Wisdom Panel VS Basepaws

Knowing the ancestry of our cat can be fun but this is also useful to make sure that we can be prepared for the potential health issues prone suffered by their certain breed, especially if you have purebred cats. There are many at home DNA kits such as Wisdom Panel Vs Basepaws to rely on and if you wonder which of them to use, let’s see below about what these cat DNA tests can offer and which you may prefer better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Using Cat DNA Kit
  • What are Wisdom Panel and Basepaws
  • How are the Kit of Wisdom Panel and Basepaws
  • How to Use the Wisdom Panel and Basepaws
  • How are the Information Provided by Wisdom Panel and Basepaws
  • How are the Accuracy of Wisdom Panel and Basepaws
  • Wisdom Panel Vs Basepaws

Cat DNA Kit

Humans are naturally curious and this is why our civilization has moved so much from how ancestors used to live back then. The advances in science and technology allow us to live more conveniently now and start to pay attention to the smaller things such as our pet DNA. Decades ago probably there was not much we could do to prevent various potential diseases that are prone to some breed but now we can prevent it earlier by knowing more facts about our pets.

In modern day dogs and cats DNA test is quite common and if you are not yet, both are providing the same type of information that owners can use to make decisions about their pet’s life. For most of us the pet is not only an animal living in our house but also part of the family, like a friend or even children for some. It is just natural for us to make sure they live a happy life and as long as possible.

Compared to the dog DNA test, cat DNA test is still not as common and not as many in terms of options probably because of the lack in interest or demand but in the last several years the interest of owning a cat as a pet and also the tons of cat video content seems to help the process of the product to be available on the market. The way cat DNA is tested is very much the same to how DNA is tested and is based on the database owned by the company.

Users are purchasing the test kit from various stores they can reach and activating the kit. Each kit needs to be activated for it to be tested so it is a crucial part of the process even before we send the sample to their lab. Sample is taken individually by owner or caretaker and then sent to the lab for the further process. In the lab the DNA is matched with the database they have to determine what breed or breeds the cat is from.

They will also provide information like health risks that are prone to happen to certain breeds so owners can make an adjustment to their lifestyle. Even when there is no alarming health risk, we can use this information about the ancestry as a topic to talk with other cat owners. Additionally, some owners who bought their cat may want to be assured that the breed they have is correct to what they have been informed.

About Wisdom Panel and Basepaws

If you are also interested in knowing what exactly the cat breed is or what mix breed they are and any potential health risk in the future, we can try the cat DNA test. They are a one time process and very easy to use so you can do it at home without professional assistance. The options for this DNA test are not as many as the dog part since it is still quite new but you can still opt for the name that you trusted the most.

For those with dogs too, we are sure many of us have heard about Wisdom Panel since it is one of the best in dog DNA tests aside Embark that you can check in our Wisdom Panel Premium Vs Embark here. Wisdom Panel also offers the cat version of their test kit but it is not as many in variant compared to the dog version. Another popular name for cat DNA test kits is Basepaws which is focused on our feline friends.

These two are top options when you are scrolling through the choice for our cats. These DNA test kits are easy to find in pet shops or online stores that offer pet products too. The price may look quite expensive but this type of test is done once as we get the accurate result from the lab. In comparison, both are convenient in terms of application and many owners have found the result helpful in order to collect information whether just for fun or to see any possible health risk.

In comparison, both provide the ancestry track of your cats and also give the insight on what possible health risk that they may have suffered due to the genetics. But, the Basepaws is more detailed, even to the chromosome map that builds up the feline friend. We also think Basepaws is more precise in giving the result as it can even count the 0.1% of breeds your cat has. Whether this information is necessary is highly dependent on the owner.

Wisdom Panel and Basepaws Kit

It is probably intimidating to use a DNA test kit for our pet as a first time experience but worry not because both kits are very easy to use. The packaging is simple in a paper box with the swab kit sealed inside a container inside. If you have used Embark, the swab shape of Basepaws is very similar to a hard plastic tube. The swab is like a cotton bud but is larger and it goes inside the cheek, on the gummy or teeth of your feline.

The swab of the Wisdom Panel is different because it almost looks like a brush. If your cat is used to getting their teeth brushed, this will be very easy to do. But, the brush is not harsh at all, it is soft to touch and it only needs to stay in the cheek to collect the sample for a few seconds. Unlike the Basepaws that have a sealed container, the plastic sleeve of Wisdom Panel requires the swab to be dried on its own first before we put it back.

Using Wisdom Panel and Basepaws 

Using these Wisdom Panel and Basepaws is simple but you have to follow the instructions. Each kit has an activation code and we have to visit their website to get the code before sending it back to the lab. Take out the swab and put it on the cheek of your cat gently. They may get uncomfortable but it will last only seconds to collect the DNA or saliva; rotate the swab to collect more samples and we are done.

With Basepaws the sample can go straight into the canister as the cap can be unscrewed and screwed back in with the swab inside. There is a liquid inside so we need to shake the canister a few times. As for the Wisdom Panel, there is no hard tube here but a plastic sleeve so before inserting the swab sample back in, we need to wait for the swab to dry first. Make sure that the cat hasn’t been fed for at least 2 hours before the DNA is taken.

Wisdom Panel and Basepaws Information

Next for the information type, once the lab finishes with their matching process, the report will be sent to you. Here we can see the cat’s DNA or their ancestry and if you have mixed breed, chances are you will also be surprised as to what made up our feline since the characteristic may not always be visible. The main difference will be how they show this information since Basepaws is very detailed and precise to the finer grain; they separate the breed to western, eastern, Persian, exotic, etc.

Each of these categories have subcategories such as Russian blue and Ragdoll for the western category. On the other hand Wisdom Panel is also similar but Basepaws can detect to finer grain even to the zero point something along with the chromosome map. We can even adjust the result to different possibility level from “maybe” to “confident” and there are three more in between.

Wisdom Panel and Basepaws Accuracy

Lastly for accuracy, we don’t have the tool to say which of them is the most accurate but they seem to be reasonable for the result. The main difference is only the amount of information they give because the Basepaws result is more detailed and it is probably more interesting for some owners to collect as much information as they can. The Wisdom Panel on the other hand is simpler if you don’t need the further details because it is probably easier to understand.

Wisdom Panel Vs Basepaws

Testing the cat’s DNA can be fun and it is also useful if you are having a concern for their overall health. The main difference between Wisdom Panel and Basepaws is that Basepaws can go into finer details and this is why some people prefer it better. However, the Wisdom Panel for cats is also offering both the ancestry and possible illness for the certain breed that you have but it is simpler so it is probably more user friendly.

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The options are all yours based on which seems to fit best in your preference. But, if you just want a simpler report, we will recommend Wisdom Panel and if you want to know more into the finer details, the Basepaws kit is a very reliable option to go for.