using the same or similar ingredients to kill or remove the fleas from your pets including the Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats. These solutions are very popular for how effective they are and as it has been mentioned above, do not use the dog variant on cats since they have different formulations and can be harmful for the feline friends. It is also necessary to keep the cat away from your dog when they are using the solution.

The Advantage II is very similar to the original formulation but it is also improved to be better. The original variant is meant to kill adult fleas while the Advantage II is going to break the lifecycle to stop their development. The Frontline Plus is also a very popular solution for pets both cats and dogs but it seems to be more well-known for the canine friend. It is one of the most reliable in efficacy because this solution also covers ticks elimination which is often a concern for dog owners.

In comparison, the Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats are very similar in terms of efficacy and performance but they are not identical because the two are using different formulations or different forms of insecticide to kill the fleas. Seen from how they choose the ingredients, we recommend Frontline Plus for Cats for it covers stopping fleas in all stages of their life which mean it should be more effective at giving protection. We will talk about the ingredients later below.

Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats Package

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to putting any formulation that means to remove something on our pet is how we apply it. Thankfully most companies including Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats are providing an easy to use package that we can rely on. Many flea solutions come in a small tube with a removable tip. It is designed for one dose only so it is necessary to match the solution with the pet weight, especially for the Advantage II.

Frontline Plus for Cats are suitable for both kittens and cats that are 8 weeks and older while weighing over 1.5 lbs. Depending on the package, Advantage II comes with at least 1 solution in the box while Frontline Plus usually contains at least 3 doses per box. Price wise they are different too, for example a 6 doses of Frontline Plus usually sold more than $60 while Advantage II is less, depending on discounts and where you choose to buy it.

Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats Ingredients

The most important part to know about any solution whether it is for humans or for our pet is what they can offer and this is based on the formulation of Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats. Starting from Advantage II, this brand is using a combination of imidacloprid 9.15% and pyriproxyfen 0.46% which both are insecticide and hormone growth regulator. On the other hand Frontline Plus is using fipronil 9.8% and (s)-methoprene 11.8% in which one is an insecticide and the other is a growth regulator as well.

Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats Benefits

For the efficacy, both formulations actually have the same purpose which is to kill and prevent the fleas or insects from growing and multiplying. For example the fipronil is an insecticide that kills adult fleas in 4-8 hours after application. It is also waterproof but it doesn’t mean we can bathe the cat after wearing the solution. (S)- methoprene is an insect growth regulator which is preventing the maturation of fleas eggs or larvae so they won’t grow up into adult fleas thus, stopping the life cycle of the insects.

On the other hand Advantage II uses an ingredient called imidacloprid which is said to have similar effects to nicotine which is toxic to insects. It is killing fleas by interfering with the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system. Similar to (s)-methoprene, the pyriproxyfen is also disrupting the growth of young insects including fleas, ticks, and ants to stop them from growing. Overall the Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats have the same goals and design their formulation to achieve the same result.

Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats Performance

Lastly for the efficacy, just like most products, there is always hit and miss too. Both solutions are very effective at killing fleas and controlling the growth to stop the overall multiplication of the insects on our pets. The difference is that Frontline Plus seems to be more effective and provides the protective feature for longer. Based on the main ingredient alone, imidacloprid requires a higher dose to provide the same performance as fipronil and in this case Advantage II has about the same dose as Frontline Plus.

There is also a difference in the efficacy since Frontline Plus seems to kill the adult fleas almost completely and is still effective for about 10 weeks while Advantage II starts to lose its protection faster or about 6 weeks in comparison.

Advantage II Vs Frontline Plus for Cats

Both Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats are useful to keep your cats away from fleas and make sure they are healthy and comfortable. In comparison, they have different ingredients and price wise Frontline Plus is usually the more expensive. From the performance and efficacy, the Frontline Plus is also more effective and stays protective for longer than Advantage. Frontline Plus also doesn’t have weight specific besides minimum requirement while Advantage II is weight specific.

- Easy-to-apply and pre-measured flea treatment application tubes, fragrance-free and waterproof after 24 hours
- Advantage II large cat flea prevention kills fleas through contact, meaning fleas don’t have to bite your cat in order to die.Avoid contact with eyes or clothing
- Starts working within 12 hours and protects your cat for up to 30 days. Kills fleas in multiple life stages; Eggs, larvae and adults to break the flea life cycle
- Vet recommended, fragrance free and designed specifically to treat and prevent fleas on cats
- Waterproof flea and tick treatment for cats and kittens: Frontline Plus for Cats provides waterproof, fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick treatment and control for your cat. This product is approved for use on cats and kittens 1.5 lbs and over.
- Break the flea life cycle with frontline: Frontline flea and tick treatment for cats kills adult fleas plus flea eggs and larvae to stop existing infestations and prevent establishment of new infestations.
- Kills fleas and ticks: Frontline flea and tick treatment for cats kills fleas, flea eggs, lice, and ticks. This flea and tick treatment kills ticks, including those that may transmit Lyme disease.
- Trusted flea and tick protection for cats: Frontline Plus for Cats has been trusted by veterinarians for nearly 20 years. Made with 2 tough killing ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene – one to kill adult fleas and ticks and the second to kill flea eggs and larvae – this fast-acting, long-lasting protection provides flea and tick control for cats and kittens 8 weeks and older.


The decision is all yours because there is no bad option here yet if we have to recommend one, the Frontline Plus for Cats is a more promising option based on the ingredient and efficacy so it should work fast and effectively to remove the fleas on your cat.