Wisdom Panel Premium VS Embark

Knowing what your pet’s ancestry is fun but it can be useful as well, especially if there is any possible health related issues that are more prone to the specific breed. To know these risks, we can use at home DNA testing for pets such as Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Embark that are not only easy to use but also very accurate. For pet owners who are planning to test their dogs or cats, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How DNA Test Kit Work
  • What are Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark
  • How are the Packaging of Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark
  • How to Use Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark
  • What the Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark can offer
  • How are the Accuracy of Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark
  • Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Embark

Dog DNA Test Kit

Humans are probably inherently curious and thanks to this quality, our society is developing each time with how people discover new things that can be useful in our life. Thanks to advancement in science and technology, we can solve lots of modern and traditional problems such as curing diseases and preventing pandemics from getting worse. On a smaller scale, today we can even know each person’s ancestry without having to pay much. It has a lot of advantages not only for humans but for our pets too.

For us humans the advantage besides knowledge is probably to make us closer to our roots or to better understand how diverse and how mixed our races actually are. For our pets like dogs or cats, it can be used to make sure whether we are getting the promised breed from the seller you buy them for and to know whether there is a possibility of certain health issues in the future. As the owners we want to make sure they are well taken care of.

There are so many DNA test kits that you can try such as Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Essential which comes from the same line or DNA My Dog if you want one on the budget range. These test kits are available to buy from various stores and often being a good gift for pet owners, in case you are still confused about what to give to your friends or family members. The sample is taken at home from our pet and the owner then sends it to the designated lab.

The way these companies provide the result is by looking for markers in the DNA and comparing them to the database of DNA taken from dogs with confirmed pedigree. From this stage companies then can use algorithms to look into the numbers and types of genetic markers to determine the pets breed makeup. It is similar to how human DNA is tested but with one key difference because while animal breeds are created artificially by crossing two animals with certain features, human races are not genetically distinct.

Based on the companies and what they can offer, the number of data for screening issues like genetic disorders may vary. Some dogs are more prone to certain diseases just like humans based on their genetics and for some people who buy purebred dogs for example, they may want to be more reassured about the breed they have and interested in any risks of diseases that may happen in the future or related to the breed.

About Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark

The DNA dog or cats testing has not been around for so long but they are more common now with more companies or services providing pet owners with their desired information. Will they have the same information or result? If they have the same type of service then high possibilities you will see the same results from at least two different brands but it is never a guarantee. We do think it is wise to choose based on what you want to know about the pet’s ancestry and the information related.

There are various options to consider too and if you want some of the best, Wisdom Panel and Embark are two very popular choices that you can rely on. These brands are not cheap but many owners try their results and they are also very accurate. We have talked about the Premium variant from the Wisdom Panel and this brand has several options too, based on the budget and type of information that you want to have; the more you pay, the more information provided.

If you want more information, the Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark will be an ideal solution. In comparison, they are kind of similar with some differences and price wise Embark is the more expensive. The two are offering some of the best and most complete analysis of your dog’s ancestry and for many owners, this is what they look for especially when considering the risk of any typical disease known for the breed they have. Both options do offer this health information in the service.

In our opinion, the main difference between Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark is the level of accuracy for each genetic detection because it seems Embark is more precise here. Will this make any difference in decision making? It depends on the concern you have since both are offering the health risk for your dogs but for most people, we don’t think this information will make much difference besides having more information itself.

Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark Packaging 

These DNA test kits are coming in very simple packaging or regular small boxes. You can find the documentation and also the test swab in the package too and this is the first noticeable difference. Starting with Embark, this test kit comes with a swab that looks like cotton buds but larger. It has a plastic container as well for when you need to store the sample. It is featured with better packaging and manual as well.

On the other hand Premium from Wisdom Panel comes with a pair of swabs that look like a bottle or straw brush. It is not harsh at all so we doubt your dogs or cats will get uncomfy, at least not excessively uncomfortable. It has a plastic sleeve where the swab comes with and the one we will be using to store it again. The manual is written in the packaging but there is no guide on where we should swab the pet.

