Wisdom Panel Premium VS Essential

There are so many benefits that we can get by knowing the ancestry of our pets. Today DNA tests can be done at home using kits like Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Essential. These kits are very easy to use and also accurate, sold in affordable packages. If you are trying to find out special treatment for your pet breed or just curious about their ancestry, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Getting DNA Testing for Pet
  • What are Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential
  • How are the Package of Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential
  • How to Use Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential
  • How are the Result from Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential
  • Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Essential

DNA Testing Kit

Being a pet owner is interesting not only because we get to take care of an animal that is like a company and family in the house but we are also interested in their wellbeing. From providing healthy and ideal food for your pet to finding what exactly the breed is, everything is much easier now. In the past we may have to visit an establishment to check for our pet’s DNA but today we can do it from the comfort of our home.

There are plenty of dog and cat DNA test kits available to buy through vet shops or online stores almost everywhere. Brands such as Embark, Wisdom Panel, and DNAmyDog are some of the leading names in the market when it comes to DNA test kits. Their service is available for a wide range of users and we can choose the options based on what we want to achieve or the type of information that we need. Most of them are still very affordable too, for something we used only once. Read also: Wisdom Panel Vs DNAmyDog here.

There are many reasons to get your pet DNA tested but the idea of knowing their ancestry itself is already interesting. Many of us are interested in knowing our ancestry and race too so it is the same for our pets; you may be surprised to see what breed they come from since the physical feature is not as prominent. On the more serious side, this test can help determine the type of health issues certain breeds are more prone to.

Some breeds require a more controlled diet and it can help us choose the correct food or treatment and lifestyle for them. It can be extremely useful if you will breed the dog as well, in order to know the health risk that may occur. It is, however, best to consult a veterinarian first for this case just so we can understand the risks better. On the drawback, the test is not a complete measurement of risks and factors to concern.

This type of DNA test kit tries to give information about the ancestry and potential risks that come with the breed. Especially for mixed breed dogs, it is difficult to figure the inheritance when it comes to health risk. There is only so much an independent kit can offer so we do think it is wise to always keep in touch with your vets who can determine case by case, specific to your pet condition. Additionally, the test may not always come 100% accurate.

About Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential

We do think that DNA kits can be helpful for pet owners who are interested to know the breed of their pet without having to pay much for the lab process. Many are available to buy in various places that provide the service but for people who are living in a more secluded area the service may not reach your place yet. The test is done at home for a DNA kit and sent to the lab for the result that usually can be sent to your address back.

The ability of each test and their coverage rely heavily on the database so if you pay more, expect to get a wider coverage too as they can provide more detailed information regarding your pet’s DNA. The Wisdom Panel for example is one of the best when it comes to at home DNA kit service. This brand is very popular and offers several options to choose from based on what the test kit can provide. They are trusted for being accurate and reliable too.

The choice and decision is highly based on your preference and how much you will spend for the test. For example the popular variants from this brand are Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential which as the name suggests, are already different based on the level of testing. As you can guess, the Essential is the one of the most basic testing services offered by Wisdom Panel and it is enough for some people but may be lacking for some. If you want something more affordable, Wisdom Panel 3.0 is cheaper.

In comparison between Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential, the main difference besides their price point is the type of information offered with the service because Premium kit is offering everything the Essential has but with more databases so you can get a more comprehensive information especially regarding the disease. As for the ease of use and service, both are very similar because the result will be given to you a few weeks after submitting the DNA swab.

Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential Package

Now let’s take a look into the package of these DNA kits which are very similar too. If you see the kit from Embark for example, the swab is very different. The Embark swab is like a cotton bud which is soft and usually cats love them too. The Wisdom Panel kit is different, it is like a smaller and shorter bottle or straw brush. It is thankfully not harsh however because our dogs or cats may get too uncomfortable when you try to swab their cheek.

There is no plastic compartment as well but the small plastic pouch where the swab comes from is the one we will use to store and send the sample back; there are two swabs per kits and we have to do both. Overall the package is very simple and easy to use. There is a manual with images as well but somehow it doesn’t tell the process of swabbing or tutorial on where you should swab the dog or cat so it can be a bit confusing for first time users.

Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential Sampling

The swabbing process for Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential are actually the same so regardless of the kit you buy, we will do the same process. You can swab or register the kit first on their website. Peel the swab sleeve and don’t completely tore it so we can use it later. Swab the inner side of your dog or cat’s cheek with the brush. Make sure that the recent feeding hour is 2 hours for cats and at least 60 minutes for dogs. Repeat the process for the second swab.

Before putting the swab back, make sure to let it dry first for a moment. Write the activation code that you have received from the website on the kit along with several information such as the owner name and the pet’s name. Put the sleeve back in the box and it is ready to be mailed to Wisdom Panel’s lab. Depending on the process, they will share the result to you from 2-4 weeks after we send the sample and if you live in the US, the shipping is free.

Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential Result

The main difference between Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential is the information provided by the sample. As it has been mentioned above, the Premium gives you more by spending more as it uses more databases to give a deeper insight. Overall you will get what the dog is dominantly genetically made of such as whether it is a purebred golden retriever or 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle. The results are very accurate to show their ancestors.

Both kits also provide health concerns that are related to the breed your pet is known for so we can be prepared or make adjustments into the lifestyle. In addition to the common information, Wisdom Panel Premium is also providing mutation tests in order to give a more complete information and what the pet is prone to suffer from such as drug sensitivity, vision, mobility, or weight issue. If you get the Premium kit, we can easily see health issues on the Health tab or section of the report.

Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Essential

For accuracy, we have no way of telling whether Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential are 100% accurate since it means there is more testing happening. The breed information is useful if you buy the dog from a breeder and to match their claim with the dog or because you are just curious about their ancestors. For most of us the health risk or diseases is the most important as it can help us prepare for what may come and in this part the Premium kit is more informative.

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The Wisdom Panel Premium and Essential are useful if you are interested in knowing the ancestry or want to know any risks that our puppy or cats may face in the future. The main difference is Premium will give you deeper insight especially on the health area so if the main concern is health issues, we highly recommend the Premium kit.