Using Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark

Before talking about what Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark can offer, first let’s see how to use them. While the kit is ready to use, we have to activate the product first in order to get our sample analyzed by their lab. You can visit their respective website to activate the kit you have before sending it back. Open the test swab from the packaging and brush or swab the inner cheek of your dog or if you choose the Wisdom Panel for cats, the process is the same.

Wait for the swab to dry for a few moments when using Wisdom Panel and put it back in the container or sleeve. Don’t forget to register your product and write the required information such as your name and the pet name along with the activation key, if not we may not get our sample tested by their laboratories. Also, make sure that your dog is not eating anything at least 30 minutes for Embark and 2 hours for Wisdom Panel before taking the sample.

Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark Information

Now for the most important part, both Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark are offering the same type of analysis. You will get an email when they are done working on the sample and this may take a few weeks but usually not longer than 4 weeks after the sample is sent. Embark seems to always give you notification on the process while Wisdom Panel is simpler. The type of analysis covers ancestry and typical health concerns regarding your dog’s DNA information.

While the Wisdom Panel composes everything into one result, the Embark results may come at different times or sometimes the health is slower to show up. The Embark result is very rich whether it is seen as an advantage or disadvantage. You can also export it into PDF which Wisdom Panel used to be able too but it seems they removed this option not long ago.

Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark Accuracy 

Lastly on the accuracy, the test done with Wisdom Panel Premium and Embark are very similar so if you have one purebred dog, the result is very similar and accurate. The things with mixed breed is going to be more difficult however which makes sense as it is complicated. In comparison, it seems Embark is more precise at giving the exact percentage of the ancestry from a mixed breed dog. It is because the result is showing a more diverse number than the Wisdom Panel but we have no way to prove which of them is the more accurate.

Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Embark

The dog or pet DNA test kits are very useful and even if your pet has no certain health concerns, we can just keep the information for fun. The Embark test kit is arguably better in terms of packaging and also the reports. It is putting so many types of information that some people may like better and the analysis seems more precise as well. However, for the general purpose of knowing the ancestry and health concerns, both are equally useful and helpful.

- Better science means better care: Become an expert about your canine companion's health with 200+ health tests including vision, weight, mobility, and drug sensitivities like MDR1
- Get the breed breakdown: Uncover your dog's breed mix down to 1% by testing for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties; Wisdom Panel has tested over 2 million dogs and has the largest dog DNA database
- Your dog is one-of-a-kind, find out why: Understand what makes your pup so unique with 35+ trait tests revealing the factors behind hair length, ideal weight, muzzle shape, and more
- Over 2 million dogs tested: Just swab your pup's cheek, send your kit to our lab with the provided pre-paid shipping and you'll get results in 2-4 weeks
- HUNDREDS OF ACTIONABLE HEALTH INSIGHTS: 75% of dogs are either at risk or a carrier for a genetic health condition. Embark's panel tests 210+ health risks and provides hundreds of actionable insights to help you give your pup the best care possible. After receiving their test results, 37% of dog owners changed how they care for their dog.
- BREED ID THAT'S TWICE AS PRECISE: Embark tests over 220,000 genetic markers, twice as many as the next competitor. We also screen for 350+ dog breeds, more than any other dog DNA test. This means Embark's test is the most accurate and scientifically advanced on the market.
- HIGHEST RATED & MOST TRUSTED: Embark is the highest rated dog DNA brand on Amazon.com with over 16,000 5-star reviews. Only Embark uses research-grade data and is partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. In a blind study, dog owners rated Embark as the most trusted dog DNA test.
- DISCOVER RELATIVES, TRAITS, AND MORE: Find and connect with your pup's family through the world’s only canine relative finder. Over 90% of dogs tested by Embark have a close relative, like a cousin, and 12% discover a direct family member. Plus, get genetic info on 35+ physical traits, such as POMC, the 'always-hungry' gene.


There are so many good options to consider and we like both popular test kits for what they can offer. If you like simpler and useful reports, we will recommend Wisdom Panel Premium but if you want richer information and data sharing, the Embark is the one to go.